FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/7/21 "Road Rager"

What did you think of AEW Dynamite: Road Rager?

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Noah from Vaughan

10/10 show tonight no doubt. The matches all were super entertaining and enhanced by a super hot crowd. The main event was a classic AEW hardcore match that was just spectacular. But the biggest story has to be the fact that WWE really messed up by A) not doing anything with Aliester Black for months on end, and B) releasing him at a time like this where he can instantly head to AEW and be a huge star. Black alongside Andrade are two Incredible additions to an already stacked main event scene. AEW just feels so hot right now it’s just great

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Jake from the Windy City

A very fresh edition of Dynamite tonight now that they’re out of Daily’s Place. I couldn’t help but feel insanely happy for Hangman. Even if you didn’t include the story arc before TV, it’s been crazy. The guy who lost his big chance and lost his way to get THAT pop now. Insane.

Really enjoyed Black’s debut here, although I thought Excalibur made it kind of awkward by mentioning he wrestled him 15 years ago which I don’t know if that had any relevancy whatsoever. But Dan Lambert doing the cranky stuck in the past wrestling curmudgeon who nit picks everything on the show gimmick freakin’ ruled. Even though he has a lot on his plate, I would love to see him do an occasional program here and there.

Overall, what a show for a return to the road! The crowd was hot, so many amazing moments!

9 Black Masses out of 10

Rafael from North Liberty

Tonight felt fresher then I thought it would getting out of Dailys place was such a huge change both in terms of setting and fans they had thier own energy that really made tonight feel special. 10/10 show for me. The highlights for me were Malakai Blacks debut being foreshadowed in the Cody match, Britt Bakers promo, Kenny Omega and Adam Page’s outfits, Kenny’s low blow to Uno and ofcourse the main event. I can’t wait for next week. Nights like tonight are why I love professional wrestling.

Dan from Toronto here.

I had a fabulous time watching Dynamite. From bloody tack tosses to big time surprises right to SIZZLING HOT DAN LAMBERT ACTION, I got two hours of wrestling thrills, chills and spills. Heck, tonight I found out that I’m desperately craving a series of MJF audiobooks about mythology.

I have lots of gush about, but I also have two mild gripes:

  1. Unless the touching the corners rule is dropped, I’ve had my fill of strap matches for this quarter-century. I don’t mind the strap, it’s the irritating touch all the turnbuckles thing. I’m sure it was great when Eisenhower was in office, but it feels archaic today. I hate this type of match. It can eat a family-sized bag of shit.

  2. Kris Statlander was amazing tonight, but are we going to keep getting such small portions of women’s wrestling until Rampage debuts? Fans dig the women’s division, but it still feels like an afterthought outside Britt Baker’s universe.

Pleasure listening to you two as always!

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Eric from Miami

I went live and this was one hell of a show. During the early Dark elevation taping the lights went out on Justin Roberts so when it happened with Cody I figured it was an angle. I don’t know if the entire Dan Lambert promo aired on Dynamite but it was incredible he had us booing and cheering within a second. When the show was over Tony Khan pointed out that this was Eddie Kingston’s first AEW with live fans and told us to stick around because Jungleboy would be in action as well as Darby Alin with Sting in his corner. Finally I guess Luchasaurus has to change his finisher

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I have been making sacrifices to many gods that one particular WWE star would come to AEW and I guess I finally hit on the right one. Aleister Black was one of my very favourite parts of NXT when he was there and my disillusionment with the main roster was greatly exacerbated by the way in which he was handled. I think they could have filled the rest of the two hours with a kazoo orchestra doing Rush covers and I would have been happy.

But really, the whole show delivered. It was great seeing Andrade in action again. The wordless confrontation with Omega and Page was a fantastic moment that absolutely needed the crowd to reach its full potential. I really liked the face off between Ethan Page and Darby, too. There is a good story there and even though most people won’t have followed it, I thought they did a good job of laying it out.

Right now, I’m trying to think of anyone on the WWE roster who is going to be as over with crowds as Hangman. I can’t think of a baby face that would get anything close to the reaction I saw tonight unless it’s Becky coming back.

Hockey is dead to me. There is only wrestling and soccer.


Just incredible…

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I dont even get why they do the 90 day no compete. I get having something to prevent a Rick Rude situation, but does it really effect WWE one bit if End makes his AEW debut July 8th or September 8th?

That was a 10/10 show. What a surprise with Black, some incredible talking segments and a fun main event.

This show made NXT look like it was written with crayons and RAW like it used dog shit on a chalkboard to script segments.

Black is going to be a massive, massive star in AEW. I think he has the potential to be an Undertaker-like character in AEW. What a pick-up. How stupid does Zelina look now? Compare those two and how they are being positioned lol

Thats a classic Bruce Prichard clerical error. Same thing happened many times with Aces and Eights members and Roode in TNA. Definition of a sloppy shop