FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 8/11/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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A fun enough show, with a lot of time given over to inoffensive and unremarkable midcard stories. As always, everything on Dynamite happens to advance stories or characters, but not every one of those is going to feel impactful or catch fire. That certainly can’t be said for Dante Martin, though. He’s looked great on Dark for the past few months, and while I think he’s been on Dynamite a couple of times even after Darius’ injury, this felt like a real breakthrough moment. I’m seeing a number of comments about how lukewarm Christian/Omega feels, and while I don’t disagree, the timing of it seems a like a necessary evil in order to give Page/Omega and Punk’s debut each the spotlight they deserve. Lastly, Omega defending his two non-AEW titles on consecutive nights seems noteworthy. I don’t have any specific theories or predictions, but would be curious as to what you guys might think.

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  • That crowd seemed insanely Hot
  • Dante had his coming out party, unbelievable performance
  • Britt Baker is such an amazing success story and to see her get that kind of reception in her city is awesome to see as a fan but thinking about her journey as a real person beyond the character she’s playing

I just can’t actually believe Omega Cage is the All Out match; somehow they have to get this to Hangman and Kenny without overshadowing Hangman’s chase by Punks debut. Hear me out:
What if Cage is taken out and Hangman is given the shot. Who’s upset ? Isn’t he still the highest ranked? Show already sold out with no card. The pop/reaction for that kind of swerve would put the spotlight equally back on Page and this story is so hot it can be ready on short notice. Especially if it’s done week of because we operate in a “day of” news cycle. Maybe I’m hopelessly romantic but it’s not out of the question right?

That said, would be lying if I said I didn’t get verklempt watching the end of BTE this week and Dark Horse Productions. Hangman made a new ad for the Dark Order as a “going solo” present and it chronicles his time with them and how far he and the group have come together. Highly recommend if you’re into that storyline.

This was the first full episode of Dynamite I’ve seen in a while. Lately I’ve just been tuning in for the main events, but I decided to give this one a full go. As it stands, I’m still not a fan of the Elite or Darby Allin, two of the reasons I stopped watching AEW a while ago.

While Jericho vs Wardlow didn’t feel as big as the previous labours, I was actually interested in how they’d work around Wardlow being pinned. In the end, I’m glad Jericho was able to win via classic referee distraction.

I feel like Jericho should be putting something on the line if he loses his next match against MJF. It doesn’t need to be his career, but even something like loser leaves town would be fine. I feel like the stakes need to be higher, or else these past 4 matches lose their importance.

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Howdy John and congrats Wai! Heck, congrats all around!

Another fun Dynamite tonight.

Highlights for me include:

  • Dante Martin being received like the second coming of Jesus Christ/Sidney Crosby
  • Christian Cage matador-ing a CM Punk chanting crowd into paying attention
  • Dark Order looking like a million bucks. (Or dollars, I guess.)
  • Kenny Omega’s continued pursuit of anti-cool. (“no-o-o–o-o-oh!" )

A few lowlights:

  • The Terrible Towel™ always feels low-rent. I recognize I’m complaining about towel use on a show featuring a basketball-playing dinosaur man, but it looks shitty at any sporting event when a Yinzer busts it out, even when that Yinzer is Dr. Britt Baker.
  • Wasn’t MJF supposed to be the guest referee tonight? I still enjoyed the match and loved the end promo, but the MJF ref stipulation felt like Labour 4’s bonus spice the match was initially built on.

Thanks again for another fantastic week of shows. I can’t wait to dive into the latest episode of the Nubian Wrestling Advocates.


Chris from Melbourne here

Dante Martin is an absolute star in the making, and Britt Baker’s entire segment is another example of why WWE’s reluctance to let a character have a strong connection to their hometown is a confusing move. Britt’s upcoming main event match is going to be huge, even with Red Velvet as a relatively low stakes threat.

Paul Wight’s theme sounds like it was fun to record, almost as parody of his WWE theme.

Lastly, that Kamille speech should have been wiped from the NWA promo package, as I think it undid a lot of the hype from her face-off last week.

In Australia, Rampage will be live on Saturday at midday, and I’m very excited for this new Saturday tradition to kick off.

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As a fan of flippy shit, that opening match was a treat for me. I thought Dante Martin looked like a superstar despite taking the pin. I find he sells really well on top of the incredible offence. Not sure when his brother is due back but if it’s soon, I can see them getting a program with the Bucks right away.

I’m assuming that Omega vs Christian is your All Out match because something bigger will be on the card. Adding the match for the Impact title is an interesting angle because I can actually see him winning that, which would be the first time Omega has been pinned this decade. (Unless Andrade wins this weekend.)

Once Hangman is back from his paternity leave, I think he goes right to the front of the line, so I’m not worried about that story losing momentum.

Although the build to Andrade/ PAC hasn’t been great, I’m excited to see the match. I can’t say the same for QT vs anyone and I feel like there are people who should be getting time ahead of him. (I’d actually be happier to see Paul Wight vs Nick Comoroto.)

Malakai and Miro remain monsters and I look forward to everything from them.

Tonight seemed like more of a runaway to Rampage, which feels like the more important show this week.

Do you think we get a Garcia vs Yuta at some point on AEW television?

Dante Martin was the star of the show for me. I wish they had pulled the trigger on him tonight and given him a match against Omega down the line.

That was the best Christian has sounded and looked since debuting, great segment with the Elite.

Too many lame finishes tonight IMO. I don’t think Private Party or QT should be on Dynamite at this point. Neither are over enough.

I also thought the Darby/Garcia match just didn’t work. Not a lot of chemistry and Garcia wasn’t big enough to make Allins selling feel legit.

Main event was rough and I do think Jericho needs to take time off after this angle with MJF.

6/10 show

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