FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 8/18/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Sometimes you just need to see Sting double Scorpion Deathlock a pair of Quebeckers at 8pm on a Wednesday night. Never change, AEW.

Another fun episode of Dynamite. Sammy Guevara was on fire, Dan Lambert’s talk radio blowhard type persona is still fun on a bun and we got to enjoy a big drama-packed main event with crowdpleasing spots and heartbreaking results! I don’t think the Houston crowd is going to be confused with The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir anytime soon, but there’s nowhere else on TV where you’re going to see thousands of Texan wrestling fans make their a cappella debut and that’s pretty cool.

Shout out to all the wonderful fans at home that realized that Big Show wears the same brand of underpants they do.

Typing this as I walk out of the venue. Show was fantastic. The crowd was absolutely out of control for the main event. I also went to the shows in Austin and Dallas a few weeks ago but nothing from those shows was as rowdy as that main event. Curious to see where Jericho goes from here as that felt like a goodbye of sorts.


Not sure if it was mentioned, TSN 2 in Canada will have AEW rampage this Friday after a football game, so heres to hoping the game doesnt go long.

Very fun show tonight;

Sting no sell to the table spot was just greatand the crowd popping for it was amazing.

Congrats to Sammy and what a match.

I thought Jurassic Express were gonna win. I really bought the finish.

What a way to enhance the Cage vs Omega match with the after match angle.

The AEW crowds are just amazing they just make the show feel even bigger and give a huge boost to the matches.

Keep up the amazing work!

What a show. Sting looked amazing and what heat 2.0 and Daniel Garcia had. Makes me excited for Garcia vs Mox. Sammy Guevara is climbing up that ladder to stardom and I can’t wait to see him solidify himself in the main event scene with the rest of the young stars. The tag match was incredible and I can’t wait to see the Young Bucks in a steel cage match. And kudos to Houston for keeping in sync for Judas, A+. How does the All Out card look to you so far, while I didn’t like them taking out Hangman vs Omega from it a couple of weeks ago they have built a strong card that I don’t mind it anymore.

Brandon Frm NJ

Good evening chaps how goes it? Anywhoo great first hour of rampage. Then the second hour happened, from HFO nonsense to the “WELLLLLLLLL” Paul Wite/QT Marshall feud nobody wanted(fingers crossed for one last heel turn) to Mularkey Black vs Braun Anderson. All in all the first hour was some of the best in tv for the past few months.


-though there wasn’t one tonight do you think it’s kinda a little ridiculous with all the Guerrero tributes on AEW? Didn’t know they were big Vlad Jr marks

-are you impressed with the way Gable Steveson is leveraging his position with all the major combat sports and pro wrestling entities? Are you shocked AEW isn’t offering their services to him. To realize what he did at the Olympics at his weight for his first time is absolutely incredible. Reminds me of a story ah I’ll save it for Friday.

-was it me or does Alex Reynolds remind you of Jim Morrison from Wayne’s World 2

-did JR say 5 Labours of Love at the beginning of the show or was it just me?

Love you guys


I had a few ideas of how the main event might turn out tonight but none of them involved Jericho tapping out clean and leaving no path to a rematch. I’m curious to see where things go not because I can’t imagine them doing All Out without Jericho, but because I can’t imagine them doing it without MJF at this point. Maybe a rematch between him and Sammy Guevara?

And speaking of changing expectations for All Out, Moxley’s promo and the fact that he’s in the main event of Rampage this week makes me wonder if we’re getting him vs Punk rather than Darby vs Punk. I actually like that idea more because it means Punk’s win won’t come at the expense of a rising star.

Some really fun moments tonight and I’m genuinely curious to see how things develop. Those seem like signs of a good show.

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Dynamite’s atmosphere makes any match feel important. The opening tag match, while brief, was loaded with action. Sting no-selling the table spot was viscerally delighting. Spears/Guevara was very good. The Bucks vs Jurassic Express was fun but I’m getting irritated by the constant interference. Putting the next tag title match in a cage is a smart move to put a stop to it. MJF/Jericho had the right man go over and the atmosphere was something else as the audience didn’t miss a word singing Judas.

Gaming sign of the night : #FreeMVC2 (Marvel vs Capcom 2)

Mox promo last night was as meandering as Ospreys. Both seem disgruntled there promotions are moving on after they were champions in the dark days. Book it for All Out

I loved that promo. I actually think we could see Mox vs Punk and Mox turns into somewhat of a bitter heel