FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 8/22/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

John and I will be back with a new edition of Rewind-A-Dynamite late tonight/early tomorrow morning discussing the show, NXT TakeOver: XXX and today’s news.

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Justin in NYC

Such a great show! Hyped for Thunder Rosa vs Shida and the program hummed along moving a half dozen storylines along smoothly.

Great refreshing booking in the main event. Commentary in past weeks had sowed the seeds regarding the damage that Cody was accumulating in previous defenses. Huge for Dark Order to have Lee succeed in such a dominant fashion. More intrigued about them and Cody than ever.

All this plus Mimosa Mayhem? How lucky can I get.


Andrew from Cape Breton

I loved this show. This was definitely worth the wait. I’ve watched Brodie Lee since his days in Chikara coming out to boy band music, and this is the best I’ve ever seen him. He was a monster who had a dominant performance and if he was allowed to be that in WWE, he would have been a main event guy. Brodie became a main event guy with one match. Cody put him over huge and the end was great. Speaking of people having their best matches, I thought both Private Party and FTR had their best AEW match tonight. FTR seemed to have this old school style match but it never stopped. The matches in between were good. I liked Ricky Starks, I liked Eddie Kingston, I liked the debut of Thunder Rosa, and I liked AEW making new stars with Ivelisse and Diamonte. I’m so glad I watched this over Takeover. 9 out of 10 show.

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Noah from Vaughan

Unreal show tonight from AEW, and that Main event and post match was one of the best things AEW has done, Brodie feels like the absolute monster, reminded me of that infamous Brock-Cena Summerslam match where Cena got absolutely no offence, and for this match it was perfect. Cody had bitten off more than he can chew with these weekly challenges and it finally came back to bit him. The post match beatdown of Arn, QT, Dustin and Brandi really solidified this faction as a top unit in this company. Just so many storylines progressed on this show building to ALL Out and Im really looking forward to that Gauntlet match next week. 9.5 Mimosa Mayhems out of 10

Bruce from Vancouver,

Pretty fun show, even if none of the matches themselves were total classics. Not sure how to feel about such a one-sided victory for Brodie, but it at least gives him (and the Dark Order) some desperately needed cred. Also, Cody’s shown in the past that he is his father’s son and knows that the money’s in the chase. That aside, the three stars of the show for me were the NWA refugees: Kingston and Starks remain fantastic on the mic and I’m happy to see both of their stocks rising. And as for Thunder Rosa, I don’t know that there’s a single talent currently in North America that I’d rather see lock up with Shida. Between all of the above and the ongoing FTR/Elite uncertainty, it’s nice to have some open-ended stories which seem like they could go anywhere.

Raymond in Sacramento, CA

Top to bottom a phenomenal show. The best show of the Pandemic era. All finishes that made sense, in and out of the ring promos that moved stories and characters forward, and an ending angle that will become part of Dynamite lore. 8 months ago “AEW was at a tipping point” because of how the Dark Order beatdown of The Elite was received. Now they have been pushed strong, BTE has supplanted that, and Mr. Brodie Lee got the unexpected SQUASH win over Cody. Everything the Dark Order did at the end was great. So well done!

And I haven’t even mentioned NWA’s Thunder Rosa getting a spot to build to All Out 2020.

Saturday Night Dynamite’s rock.

10/10 episode

I don’t know how it was in Canada, but on TNT the first half of tonight’s show was completely ruined by the sound sweetening. You could barely hear the commentary at all, and worse than that it was all at one level, so nothing done in the ring got any kind of pop. It did get better as the show went on, but the first half was hard to watch

That said, if the first half of the show was a 2/10, the second half was an 11. While Ricky Starks was the MVP of the show for me, that main event was just so awesome. While it wasn’t a 5 star classic, I can’t remember a match on any show that told such a great story.

I’ve hated on the Dark Order since the beginning, and now I honestly can’t wait to see what’s next.

Johnny from Saskatoon

Been a while since I tuned in to Dynamite and I’m glad I did, especially for the stories

My stand out is Ricky Starks, I remember seeing him in the NWA re-up and he turned me into a fan. I’m sure it’s been said 100 times but he reminds me of The Rock when he was younger, definitely see great things for him.

Also Thunder Rosa showing up, was this a new thing? Either way I think her inclusion and gunning for Shida adds some gravitas to the Women’s division

Lastly Brodie Lee winning the TV championship was a good call, Cody has been defending it non-stop, but now he’s free to do other things, and with Brodie Lee as the champion, I feel it legitimizes his leadership, him not winning I feel would have been detrimental


Andy from London

What an awesome show, finished with an amazing final segment. The one sided match was shocking, the post match Cody stretcher angle drew me in & the Dark Order beat down set up so much more going forward. There were times where it looked unlikely, but the Dark Order are surely over as a dominant heel faction now!

Long term storytelling is what makes for great pro wrestling TV, not hot shot gimmicks - AEW has reignited my love for wrestling, just when WWE almost killed it.

Regarding the tag team title direction for All Out, before the announcement of next weeks tag team gauntlet it seemed like a 3-way was the likely match, any thoughts on whether this still might be the direction and what do you think would be the best tag title match to book for All Out?

Jackie from Orlando
I don’t get it. I’m not a Dark Order fan and I don’t watch BTE or Dark so I’ve no reference point to liking this angle. I know I’m supposed to like this show, but I thought the Dark Order angle was lame. Marvel films show you don’t have to know what happens in the comics or netflix shows to enjoy the main product. With AEW, I feel a lot is asked of me as viewer.

Trevor from Edmonton

Excellent show from AEW, with a good mix of quality wrestling and storylines.

I thought the promo work in particular was a highlight, from Moxley, MJF, Starks and even MJF’s attorney.

I was shocked to see Brodie Lee win the TNT title, especially in such a one sided match. I predicted that match would go to a time limit draw.

Question: Who do you think Brodie Lee will face at All Out? I could see them doing the Cody rematch, except it seems a little soon after tonight’s stretcher angle.

Loved the main event, told a great story - Cody has been pushing himself hard for weeks and it cost him tonight against a dangerous guy like Lee. I didn’t like the idea of taking the title off Cody initially but this execution was great.

Also love the addition of Thunder Rosa. She’s someone the women’s division desperately needed. Hopefully she gets signed long term as I loved her work in NWA.

Only low points for me was the women’s tag match (Brandi shouldn’t be wrestling on TV) and the eight man tag - which was too much phoney stuff for my liking. Everything else was solid, with the six man being a really fun match.

7/10 show

Mimosa Mayhem Match. More WWE light bullshit.

You’re supposed to like it? I’d fight back against whoever is holding a gun to your head, if I was you. No one is forcing you to like anything and if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I enjoy the show generally week to week and I know a lot of people like Dark Order on BTE so more
referring to the fact I don’t think they’re doing anything wrong, I just can’t seem to get on board cause I don’t watch the supplementary stuff. Supposed to meaning I think objectively Dynamite is good. Just there’s gaps in my knowledge as a viewer that leave me feeling iffy on certain things that aren’t that

What’s happening on BTE with the Dark Order, isnt really the same as on Dynamite. They are a lot more comedy on BTE, whereas they’re pretty serious on Dynamite. So I actually think watching the supplementary stuff is not really necessary and I could see that confusing some people.

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Gotcha. Then I guess I just don’t like the faction. I think there are talented people within it, but I can’t seem to get past the gimmick.