FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 8/27/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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I just had a question more about ratings than today’s show itself. I live in the west coast (California) and I also watch AEW and WWE on tv channel apps from my phone or tablet. Are those calculated in ratings or is it just east coast cable viewers?
Thanks and hope all is well

Paul from New Jersey

Way too early to have fans live especially in the petri dish that is Florida. I find myself questioning this company at times. Way more than I thought I would. That aside, I enjoyed the tag gauntlet match. Don’t know what was up with Jake the vulture, but MJF smashed it out of the park even with the hack contract bit. The Dark Order stuff is Retribution levels bad. Big Penelope Ford fan, so needless to say I was extremely disappointed with the match as well as the women’s division as a whole. Not a good show in my opinion. 4.

be well, stay safe.

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I’m not sure about anyone else, but my feed (tsn) was glitchy at times. Audio kept cutting out, pixelization, etc. Made me afraid that Retribution was gonna show up.
Overall, a good show with an extra layer of goodness due to a live crowd. Tag team gauntlet match was the best match(matches?) Of the night, but I’m excited to see what happens between Cage and Archer. Two big hosses that can go… should be a great pairing
Edit: just saw something about the passing of Bullet Bob Armstrong. My condolences to his family, and wrestling royalty

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Noah from Vaughan

Another good episode from AEW on the road to all out. Loved the gauntlet match, those 30 minutes flew, and the second part of it (bucks vs best friends) was really fantastic. The 8 man tag was very good and the Main event was short but super entertaining, however I thought the promos/contract signing were the best part of tonight’s show. Aside from the womens match which wasnt all that great, this show was super enjoyable. 8/10. Question, do you think that they come back with Sammy vs Hardy at All Out, given that both have wins on eachother, and if they do, what stipulation do you think they would place on that match?

Raymond in Sacramento, CA

Hangman why? I’m wrecked. I’m disappointed. Yeah ok, you didn’t want to be in The Elite and he’s stayed around as a friend for the past months since they all got back together in Jacksonville, but man, seeing him do that to the Bucks and then get officially kicked out is a sad state of affairs.

He even got a moment with wo striking images in this episode. The spotlight against the wall of Daily’s Place and the shattered mirror, which is a common trope in film and TV. They’re telling a long term story here.

B- episode or an 8 on the Post Wrestling scale.

I liked the show a lot tonight. Good wrestling, good storyline progression, and the 2 hours flew by.

I am a little bummed out that a week after I finally started to enjoy the Dark Order, they turned them into lawn mower salesmen. I get that you have to please the sponsors, but couldn’t the Librarians have done it?

One question for you guys: Do you feel like the ranking system is starting to hurt AEWs ability to promote long term feuds?

A guy like Brian Cage, who was never pinned or submitted by Moxley, gets knocked down the card into the battle royal because of the ranking system. Doesn’t he deserve a rematch?

I don’t want to sound like Jim Cornette here, but how can you have a feud over a title when one loss to the champion drops you out of the #1 spot? And why does Archer care about the battle royal at all, when he’s already ranked ahead of everyone but MJF?

I’m not saying that endless gimmick matches with bad finishes is the answer, but there has to be a middle ground.