FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 8/30

Wai Ting & John Pollock are live with Rewind-A-Dynamite at 10 p.m. ET

Saeed from Vancouver

Simple and effective promo by Orange, makes me look forward to the match even more.

Are we building Sammy and Jericho for Full Gear? or do you imagine it will be blown off on a dynamite?

Fun matches tonight, but match of the night will have to go to Orange Cassidy vs Penta.

For dynamite standards I feel like this wasn’t a very strong one… especially leading into another ppv. Collision looking to be a great card. Any early thoughts on what the main event could be for All-Out? Out of what we have now, id have to guess Mox vs Cassidy.

Shout out to the women at the Volleyball game in Nebraska having 92,003 in attendance, all-time record for a Women’s sporting event.

Given the apparent Covid wave that has crashed down upon the locker room who travelled to All In, combined with the Punk/Perry controversy, and travel issues this week - I’d say the show managed to be a solid episode.

All Our definitely reads on paper like a mixed bag - but I have no doubt that it will deliver in ring. Moxley /OC as a main event could definitely work as the top match. A match between two of the company’s absolute MVPs who can always be entrusted with delivering. I think IF that’s the main event for All Out, it will not disappoint. Could be the biggest match of OC’s career.

I enjoyed a lot on the card tonight. A huge fan of the random women’s trios match. I miss those early days of AEW Women’s Multi person or trips matches. It’s something they should do more of.

Jericho’s reaction to the crowd really makes me realize how much of a bubble Twitter is, as Chicago seemed very into him.

And on top of that, in general, given the online discourse surrounding Punk / Perry - if did not feel at all like the crowd in Chicago wasn’t happy with what they were getting or ever trying to hijack the show. I think they’re just as frustrated with Punk’s storm cloud, and just want to enjoy a product that holds Chicago in high regard. Regardless if Punk is part of it or not.

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COVID waves are definitely returning and wrestling isn’t immune.

OC main event was great with a good destroyer spot. Amazing promo.

Two main event level matches with OC/Mox and Omega and Takeshita. Some odd choices like Shane Taylor. Would rather have seen Athena.

Despite everything All Out is shaping up to be decent enough to garner some interest which seemed impossible 24H ago.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

A few months ago when I did my Rewind a Wai episode, I talked about how impressed I was with Mike Bennett. Since then, Mike has gone through the ringer career-wise, with a career-killing gimmick as the cuck being the most notable thing he’s done. Put him in a team with the worst ROH Champion ever, and you have a team that has been behind the 8 ball for a long time. But tonight, I thought they really showed up, Bennett in particular. I’m really liking this trio with Roderick Strong, and Roddy has really been a highlight throughout the week. I liked the show, but I’m a bit disappointed with the All Out card. I feel this could end up being one of the worst drawing pay-per-views since they started. I like the Cole and MJF team, but it feels like both could be doing something different. I know it won’t happen, but I think what would drive immediate interest in the show would be CM Punk vs Jack Perry if somehow things can get resolved.

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Did you guys think that parts of Moxly’s & Cassidy’s promos tonoght were shots at CM Punk? I would imagine their match will, and honesty should, be the Main Event at All Out. And it’s great to see Cassidy in a featured match on a PPV. I have no doubt those two will rock The United Center.

And shout out to my fellow Clevelander Shane Taylor for receiving a ROH Title Match against Samoa Joe at All Out. I think it’s time Taylor regains the title.

Finally, on the CM Punk front, do you think whoever is talking to the wrestling media, besides Tony Khan, may be exaggerating some of the backstage stories because they don’t want Punk in AEW? I guess the Perry incident was bad enough to warrant suspensions. Do you guys think it would be hetter off to just release Punk now, take the hit and repackage Collision if you must, so AEW can show WBD what numbers a Punk-less AEW can pull because I don’t see Punk being around for much of the new TV contract.

David from Israel here

I buy every AEW PPV and I think I’m skipping this one unfortunately. The card just isn’t really exciting for me and a lot of matches there wouldn’t even be super appealing to me on a Dynamite and having to spend full price for a card this weak marquee wise a week after spending full price on All In just isn’t worth it.

I know a lot of people will blame Punk/Perry for this show possibly tanking buys wise but I don’t think Punk/Starks 3 is the difference between this PPV card feeling strong or weak I’m sure the wrestling will end up being great and the show will be a thumbs up show and I like supporting AEW and stay up at crazy hours due to time difference to watch the shows but I don’t think I can justify paying full price for a show like this after just spending it on All In.


Cody From Maine

Recapping the PPV that just happened, promoting the next one that’s just four days away, AND starting the build for Grand Slam…all on the same show.

What a bizarre, but enjoyable edition of Dynamite. Highlighted for me by Orange Cassidy’s performance and the Roderick Strong segment. I call it that because Roddy stole the show. He has been so, so good in this new role.

The All Out card, as it stands, does have my intrigue. Especially with the addition of the International title match. But man, another $50 for a lesser card than what we got this past weekend is tough.

It’s not that bad when there’s only 4-5 PPV’s a year. But given they’re keeping this schedule for next year? I really hope All Out is a part of a subscription on Max as you’ve discussed as a possibility. Or at least, discounted at say $30-$35.

Ordering the PPV will probably be a day-of decision, as I imagine it will be for a lot of people.


Overall tonight was an easy watch for Dynamite, light on the action but decent with the promo segments. Besides the action was enjoyable and I’m sure the live crowd is getting more.
TONI STORM IS A TREASURE. I’m looking forward to see how she and the Outcasts continue to crumble.
Takeshita will finally destroy Omega and completely be lost to the dark side.
Mox vs. OC will be brutally great! These two consistently deliver and I think they’ll do it again in the clutch.
I really enjoyed seeing the Kingdom in the mix with the Cole/MJF story. I remember meeting Matt Taven at THE CRASH in Tijuana, Mexico, and congratulating him on the Wembley announcement and that I looked forward to seeing him there. He appreciated it but he had his doubts whether he’d be booked. Glad to see it turned out ok.

Jordan from the Bronx

It seems like many outside factors (not counting the Punk issues) hampered tonight’s show. It wasn’t the most stellar Dynamite, but it did a lot to set up some direction for the next month. Orange Cassidy was a star among stars tonight. He’s on my short list for Wrestler of the Year.

I like Shane Taylor getting a PPV match, but the AEW audience has never seen him wrestle on TV. A match with Joe feels like it’s pulled from a hat. Meanwhile someone like Athena still has virtually no presence on AEW TV or PPV at all is a shame. I would also have loved to see Ricky Starks or Andrade get on the PPV since they weren’t on All In. Maybe there’s more set up on Collision for them.