FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 8/4/21

What did you think of Dynamite?

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Another entertaining Dynamite! The latest developments in the Page/Omega saga were engaging, and it was great to see one of the best US independent talents on prime time TV in Garcia. Sure, Juvy/Jericho was a little rough around the edges, but that Black Mass (or whatever the spin kick is going to be renamed) was perfect. Like a lot of people I was having fun sussing out the Easter eggs in the Elite’s outfits, and as a Vancouverite got a big kick out of the Bollywood Boys nod. But am I missing something with the cutting down of the net? I’m familiar with the actual custom, but does it point to a particular wrestler?

Once again, Dynamite was 2 hours of fun with only a few underwhelming chunks in the bunch. I thought the Jericho/Juventud clash was a bit of a misfire even if it was a noble one. Outside of that and Andrade’s latest week of treading water, I had a pretty good time.

Big fan of the retro Disney Darby Allin Khantron! I’m not sure if it’s new but it’s newish to me. Also new to me: 2.0. What an introduction. I dug their style, I dug their schtick, I’ll take more of that. Heck, the whole Trios match was fun on a bun.

I gotta say, I love watching AEW Dynamite each week, but my instant reaction whenever Rampage is teased for Friday nights is “Christ no!” I hope AEW and WWE both do monster ratings on Fridays and I’m glad there’s something other than 20/20 to watch on Fridays, but a weekly Friday appointment just feels like an obligation. There are millions of high school football fans that’ll disagree with me on that, though. Same with wrestling and Baby Blue Movie fans. I look forward to being wrong and a weekly viewer.

Brian from New Jersey.

I grade this a 6.5, but will round up to 7. The final 15 minutes or so of this week’s episode were outstanding, and I enjoyed Miro vs. Lee Johnson and the six-man tag as well. However, I’m not as high on the the show overall as I thought it was as hectic as ever, with numerous people on the screen at numerous times, made worse by the forbidden door being a revolving one going a mile a minute tonight. Good Brothers with the Impact Titles claiming the Dark Order want to challenge them. NWA Women’s Champion Kamille in a blink and you’ll miss it appearance until she got to get in the ring and go face-to-chest with Leyla Hirsch. What next, Bandido and the Foundation being thrown at the proverbial wall to see if they stick? Or more likely, based on Dan Lambert’s promo, MLW talent like King Mo? I’ll give them credit, Dynamite still keeps my interest more than Raw, but it’s a lot to keep track of. Also, a four-man booth for Rampage is two too many.

Love this week’s episode of Dynamite. Every week this company reminds how stacked their roster is and how they continue to spotlight talent they haven’t signed yet. Favorite match was 2.0 and Daniel Garcia vs Mox, Kingston and Darby. A perfect showcase that pushes forward the idea that AEW needs Trio belts. While I was hoping for Hangman winning the title at All Out, I’m fine with AEW taking their time for that moment. Glad to see some focus on the Impact Tag titles and NWA Women’s title, just keep strengthening those partnerships. Also when are they going to stop torturing my boy The Master of the Tornado DDT, Fuego Del Sol. But my real question who do you think Dan Lambert is bring with him next week? My hope is Tom Lawlor.

Chris from Melbourne here.

This wasn’t as good as previous weeks, but I still had several highlights

  • Malakai’s entrance, complete with music from the fantastic Dutch metal band Amenra.

  • Malakai’s one foot pin

  • Kamille in AEW. I long for a Jade vs Kamille showdown.

I thought Juvi looked rough, and I hated Cody making Malakai’s win about him.


Also: if rumours are true and Adam Cole isn’t currently under contract, could we see him appear in AEW before his run in NXT is over?

A solid show. Much has been said about Cody Rhodes being in a position of power while being a regular on television. Malakai Black got the match he needed to become a big deal very quickly. The faux retirement tease was well done and it left me some doubt as to whether or not it’ll stick. I hope the powers that be can resist temptation to bring him back quickly.

Christian Cage staking his claim to a title match (possibly on AEW TV) keeps some hope alive for Hangman Page in Chicago…once he’s done soul searching.

I felt like this show suffered a bit from just how hot the last few Dynamites have been, or it’s just that I’ve been annoyed with AEW for the last 24 hours. (Because of the rap but also because of my ongoing issues with their booking of the women’s division, which I won’t bother to rehash here.)

Miro continues to impress me with his character work as well as in-ring and looks like a monster while still being able to give some shine to a talented young opponent. I’m a big Leyla Hirsch fan, so having her on TV with a good win makes me happy.

For me, though, the night was all about the main event and the presentation of Malakai Black and I thought they absolutely nailed it. He feels like something on another level entirely. Instantly feels like a top-tier star, not just better than his presentation on the main roster but arguably as good as he looked on NXT.

Miro’s selling was incredible tonight. The no-sell of that DDT leading to a delayed sell was so awesome. The guy is such a star.

Speaking of stars, another one was created last night in Malaki Black. Perfect entrance and look and Cody put him over the right way. This is one aspect that WWE just doesn’t care about anymore.

That six-man was a ton of fun too. Jericho/Juvy started off rough but the crowd was into it and it really picked up.

Everything else was fine, cool to see Kamille on the show too. The Christian match to me didn’t feel like a guy ready to challenge for the title, he’s not hot enough to main event a PPV yet IMO.

I thought this was the weakest episode since the return to the road. A lot of that has to do with Daily’s Place. I hope we dont see this place for a long, long time. If they were just going to have Black stand tall at the end, it should have ended right after the Black Mass. We all know the guy is not retiring. It wasnt necessary.