FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 8/5/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Noah from Vaughan

Absolutely fantastic episode of dynamite tonight. 12 man tag was spectacular and the main event was one of the best dynamite main events in a while. Darby and Mox have such a great dynamic together and the match was fantastic, especially the last 5 minutes had me at the edge of my seat. The debate segment in my opinion was one of the best promo segments AEW has done so far, jericho was great, bischoff was great and Cassidy was incredible. Silver and Reynolds looked fantastic in their match, gotta think they are getting rewarded for their stellar work on bte. One last point, I thought commentary was miles better tonight than last week, all 3 of them were excellent. 9.5/10 show for me

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Next time Excalibur needs to negotiate his contract, all he has to do is bring a tape of the last 2 shows. Besides the main event, I thought all of the in ring action really suffered without him.

To be honest, I think best friends got what they deserved. If you’re going to park your van in the middle of the street with no other cars around, you can’t be too mad when your tires get stolen. Where does everyone else in AEW park?

While I think Matt and Cody vs. Dark Order is a candidate for worst men’s match on Dynamite this year, there was a lot of good stuff on the show. I really enjoyed the main event, Britt and Sammy were both great as always, and MJF came off as a real main event heel. 7 Matt Hardy WTF Blade Jobs out of 10

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Trevor from Edmonton
This show had a lot of good stuff on it. From the opening 12-man match to the excellent main event, this was one of the best episodes of Dynamite of the year.

That being said, I still think AEW needs to do better with its women’s division. The only women’s match on the card was basically a squash and I don’t recall seeing any plugs for the women’s tag tournament. Although AEW has a lot of good tag teams, I think one of the tag matches could’ve been cut to give more time to a women’s match.

Still a great show overall.

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Nick from Lansing

What an entertaining show. From a hot multi man tag that built on a couple stories, a debate segment that got a couple hard laughs out of me, an absolutely killer main event. Santana and Ortiz might be on an unfortunate loosing streak but after the defiled Sue’s car I hope they get their asses kicked again.

My one criticism of the show is lack of women’s segments. Especially on a week when they’re debuting a woman’s tag tournament they should have been featuring more of the competitors to push people to YouTube. They have a lot of talented women but they’re given almost no tv time and I’m worried they’ll keep trying to wave it away with “they have their own show now.”

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Charles from Alberta

I thought the 12 man tag was alright could have been better and i thought the match of the night was the best friends and Santana and Ortiz match and i thought Santana and Ortiz attacking the van was awesome and the best friends reaction was awesome how did they take off the tires off the van so fast ? Mjf video was alright not great and times like this i don’t like seeing blood from Matt Hardy and Jon tonight and i thought Matt Cardona and Cody match was not great as well and Jon and Darby match was fine but my favorite moment was orange Cassidy talking about climate and made me laugh out loud 7/10 show

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All in all I thought it was decent show with some good segments. The opening match was great but the main event felt like it lack another gear to get into but I get it, being a tv match and a set up for MJF and Moxley. I Just think it makes Darby Allen look weak he couldn’t get the finish after that brutal head shot.
Also why no plug for the women’s tournament?

Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was pretty good tonight. The highlight of the show of course was the debate. I was lukewarm going into it as I thought it would just be the normal Orange Cassidy schtick but it turned out to be one of my favourite segments of the year. Orange Cassidy’s whole gimmick seems like the commentary an old timer would have on the young wrestlers these days. Don’t do much, and when you do something big, it’s meaningful. Orange Cassidy had my attention from that promo and I think I get the gimmick more than I have before. One issue I have with Darby Allin is when he puts on the cut out masks of his opponent, he reminds me of Joe Hendry, who does the exact same thing, but for his parodies on other wrestlers. Lastly, while the segment with the women was good, their handling of the division still is an issue. The comparison of their Deadly Draw tournament and 205 Live was on point. Basically, the women’s division is to AEW what the cruiserweight division is to WWE. Swole looked great though. 7 out of 10 show, still great in the end.

Bruce from Vancouver,

After a slightly lackluster showing last week I had my fingers crossed for Dynamite to get back on the great roll it’s been on for a few months. Overall this felt like a solid, if not blow-away return to the median.

The highlight of this show for me was the great promo from Mox - the grizzled vet pleading with a younger wrestler to not make the same mistakes they did but knowing it’ll fall on deaf ears suits him perfectly. That said, as amazing as last week’s MJF promo was, it did somewhat hamper my anticipation for tonight’s main event. The match itself did make good on both Mox and Darby’s characters, though: Darby is the rare younger wrestler who can lose and lose and lose again and only have it benefit him.

A couple of minor points: would have liked to have gotten a promo from Cardona to get a sense of who he is and what he’s fighting for in AEW apart from being Cody’s tanned and jacked pal. Also, I’d love to hear Kahn’s kayfabe explanation for having a camera inside Trent’s mom’s van, but whatever.

Raymond in Sacramento, CA

I’m having a bit of trouble putting in to words how effective the combination of Moxley’s promo early in the show and the physicality of the match with Darby was. It’s not just the outside factors of what we know about “Johnathan Good’s” journey out of his previous company to AEW & New Japan. Or that AEW Is doing what they can to build young talent and showcase them. What I’m trying to say is that the main event was great, the storytelling was on point, the nearfall by Darby got me, and the lasting imagery of Moxley holding Darby bookended a great story they told.

A lovely episode that bounced backed after last weeks subpar showing. You know the rating. :wink:


If you aren’t watching Brody Lee and The Dark Order on BTE then you are missing out.

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Alexander from Portland

Fantastic showing tonight from AEW. The opening tag may be the best 12-man tag ever, it was great to see how many storylines progressed in that match. AEW has been sowing seeds for stories with Darby finally getting wins over Cody and Moxley, this long-term storytelling is what I wish WWE did. Forget RAW Underground, just give me good characters with good motivations and I’ll gladly tune in.

question: Zack Ryder held the Internet Championship, and AEW Dark airs episodes on YouTube. would it be too tacky for Matt Cardona to bring back the Internet Championship and solely defend it on Dark? I can’t see anywhere better for Cardona to fit in on the roster.

Jay from Colorado

Awesome show, just two quick thoughts.

The constant cheering during the Matt Hardy bit was really distracting. The promo was still good, just didn’t need that extra crowd noise.

I never thought I’d be so excited over and angle involving retribution over a guys mom’s car getting vandalized. This goes to show you one of the big differences between the WWE and AEW. A man’s eye got taken out on WWE and that’s awful and all, but holy shit am I pissed about Trent’s Mom’s minivan. How’s is she supposed to go shopping? What if she needs to take her dog to the vet? No this just won’t do. A man’s eye is replaceable, but a good Minivan, that’s once in a lifetime. Santana and Ortiz will pay dearly with their apology over speakerphone. I hope we get to see this play out.

It was an ok show that felt a bit like a filler/setup episode. Not the best Dynamite for in-ring, aside from the main which I really enjoyed. The promo segments throughout the night were the high point for me. Especially Moxley and MJF. With All Out quickly approaching, I would like to start to see some more direction in some of the divisions.

The lack of PiP tonight in Canada was annoying. It felt like we missed out on quite a bit of the episode this week.

Do you guys think the shifting timeslot for Dynamite will be a burden while trying to build to a PPV? At least their go-home week is unaltered.

Can’t be excited about Cardona no matter how much pyro he has. WHERE IS LANCE ARCHER? Throw out the Cody/Cardona match and this was a entertaining show. Debate was real fun, 12 man was way better than it had the right to be and main event was great.

After an off week last week, this show brought the goods.

The opening 12-man put last weeks 10-man to shame. Great stuff. Thought Nick, Lee and Hangman were the stars.

Like the feud brewing with LAX and Best Friends, MJF’s campaign office and the Sammy/Matt violence.

I actually thought the Dark Order guys stood out more than Cardona. He was the same old shit, still not high on him being added.

Jericho/Cassidy segment was incredible. Everyone played their part perfectly and it had its funny and intense moments. Bischoff was also very good. Excellent build for next week

Swole/Reba was meh but short.

Really liked Moxley and Allin. Both guys brought it.

8/10 show