FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/1/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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MJ in a hotel room in the Windy City!!!

If the Ticket fairy is kind I’ll be in attendance Sunday. I am in Chicago now awaiting my own Elite backup in the form of a rapper, a dark shooter and a fire champ. To everyone in The Post universe, reach out this weekend!! Unfortunately do to work commitments I won’t attend any shows before Sunday but caught tonight’s episode while working from the hotel.

Thoughts on Dynamite which I caught working from the hotel:

  • PnP has taken the title of best video game like level up when they dawn face paint. I remember getting into GoD because of their use of face-paint. Doing it for big matches is very useful
  • Definitely felt like FTR was an early exit stage left after their loss. Wonder what’s next or if that’s really it for a while. Question: Lucha Bros came outa nowhere to earn a title shot. It was done logically through a contenders tournament but can’t help but feel FTR and the Bucks should be having the title match Sunday in Chicago. Do you think there was a chance this was intended after a series with PnP to establish the next challengers. FTR and the Bucks not happening in front of the Chicago crowd is a shame given where things stood before All In 3 years ago.
  • AEW seems to be having a lot of fun teasing their new talent acquisitions. The Britt Baker segment was teaser overload. Now that it’s September I’d expect to see April sooner than later (Sunday). And obviously there’s that thing with her boyfriend. You can also see the Hayter turn coming a mile away and it’s less than a few weeks since Hayter re-debuted. Hayter looks impressive on screen and a proper heel champion could be a good direction for the division.
  • Speaking of the division: I’d like to voice a complaint - yes a rare MJ AEW complaint! Why is Tay Conti graphic display that she is 21-4 this year. Too strong for somebody that is nowhere near the top of the division. I don’t really want to see amazing records displayed for talent not anywhere near the title, it cheapens the use of a record for me. Then again, she’s probably getting a push being on TV more so I’ll probably be back here owning this as a bad take soon.

What an episode of Dynamite, nearly all the segments were fantastic. FTR vs Proud n Powerful delivered more than I think everyone expected and Santana continues to shine. How much stock does Tony Khan have in 2.0 and Daniel Garcia? Not only were their first programs with Mox, Eddie and Darby but also got a moment with Punk. Just seeing how babyfaces actually care for one another is refreshing. Jurassic Express helping Best Friends and the babyfaces in the end trying to help. My question, who do you think is the Joker for the Casino Royale? I think it’s Ruby Soho.

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Chris from Melbourne here.

Excellent episode of Dynamite, strong return to form after a weak one last week.

I’m very excited to see Anna Jay back, and then the Thunder Rosa / Nyla Rose / Jade Cargill teases.

Also great to know that Jericho answers questions the same way he inserts his podcast ads. “That’s a great question Jim, and I’ll get back to that, but first…” – I’m not sure if that was a joke, or maybe just habit at this stage.

Final highlight: they got that cage over in a big way. No one gets in.

Only two complaints:

How many of these backstage interviews actually go un-interrupted? The Thunder Rosa one tonight, and basically the entire Pac / Andrade feud have all been this same tired formula where the interviewee rarely finishes their first sentence before being cut off.

Secondly, the Paul Wight / QT / Billy Gunn stuff feels like it should have closed out a Dark Elevation episode (Paul’s home turf) instead of Dynamite.

An otherwise killer episode.

For the first time in a long time I was thrilled to watch CM Punk throw punches. If that’s not an endorsement of Dynamite I don’t know what is. As Sting would say, mucho respect.

Speaking of mucho respect, AEW has made stables running in for the save fun again! On Raw, that’s normally the signal a plodding 15-20 minute six man tag match is coming up next. Anyway, dug tonight’s episode. The opening tag ruled, 2.0 got promo time and Chris Jericho’s hair looked supernaturally luscious. Superb!

Hey John & Wai, whaddya think of Tay Conti’s new(?) Mortal Kombat-esque theme song?

Alexander from Portland (attended live)

You know a show is good when there are multiple contenders for match of the night. It felt like everyone was hot, from CM Punk to Tay Conti to Jim Ross to even QT Marshall. The Chicago crowd was electric. For my first live wrestling show since the pandemic began this show delivered, and it feels like All Out will be even hotter. 8/10 show

Yeah, she’s a lock to get in.

A better outing from last week. FTR/Ortiz and Santana was terrific, despite Wheeler’s injury holding him back. Punk hitting his first GTS in years was thrilling. The promos from MJF and Jericho were strong. Anna Jay returning was neat and the main event was the typical eight man chaos I’ve come to expect from the Lucha Bros/Elite/Jurassic Express. The gang assault in the end was a bit much. I’m anticipating an Elite collapse this fall.

Noah from Vaughan

Going to be in attendance for Rampage and All Out this weekend and man did this show get me hyped for it. In typical AEW fashion, the go home show had so many tremendous promos building up the matches we’ll see on Sunday and to a lesser extent, Friday. I’m really looking forward to seeing the two “cage” matches on Sunday night, I think they will both be excellent. Disappointed about Pac and Andrade being taken off the show but the 10 man tag they replaced it with has got my interest, really looking forward to seeing Jungle Boy and Orange Cassidy in action!
8.5/10 tonight

Charles from Richmond

In attendance for tonight and all this week. Opener was great but what do you see next for both teams? Is the Arthur Ashe show too early for Proud and Powerful to challenge and potentially take the titles from the Bucks? I think a New York crowd could really have a lot of energy for P&P and would really lift that show up in addition to any potential debut.

The closing segment was cool, but I’m not sure it got as much heat as expected. We didn’t know where to cheer the cage coming down or boo the actions of the heel group. Maybe it came out better on camera.

Enjoyable night tonight. There were three DARK: Elevation matches culminating with a great match with Mox, Kingston, Darby vs Chaos Project. People were on fire for Mox and Kingston and a lot stayed after Dynamite. Overall, a fun night and great to see Punk excited and executing a great GTS.