FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/13

LIVE tonight at 10:05 p.m. ET

Steve Grows Weed

Ok show tonight. The BCC segment backstage was awesome. Seeing the smoke clear and Claudio and Eddie just staring each other down was powerful.
Am I wrong to think that Jericho and Sammy are doing their version of Better than you Bay Bay? Seems strange to do the same story at essentially the same time.
Do you think AEW has lost direction? People like Swerve and Orange Cassidy are moving into stronger positions. But overall it hasn’t felt like there’s a clear direction for most storylines recently.

Andrew from Cape Breton

It was a great show tonight as per usual, but I couldn’t help but be distracted by hearing about the crowd. Next week’s Dynamite Grand Slam is also going to have a relatively low number compared to previous years. What do you think AEW needs to do to get back on track? They are in a pretty bad slump when it comes to the crowds, save for All In, which was outside of the US. It feels like Wrestle Dream is going to be a great show filled with incredible matches though, especially with the ones added tonight.

Cody From Maine

Fun show. While I’m excited for Grand Slam’s strong card, it’s clear that the show’s build and hype has suffered thanks to it’s placement between multiple PPV’s. I know Tony loves his annual events, but the schedule has to change next year. It’s simply too much, too close together.

Two quick side notes. I can’t believe the Jade-Statlander rematch is being done on less than a weeks notice, rather than at the upcoming PPV with a bit more build. Feels like a big wasted opportunity.

And I presume we get MJF and Cole defending, and losing, the ROH Tag Titles at Wrestle Dream to the Kingdom. Seems like the next step to continue the Roderick story.