FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/15/2021

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Noah from Vaughan

Whenever we see episodes of wreslting shows try to be “chaotic” for the sake of it, it usually doesn’t work. However tonight was the complete opposite, it was done so well and it really felt like the perfect appetizer for the main course and dessert that next week will bring. The matches tonight all were really enjoyable and that Dan lambert/jericho segment was just perfect. AEW just keeps the momentum going and I’m curious what your predictions are for the ratings for next week’s shows knowing the big matches announced tonight.

11 shits out of 10 tonight

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What up. Originally when this show was announced as Blood and Guts last year during Revolution, me and a group of friends immediately agreed to go. But after all the postponements we decided to sell our tickets. While we were bummed on not going to show anymore, we felt that show played better for the tv audience. A lot talking segments that felt like set up for the bigger show next week. Loved Punk on commentary, Adam Cole match and the FTR match. The main event felt too short but we got to hear Kaze Ni Nare so 10 out of 10. My question this week should Kenny lose next week to help Bryan get the title shot for Full Gear or is having Kenny lose 2 big matches (Christian Impact title match and Bryan) weakening the impact of Hangman taking the title from Omega?

Good show tonight. I’ve never understood why Dan Lambert is here. They have never explained why he has the ability to take up time on the show.
I don’t know who he is. I watched MMA enough to know American Top Team.
But why he’s here makes no sense.

On a positive note. The crowd tshirt game was on point!!
Guy up in the stands with a Larry Zbyszko shirt.
An I’m Your Papi.
And the best was right in the front row in the blue Rip Em shirt in honour of No Holds Barred!!

A solid outing that set the table for a massive two nights in Arthur Ashe. Omega/Danielson is a PPV-level dream match that doesn’t need too much time to build and I liked that it didn’t involve the title. Cole/Kazarian was solid. Punk’s commentary felt like he was still getting a lay of the land and it furthered things with Team Taz nicely. Dan Lambert is a heat magnet. 2point0 vs Moxley/Kingston was good and I loved that Kaze Ni Nare was played in full. Onward to Queens.

What are they gonna fill the second hour of Rampage with beyond the 3 matches advertised?

Brian from New Jersey, though nowhere close to Newark.

Hot episode tonight largely used to build up everything in Queens next week. Not to write off tonight’s show, as it had a lot of good wrestling and strong promos, even though AEW needs a shit counter as much as Raw and Smackdown need a bitch counter. I liked Punk on commentary and loved his confrontation with Team Taz. Imagine what might happen if Minoru Suzuki crosses paths with Hook…

When Rosario Dawson of all people showed up, my first thought wasn’t “that’s Cody’s fellow Go Big Show judge,” but “that’s New Jersey Senator Cory Booker’s girlfriend!” Her own acting career would also take precedence over her ties to Cody. Still, a cool moment.


Canonically, Jay and Silent Bob exist within the AEW universe.

I was fine with that being the most Kevin Smith connection we got, aside from Chris Jericho, but it looks like Uncle Tony isn’t done playing with the View Askiewniverse.

Uncle Tony has done a lot in the last month but the fact that he had me screaming, “Rosario Dawson is attacking Malakai Black!”, during work was not on my 2021 bingo card.

Here’s hoping we get a Ben Affleck now that he’s on his come back tour.


Don’t know why we spent time designing a Bryan shirt when we could’ve just been marketing basic white shirts, as that’s the only thing he seems to want to wear.

8 Danielson white tees out of 10.

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Kash from Ajax

Just an incredible, incredible episode of Dynamite!

While I love the fact that Big E won the belt on Monday, it’s not going to move the needle for the company. Why? Because about 95% of WWE programming each week is trash, and has been trash for a few years now. They put no effort into anything outside of stage design and branding.

AEW on the other hand tries their absolute best week in and week out to deliver great matches, great stories, great angles, and great promos. They constantly reward their fans for their time and attention.

Most of the wrestling fans I grew up with are now starting to take notice. Our once dormant wrestling WhatsApp group has been on fire the last couple of weeks. What a time.


  1. Are you both tired of happy and humble CM Punk? I can’t wait for the heel turn.

  2. How would you book Hangman’s return?

  3. What more does AEW have to do to hit RAW viewership numbers?

Fantastic show. But why is no one talking about the legend Hook taking out CM Punk with a beautiful Dragon Sleeper? He showed that bum Sanada how its really done.