FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/16/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Andy from London

What an entertaining show this was - once again it has me awake until 3am in the UK watching the entire 2 hours live! I really didn’t think there was a bad segment and there wasn’t a minute wasted - just so much was crammed in.

I particularly enjoyed Page/Kazarian and Rosa/Ivalisse which both got a good length of time and the set up for next weeks 6 man was just so clever, the story telling is logical, joined up and has me hyped for the match! But hands down my favourite thing was the main event - just some good old fashion plunder fun! Loved it!

One final point; to my knowledge this was the first on screen appearance of Tony Khan on Dynamite, do you think that this might be the start of introducing him as an on screen character?

9/10 Great Show!

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Alexander from Portland

What a main event, can we give best non-wrestler this year to Sue? I’m not the biggest Hager fan but putting him in a tag team with Jericho seems like the perfect spot for him. Jungle Boy impressed yet again, Thunder Rosa showed why she’s one of the best women’s wrestlers currently, and Mr. Brodie Lee and Orange Cassidy ought to be spectacular. Hard to be disappointed with tonight’s show, 8/10

Question: what do you think of Will Hobbs turning on Darby and Moxley during the tag match and joining Team Cage?

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Off the top, let me say 3 things:

  1. It warms my heart that you guys talk about BTE again and the jumping back in point was The Dark Order. RAR news highlight for me each week.
  2. This may have been one of my favorite Weekly TV wrestling Show in a long long time
  3. Go Wai Cowboys! 1-0!

I think they’ve featured and built Jurassic Express so well that when the booth started talking about whether they could be the first team to knock off The Revival I totally bought in and wanted to see it knowing this was a non title match.

Also even with a very deep roster talent seems to occupy very unique and different roles and because they are consistent in the way they book guys. I view somebody like Kaz as a former tag champ who is a vet on the roster. Hangman beating him Doesn’t change that and isn’t a squash match for Page. Kingston has such freedom and creativity of his own his promos are must see and the guys around him are elevated by him. Team Tazz fits in a scene with Moxley, sure Tazz gives them legitimacy. And those guys aren’t booked like lower card guys every week either. They don’t just bury or make guys jokes in the back week after week so when they wind up in reshuffled story lines it all seems to fit. Even a comedy feud about Trents mom and a mini van had an awesome serious blow off match. They stick the landing and tonight’s episode was a great way to make me forget about All Out underwhelming.


Joe from Niagara

Wow wow wow

Amazing show, Tremendous main event.


First things first: I think that this was one of the best episodes of Dynamite so far. Great pure wrestling with Page/Kaz, a very good tag match, a very good women’s match, and great promos from a few guys.

That said, while I loved that main event, someone has to tell these guys when enough is enough. That match was dangerously close to a death match, and if anyone was wondering if AEW learned from the Matt Hardy incident, they didn’t.

Not only did some of the stuff in the main event feel recklessly dangerous, the other question is: If that’s what they put on for a random episode of Dynamite, what can they possibly do to top themselves on a major PPV?

If that’s the match we get over a comedy angle involving Trent’s mom’s minivan, what are we going to get when they have a real blood feud to settle.

The wrestlers are never going to censor themselves or hold back. Do AEW need the road agents, or Tony K himself to start stepping in?


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Was a very good, almost great show, until that parking lot brawl. That was amazingly crazy. Even the women’s segment was great. Only complaint is that I was hoping for some more development in the Hangman/Onega/Young Bucks story. But, if you can have your major angle take a backseat and still put on an entertaining show; I guess that’s a testament to the booking


Raymond in Sacramento, CA

Loved the women’s match between Ivelisse and Thindr Rosa. And it didn’t seem like it was in segment 7, so that’s a good change of pace for them.

I’m really happy for Will Hobbs being thrust into a prominent spot. As a former Bay Area resident I’m happy that all his hard work on AEW Dark has paid off. Having Moxley be the one to introduce on DYNAMITE must be the best feeling in the world for him.

And that street fight to end the night… All four of those guys are crazy. While watching I wondered why they couldn’t have taped the big stunt for the Hardy vs. Guevara PPV match like this and then had the finish be live. Oh well, we got a definitive conclusion here and a middle finger from Sue. Awesome.

10/10 show.


Not getting picture in picture is annoying.

Really good episode tonight. Nice to see Kaz get a featured spot in the match with Page. Loved the Taz Technique. Anniversary show is starting to feel like a mini PPV. Very interested in that TNT title match next week. Street fight was creative, but I think maybe too violent. Definitely felt like a vicious grudge match. Sue’s a badass.

Verdansk is the name of the city/province you drop in to in Call of Duty:Warzone. GRAU is a type of assault rifle you can put in your loadout for Warzone mode. Kar98 is a marksmans rifle. In case you guys needed the streamer banter deciphered.


Kash from Ajax

AEW consistently delivers a good to excellent TV show every week. I never have any complaints with Dynamite from a wrestling perspective . Having said that, this promotion is definitely missing something. They have a lot of great wrestlers but no one that I would deem as must see at the moment.

I watched the TSN documentary on Kenny Omega today. This guy has all of the ingredients to become a superstar; he has the look, charisma, athleticism and promo skills.

It is time they start building the show around Kenny Omega. As much as I like Moxley, this is his ceiling. I don’t think he has that it factor that will help AEW truly gain any mass appeal.There is no better time than now to pull the trigger on Omega.

What are your thoughts?


Matt from Albany

Did it look like trent bladed his arm after that spear? Like he untaped his left wrist and then was stabbing his arm or maybe it was just me and he did get a splinter. Brutal match but very entertaining as was the show.

I still am trying to figure out why Kenny is angry with page though as Kenny screwed up to lose that tag match if i recall

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Noah from Vaughan

Wow what a show, that main event was just brilliant, had my eyes absolutely glued to the screen the entire time and sue flipping off Santana and Ortiz was the cherry on top of the sundae. I thought Hangman vs Kaz was absolutely fantastic but the visual of Hangman looking around for some friends after he got the victory was just incredibly well done, you cant help but feel bad for the guy. Once again this show cements the fact that AEW has the best Tag division in the worst and it’s not close. Loved the introduction of Will Hobbs to the dynamite audience, hes been killing it on Dark and pairing him with Mox instantly boosts him up. 9/10 show for me. By the way, I really recommend for those that haven’t seen dark this week to check it out, Megabyte Ronnie vs Brian Cage was really incredible and the Peter Avalon vs Brandon Cutler match was also really good. Cheers guys, have a great night

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Wrestling wise this was an incredible show. No bad matches at all.

But that main event was special. Everyone worked their ass off and I think the announcers made this seem like such a big deal. Too often in WWE these types of matches are treated as jokes and guys play with their toys - they treated it seriously and sold it so well.

Page/Kazarian and FTR/Jurassic Express were also really good matches, but again everything was good tonight.