FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/2/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Really enjoyed the opener, glad Santana & Ortiz were victorious. Happy to see Excalibar back as Jim Ross is a complete mess on commentary. AEW Kenny is so lame. I don’t know how it was in Canada, but all curses made it on air as the dump guy was late. Jake Roberts said nobody will bust a nut while they’re in the ring. I believe him. One of the worst segments of the year. Very strong showing from the women tonight. Main event was boring. 5.
Do you put the world title on MJF? I absolutely would.

Noah from Vaughan

Textbook Go home show for a ppv. literally everything was building towards the PPV on Saturday which should once again top 100k buys. If there’s one thing AEW knows how to do really well, its promote a big event, and this saturday’s card feels like a really big deal. It was kinda odd having that battle royal preview go on for as long as it did but it really highlighted the depth of the AEW Roster, such an incredible amount of talent will be in that battle royale. Im pretty curious who ends up getting the 21st spot in that match as all 3 times they’ve done the casino gimmick its been someone not announced beforehand (Personally, I’d love to see Chris Hero in that spot if he’s available) 7.5/10 show

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The storytelling in the tag division right now is absolutely incredible. I think it will be really interesting to see Page and Omega break up and move in to singles roles. Their feud can be great and will set up a hot eventual challenger for the AEW title. JRs desperate “HOLD ON!” while trying to read the weekend schedule was pure panic. I guess their banter went over. I have no idea what a Tooth and Nail match is and I don’t feel like they made an attempt to explain it. The main event was dumb and kind of long but I enjoyed the post match beat down. Excalibur was a welcome return. Kudos to him and Kenny for the Hana Kimura mention.

Jay from Colorado

Kudos to AEW, or maybe just JR for the attention to detail. At the opening of the Private Party & SCU vs Jurassic Express & Young Bucks match JR just throws it out there that the winner of this match would get an extra payday for being on the PPV. Nothing huge, just something small to get you invested. It’s so much better than just having story less matches on a PPV or regular show.

Also, Being the Elite was so good this week that it convinced me to drive an hour south to the nearest Cracker Barrel. I live in a rural area of Colorado and have two Chili’s within ten minutes of me, but have to drive an hour to go to the Cracker Barrel and it’s always worth it.

I actually wasn’t that high on this show. The opener was sloppy with a badly fucked up finish and that battle royal segment felt like a RAW episode.

Rosa and Deeb was a good match and I liked the main event segment but everything else was just ok.

6/10 show