FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/29/21

What did you think of tonight’s AEW Dynamite?

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Brian from New Jersey

Big, fun, crowd-pleasing night from AEW. Here I was expecting a return to normal Dynamites, forgetting that normal in AEW means something different. Those first three matches and the main event were so good. Holy shit that Dante Martin. A lot of good promo work from the likes of Arn, Ethan Page, and MJF, continuing to walk the line. The talk of the four young pillars was very telling. The love for Brodie Lee permeated throughout the whole night. After everyone predicted Adam Page or Windham Rotunda to reunite the Dark Order, it was Amanda Huber, and while surprised, it felt right for tonight.

I’m attending Dynamite next week, and suffice to say, I’m hyped to Mojo Rawley levels.


It was a lower-stakes outing. Cole/Jungle Boy was very good and I dug that there was no chicanery from the Elite. The low blow protected JB and it gave Adam an important victory. The Dark Order vs HFO tag was fun with Amanda Huber hilariously chastising Evil Uno and Stu and the post-match reconciliation with -1 was moving. Miro/Guevara was surprising in that it would lead to a bigger match between them later on. The title change made sense considering Sammy’s popularity.

I’m also glad that AEW didn’t forget about Hikaru Shida after she’s been toiling away on Dark/Dark Elevation for the last 4 months. I’m glad to see her get back on Dynamite just in time for the Anniversary.

Hey guys! I enjoyed the show.
Not really sure how Arn gladly admitting he would murder given the chance gets us anywhere nearer to a Cody heel turn, but I guess it’s Cody storyline logic. Really enjoyed the Darby MJF confrontation, I bet MJF comes for Sting soon and Darby seeks revenge. I’m glad to see Shida will back back on tv, really wish we could get more than 1 women’s match per show…
I gotta ask, will there be a Total Recall- Rhodes to the Top pod in the near future?


Disagree, Arn taking out a scumbag criminal is a babyface move in my opinion. I would be totally ok with him doing far worse to someone like that.

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I don’t think the act is a heel act, but him basically tearing Cody down for being a loser doesn’t paint Cody as a heel.

I think to the AEW audience, who will get behind Arn over Cody, it definitely does. But I dont think that is what they were even going for. Cody is not a heel. He’s a babyface who is being put down by his coach and he’s probably gonna lose his shit eventually and start doing heelish shit to Arn, Lee Johnson, etc.

Speaking of the AEW audience, last night was perhaps the first time they were shit. Why are wrestling fans still doing “What?” chants? It sucked 20 years ago too. They also chanted for CM Punk during someone’s promo.


Meh the crowd didn’t bother me too much. I think the CM Punk chants were justified considering he was prominently displayed at the announcers’ desk all night. It’s not unfair for the fans to expect him to run in and do something at some point. That one is on AEW for having him in that position, encouraging the chants.

As for the WHAT chants… I mean… if Shida is trying to cut a babyface promo in English and you are screaming “WHAT,” you are probably an asshole. If Dan Lambert is calling you an inbred piece of shit swinging from Jericho’s nutsack, I feel it’s justified that fans chant whatever they want. Can’t take the heat? Stay out of the kitchen. Ethan Page handled it just fine.


I’m not saying they won’t use it well. Just that it doesn’t make Cody a heel. It may motivate a turn but on face value it makes him look like a loser not a heel.

I totally agree. This crowd was annoying and completely dead for portions of the show.

Yeah the Arn promo was something. I liked it but I can certainly see why it was polarizing.

I will say though Goldberg in his promo threatened to kill Lashley last week. Arn was saying more if someone tried to rob him he would fight back and kill them instead of giving up. Slightly different and I actually think the Goldberg one was probably the worst.

The audience was interesting - it certainly felt more like a WWE crowd with the What? and CM punk chants . That being said CM punk doing commentary kind of sucks for the live auidence so I can see them chanting for him.

Also without being derogatory it’s Rochester so I’m not sure it’s the most upscale savvy wrestling fans either like Chicago or New York.