FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/30/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Noah from Vaughan

After last nights debate debacle, the brawl tonight seemed mild in comparison. Darby vs Ricky was absolutely fantastic and I was super excited to see darby get the win, he’s so popular that he doesn’t need to win every big match, but giving him a win like this helps give him some much needed momentum. You have no idea how happy I was to see MJF and Jericho do a callback to their interaction they had last year on the post full gear episode of dynamite, and it seems the seeds have been planted for Sammy’s face turn when he gets kicked out of the inner circle in favor of MJF taking his spot. Question, if moxley is able to beat Archer at the anniversary show, who do you see facing him at full gear?

Raymond in Sacramento

My feedback will be short because I was pulling double duty watching the 2nd hour of Dynamite and the NBA Finals at the same time. What I did see was really good matches from the start to the end of the game. Opener was really good. The tag match was great. Isiah Kassidy really did well again Jericho. Britt’s return was mat work heavy and she looked good doing it. And The Butcher got a man event slot and pulled out a big leg drop on Moxley. Loved it all.

As I’m writing this feedback, there was an arm bar in to sliding back cradle pin attempt of LeBron James during the scramble for a loose ball. I’m not joking!

10/10 show. Dynamite is on a roll.

I loved this show. Darby was great and Ricky Starks might be my new favorite wrestler. I loved Cassidy vs Jericho, with the inner circle’s reactions outside the ring making the match seem so much bigger than it was. MJF was great. The tag match was great. Even the Butcher was better than expected.

It was also really nice to see AEW put on a show with no thumbtacks, blood or dangerous stunts and still knock it out of the park. 10/10

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Sean from Albany,

Hey guys

Ricky Starks’ facial reactions in ring, Tony Schiavone eating a super kick, hangman’s spit take, dark order mocking Orange Cassidy, MJF with the jackets and again the acknowledgement of the camera. I think Jericho stopping Sammy was a subtle nod to the camera still being there. The attention to detail is stellar for these segments and they can seemingly turn crap into gold using BTE.

Negatives: women’s division. It’s been nearly a year at this point, there are storylines and seeds for stories all over the place, except with this division. It is clear that whomever is responsible for the women’s division simply isn’t up to the task of layered story telling. Is Tay Conti in Dark Order? Who is the number 1 contender? When is Blade coming to steal his wife back and breakup the Nightmare Sisters? I watch every week and listen to this show religiously and I cannot answer these questions. That is a problem. I’m tired of the women on the AEW roster being let down by creative. to quote MJF, “We deserve better.”

Jim Ross: I love JR, but his “get off my lawn” old man routine is getting to be tiresome. Tonight When Eddie Kingston came out with Penta and Fenix, JR yelled “what the hell is this?” Do they even bother to give JR the rundown for the show? If he was expressing surprise because Remsburg was there, that was not clear at all. It sounded more like JR forgot there’s only one more segment.

Jericho & Isiah Cassidy looked sloppy at times. Cody was fine but needs some heating up, I don’t see him as a credible threat to Mr. Brodie. All big matches should be with crowd sweetening. It still sounds artificial but I prefer it to nothing.

8 “Las Rosas de Dasha” out of ten.

Pretty average show but the taped sweetening makes a huge positive difference.

Starks/Darby was the match of the night by far. Starks does so many little things right from his selling to his facials - he’s going to be a massive star.

Tag match was good but after that the wrestling fell off the cliff. They need to be careful not to overexposed Orange Cassidy and I thought the Jericho/Kassidy pairing did not gel.

Baker looked great but the main event was also pretty slow.

The MJF/Jericho stuff continues to be the highlight for me. Interested to see where it goes.