FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/7

I want to take some work load off the guys and decide to create a discussion thread here.

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I thought Khan and AEW handled the situation perfectly, and I can’t imagine whatever they were planning to do with Punk vs MJF would have been better than what they presented tonight. Two back to back promo of the years, three killer matches, and a great build to the New York show. The irony of it all was watching AEW Dynamite made me forget about the AEW backstage drama.

Saeed from Vancouver!

I know a lot of people weren’t happy with Tony not going out there to make the announcement, but I had no issue with it. Felt like it was a very enjoyable show, the crowd was hot, the only hiccup was them playing the Jericho promo segment early and spoiling the result of Danielson vs Hangman.

Another amazing Trios match, cant wait to see what matches come next.

Glad they now take turns announcing matches and giving Excalibur a break.

Mox is just on another level, that promo was amazing… Promo of the year so far. Give that man the belt forever.

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Cody from Maine

A straight forward, back to basics edition of Dynamite was exactly what the doctor ordered for AEW. And while they didn’t fully shrug off the controversy surrounding the company after the past few days, I have no complaints outside of the opening five minutes.

I watch Dynamite weekly with my fiance, who had never watched wrestling prior to our relationship. She finally started to get it and began to watch along with Punk’s return last year. She was beyond confused as to why Punk and the Elite were stripped of their titles at the start of the show. Justifiably, as there wasn’t really an explanation. So I had to go into the details of what happened.

I’m sure you covered it, but if not, do you think there was a better way to handle that address? Given there were reasons to have a “walking on egg shells” approach and that there still appears to be the concern over pending legal issues, did Tony Khan hit the mark with his statement?

Thanks as always for the show, safe drive back home!

Jordan from the Bronx

The fallout from the media scrum turned scrap has resulted in AEW making a definitive statement. By not attaching the “interim” tags to the new World and Trios champions, it shows that they’re moving on from The Elite and Punk on screen for the time being. We now have AEW’s first double champion, Two-PAC! (I’ll see myself out)

This episode felt like a soft reboot. The tag title rematch at Grand Slam feels like the audible that everyone was suggesting should’ve happened at All Out. MJF cut a great promo as a returning Babyface and a returning Heel within 5 minutes! Moxley’s promo was a needed rally cry for fans and I’m sure many of his co-workers. It sucks that his vacation was ruined, I can’t imagine what that phone call sounded like on Monday.

As a New Yorker who is a hip hop and wrestling fan, Westside Gunn playing Daniel Garcia to the ring in Buffalo is a BIG deal. Loved the main event being between two young guys who were former unknowns on Dark a year ago. I would love it if Garcia ultimately proclaims himself as the Pure Sports Entertainment champion.

Overall, a much needed show coming out of Sunday’s insanity.

Question: Who do you see winning the World Title at Grand Slam? My sentimental pick is Darby Allin, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Maybe negativity is in the air so now I might be looking for trouble where there isn’t but should more be talked about the Trios tournament? The titles were obviously being held out until Kenny (EVP) came back. And then the first champs are Kenny + Young Bucks (EVPs).

Man Mox has been the MVP and rooting for him to win the full title and have a run with it. Putting everyone over with that promo.

Swerve turning heel and now TK is hoping they can recreate the magic in Queens that they had in Chicago (Keith Lee didn’t give back those vacation days that Mox did).

Squash after squash… Wardlow needs a big program and fast.

Whatever what said in that meeting seemed to lit everyones behind

Jon Moxley cemented himself as the conscience of AEW in the wake of a tumultuous Labor Day weekend. His promo was fantastic and it didn’t take long for Friedman to get back on his bullshit about the bidding war of ‘24. The tournament for the title is the right way to go.

The Death Triangle winning the trios titles is a good move. The Acclaimed have continued their breakout and Daniel Garcia got to main event in his hometown of Buffalo by winning the ROH pure title. Danielson putting the title on him was a nice touch (much to that Judas’ chagrin. That’s what he gets for spoiling the Hangman/Danielson match!)

A considerable bounce-back outing.

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This was a show that needed to deliver and it did!
Hangman vs. Danielson was hard hitting! I couldn’t have expected any other outcome, as Page is too close to the situation and really Danielson has the bigger upside at this time. Not the time to make a statement with going with Page until the dust is cleared on the internal matters.
The tournament for the AEW Championship is great to build anticipation for quality matchups while making MJF look like a snake waiting in the weeds for that right moment to strike the new champion.
While MJF gave a decent promo, it was MOX that rallied the troops in that ring. Honestly seeing him come in short notice, sacrificing his time with his family and his health, to rescue AEW from the disaster of Sunday is not only commendable, it’s downright legendary.
If he wants to carry the belt, GIVE IT TO HIM. HE IS THE MAN.

I thought the show was really great. Wardlow finally calling out his lack of direction, absolute bangers of matches from the trios match, the Bryan/Hangman match and the Garcia/Yuta match, the crowning of Garcia in Buffalo. All amazing. I thought as a whole, the situation was handled as well as it could’ve been and Mox pretty much showing he is the face of the company, you love to see it. Question, if it does end up being suspensions for everyone and nobody leaves or is let go, where do you see everyone returning? I was thinking the elite vs death triangle as the return for them and whenever Punk is healthy, he comes back with the AEW title to challenge MJF when he does eventually win.


This is the first Dynamite I’ve watched in full since the Big Swole debacle sole because of the press conference on Sunday.

I was fine with the result of stripping the titles on all involved and having a “soft reboot” giving the titles to Death Triangle and another tournament to crown a new AEW World Champion. What I really liked on tonight’s show was the video recaps on All Out and for the big ROH Championship match between Claudio Castagnoli and Dax Hardwood Flooring. It’s the little things like this that tells your audience what they miss and hopefully makes them come back to watch more AEW programing!

“Murder Boy” Jack Perry is now threatening to kill a dinosaur? This man must be stopped!

Great show!

I really hope that Tony Khan, Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson and CM Punk can mend these fences. It’s going to take so much work, but as they say… Anything worth doing isn’t always easy.