FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/8/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Short and sweet, I’m excited about wrestling again. MJF is an absolute savagae, Baker is a star and the new additions have turned this company from good to great. I’ll be at the Prudential Center next week. Hope all is well gentlemen.

Chris from Melbourne.

I know this is crazy, but I would love to have seen a 3-hour version of that Dynamite. There was so much happening and I was left wanting more of everything. Longer matches, more of an ending for the Dark Order brawl, obviously the Kaze Ni Nare sing-along…

I feel like with AEW as stacked as it is, this may be a sign of things to come. That or Dark and Elevation will just balloon out to include everything that couldn’t fit on the A-shows.

That Punk/Taz segment was one of the most genuine “feud set-up” promos I’ve ever seen, both guys presenting it as legitimately as they could.

Also, my god, did MJF watch some Dudleys ECW footage and take it as a personal challenge??

Great episode. Fastest two hours of my life. The only other thing I would say this episode needed was Excalibur, forever proven as the anchor of the broadcast booth.

Good show! I’m very excited for the Ruby Soho-Britt Baker program. Adam Cole was great tonight. I loved him yelling at Tony for his relationship with Britt. The main event was good. And MJF is a dick! Will keep my review brief because I had 2 questions for you guys

  1. How would you feel about Kenny Omega vs Hangman Page taking place on a Dynamite for the World Title? Bryan interferes, costing Omega the match and the title. This would get the belt off of Kenny and would help set up the Kenny Omega-Bryan Danielson match for the ppv.

  2. I know the members of the Dark Order have said on Twitter they do not need a new leader because they had the best when they had Brodie Lee but could you see the dissension happening between them right now cause Bray Wyatt to come in as their new leader to help fix things? He is the only person that to me would make perfect sense and the only person they could bring in the fans and group would accept.

David from Israel here

I felt the Show was really good until the main event which I feel they really fumbled on. They promoted it as a big deal and had a big angle at the PPV only to cut Suzuki’s entrance off, start it with a commercial break and have it go such a short time.

There was so much on this show you could have cut too to have it go a normal length like the Lambert promo, Dark Order match and post match angle, Tully backstage promo and I’d say shave a good 5 minutes off the Black/Dustin match too.

A question to John & Wai, do you not feel that having punk feuding with team tazz as his first “real” feud is kind of underwhelming? I feel like he’s got a lot of momentum and they should aim much higher with him at the moment

Agreed I wish this show would have either have gone 3 hours or they would have cut some segments so we could get a satisfying main event that we know they can deliver on.

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When the worst thing about a show is that someone’s entrance music gets cut (unforgivable though that is), it’s probably a sign that you’re watching a pretty damn good show.

Weirdly enough, one of the most important moments of tonight’s (live) show wasn’t even on Dynamite, which is the signing of Lee Moriarty. AEW has received totally fair criticism for its lack of African American men in the singles scene and it’s a very promising sign that the response is to sign probably the top AA indie wrestler.

I’m also really happy that they seem to have used the Women’s Battle Royale to launch at least three non-title-related storylines. Battles Royale should yield new feuds based on who eliminates whom and giving multiple storylines to the women’s division is a huge step in the right direction for the company. On a related note, I think Ruby said that she was issuing an open challenge for her contender’s spot as a way of proving that she deserves to face the champion. If so, that’s fantastic character development for Ruby and a great opportunity to showcase other women.


Brian from New Jersey

Solid fall out from All Out with the big names from Sunday all getting significant roles. I really liked the segment between the Elite and the Christian Danielson Coalition, and I’m looking even more forward to the next Being the Elite since Brandon Cutler looked to be filming all of the babyfaces surrounding him at the end. Good main event between Moxley and Suzuki, though I thought their New Japan match from early last year was stronger, and it’s a travesty that Suzuki’s music was cut short, though I know it was for TV time. Not a big fan of MJF getting as edgy as he did as Pillman just stood there taking most of it, but it was wonderful to see Aunt Linda there.

After Sunday, along with all of the praise for All Out, my timeline was full of a lot of talk for diversity in AEW’s main event scene. Make it less monochromatic as Nate Milton would say. All of those people calling out for it are right, and hopefully tonight was the first step towards achieving that with Powerhouse Hobbs and Dante Martin in a featured match together, as well as the possible signing of Lee Moriarty during the Dark taping.

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Luk from Quebec

They followed up one of the best PPVs of all time with one of the best Dynamites ever. Every segment moved a story forward, the performers AND the crowd are so excited to be there, it’s just amazing to be a wrestling fan right now. I saw a lot of people worry that AEW is signing too many WWE guys, but when you look at the people they choose to feature during these two hours, it really removes any worry about the company’s direction. The focus is clearly on their young rising stars, most of them originals, and the older guys are there to be paired up with younger ones. This roster is so STACKED with over performers that they can’t show up on every show, but to me that’s a big positive, as it keeps everyone fresh and special. 10/10 show

Amazing promo work from MJF - that was 80s Piper level heat.

Another great show overall, main event and opener were both a ton of fun and the promos overall were outstanding. Only negative was the women’s match - I’m not sure if Hayter is ready for this kind of spotlight, she still needs a lot of work in ring.