FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/9/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

I feel as though AEW gets the benefit of the doubt, but Rated R Poster made a great point. Maybe they do because they acknowledge their mistakes & shortcomings. AEW didn’t hide Matt Hardy & I thought he had a really nice promo. If MJF ever wants to go to Hollywood, I think he would do really well. The guy has great range & is the best promo in all of professional wrestling. Glad Kip Sabian got something even though the segment was a bit awkward. He’s underrated. Happy to see Miro. A return to form show for AEW. 8.5.

PS, Bert Kreischer is one of the funniest comedians out there. That show looks awful though.


Andy from London

I thought this was a solid show. I switched on with the intention of only watching the opening match (as the show starts at 1am in the UK) but here I am, at 3am, thinking about how I have to be up at 8am for work. The show did it’s job to keep me interested for sure!

My highlight was the introduction of Miro, he delivered a great promo and engaged with the crowd more than anyone has since crowds have returned. Where do you think that Miro will be positioned on the AEW card? (personally I would like to see him in the world title picture sooner rather than later)


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Sean from Albany, New York

Hey guys, this was a pretty good show but I finished up with the impression that things were just a bit rushed, as though not having a full week following the pay-per-view ended up being an issue.

The sound guy was on point with the levels for the crowd, as well as the ringside wrestlers you could tell they were all more engaged compared to last Saturday. Plusses were Miro, Moxley, and hot matches to bookend the show. FTR segment and Eddie Kingston post match fell flat for me.

Nice to see Matt hardy but I wanted to see some substantive response to make sure this type of injury and oversight doesn’t happen again.

Question: Tony schivone mentioned in the post game show from Saturday that a second show (not Dark) would have been on the air by now if not for COVID. Have you heard anything and do you think that is the reason this roster continues to expand?

7 best men out of 10

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I really don’t see how AEW gets the benefit of the doubt for being honest with their fans or upfront about things by trotting out Matt Hardy to say he’s OK when they didn’t even touch what JR said. I really don’t get the defense of JR in almost any facet anymore, actually.

That commentary from Saturday was fucking disgusting, and he clearly doesn’t care considering his lame non-apology and its subsequent deletion on Twitter. And for the people who go, “aw, he’s an old man, this happens sometimes,” get the fuck outta here. Don Cherry was rightly let go after his ‘you people’ rant (look it up), and that at the absolute very least had some vague terminology (though it was still gross). With the Anna Jay comment, Ross said on air that he wished he could see a young coworker, young enough to be his granddaughter, nude, and completely sexulaized this rookie in a business where he is a power-broker. Even if she says she’s fine with it, what do you think she’s gonna say? Is it really in her best interest to start a stink about ‘good old JR’ when he wields a certain amount of power and has such a long history in the industry? I bet she’d be labelled a prude and as ‘hard to work with’ a lot faster than he would be labelled a pervert and a misogynist, which he absolutely is. Does anyone remember him telling the story of how his way to get Gail Kim into the WWE was to bring up Asian porn? That’s as much an indictment of him as it is of Vince, cause he didn’t tell this story in disgust, he told it as a funny anecdote.

Go back and watch past Dynamites. He’s obsessed with women’s weights. He always plugs his BBQ sauce and podcast during women’s matches. He can barely get their names right, let alone their story and character beats. This guy absolutely sees women as lesser, and the fact that he is still around after anyone else would be reprimanded or at least be conciliatory (like Sammy for a years old comment and Excalibur for a decades old comment, neither of which were right either) shows that this company is probably as fake ‘woke’ as many thought. JR calling a good world title match doesn’t excuse or make up for his misogyny, constant screw ups, and general disinterest, and I can’t wait for Veda or GoldenBoy to get in the booth and get him out.

I could go on about how the show is now dominated by and featuring ex-WWE guys and people over 40 (or even 50), but this comment is long enough anyway. At least I got to see Penta, Fenix, and Janela on TV, even if they’re made out to be total losers.

4/10 show.

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Pretty good show and excited to see Miro back in the wrestling game. I thought the show was solid over all and much better sound from the crowd today. I can’t stand the wwe fake crowd notice and I could barley hear Randy’s opening promo on raw.

Also on side note, how about them Raptors! won the game against the Celtics in double OT and force a game 7. Will u two be watching?

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Ben from Vancouver

Thought this was an excellent show and made some great steps forward after a rough PPV.

Too often with WWE the post-PPV show feels like nothing has changed and things continue on as they were so you have to give AEW credit for selling the effects of All Out and giving new direction for so many guys.

MJF and Jericho being disingenuous was the best opening segment in show history.

Great to see and hear from Hardy.

Miro is a great signing and I love the swerve. A lot of people online were questioning the point of Sabian announcing his best man but this more than delivered.

Really liked the Lucha Bros vs Jurassic Express match other than the horrendous finish.

Also liked the interviews with Page and Omega. Both guys and the interviewers played their roles perfectly.

FTR was great in their segment and more Tully on the mic please.

Loved the main event, Dustin is still one of the best workers out there.

The show bounced AEW back big time for me and was everything I wanted in a post PPV show - 9/10

I’m sure @wai0937 will be hes a huge raps fan! What a sports story to have a franchise lose their best player and fight this hard. #notTheCavs :slight_smile:

1 016 000 viewers. Back over a million, even if only for the week.
7th overall for the night.

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So they signed the artist formally known as Rusev and then immediately lower his stock by saddling him with the curtain jerking Kip Sabian best know for…? Actually, what is he best known for? For being Penelope Ford’s boyfriend? Does he even get time on Dark?

I guess it makes sense. They have run out of new signings to fuck up after Archer, FTR, etc.

Talking of which, why the fuck did they book Archer to win the battle royal unless they are going to have him pin Moxley? If they don’t do that, and I can’t see them doing that, what does that do to Archer? Two title shots against smaller opponents and two losses would bury him.

Miro/ Rusev in a wedding angle? What don’t you get?

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How should Archer be booked in your opinion?

How should FTR be booked? They just won the Tag Championships, in a very good match.

Well if you book him as a monster you can’t book him to lose his biggest two matches and in fact only matches against “top” talent. So you don’t think if he loses again that it completely undermines how he has been presented since his loss to Cody?

And FTR have been booked atrociously. Rather than book them as a serious tag team that doesn’t humour the tedious “spots” they have been involved in the tediously convoluted Elite breakup storyline. They should have been booked to take the tag titles off The Bucks, not lose them to them which they inevitably will.

Apparently everything. But then again, I’m not a 12 year old who is entertained by an angle that was entertaining (maybe) once about 30 years ago but has been done to death with exponentially decreasing entertainment value since.

They haven’t lost a match and just won the tag titles on PPV in a 30 minute match…


I dont think it’s fair to use the word “atrociously", that seems a bit hyperbolic. I feel that FTR has been booked OK since coming to AEW. They are in a good spot, and they are definitely being booked much better in AEW than WWE, but I will say that I think AEW has missed an opportunity to tell a better story with them, and from what I know FTR aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

One of my pet peeves in wrestling is when companies bring a talent(s) in and hot shot the title(s) on them. A team like FTR is not going to come around that often, and when they do I believe you are better off telling a long term story which culminates with a title win. Putting the titles on someone just a few months after they debut (especially a team of their caliber) is failing to see the bigger picture.

With that said, an exception to this IMO is if the wrestler/team are only going to be there for a short period of time. (ie. Ronda).

And? Wtf does winning every match and the length of their match have to do with being booked well?

In particular, the match length statement displays a complete lack of understanding of the concept of booking. Then again, Tony clearly doesn’t understand that given virtually every AEW match is 20+ minutes.

So Archer was screwed up because he lost and FTR were screwed up because they won. Got it. :woozy_face:

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Yes, Archer was screwed up because he was pushed as a monster and then within weeks lost his first match with a decent opponent. Moxley is his first decent opponent since then. If he loses again then they reinforce he is a loser, not a monster.

And please read what I write rather than rushing to defend the booking. I never said FTR winning is the problem with their booking. I said that them winning didn’t mean they have been booked well. They have been asked to indulge everything their matches shouldn’t be because their opponents are incapable of wrestling a match that doesn’t rely on random silly, phoney, tedious “spots” and booked in a tedious and convoluted Elite breakup story.

Archer went 5-0, lost to Cody and has now won nine in a row (including the battle royal). He hasn’t been booked poorly at all. Personally I don’t see him as a top guy so I have no problem with him losing to guys like Cody or Moxley.

Again, FTR haven’t lost yet and are the tag champs. I don’t think them wrestling different styles is bad at all. They’re also a part of one of the most pushed storylines.

Compare that to shaving each other’s backs in the shower…

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