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Tenese from GA

Were there audio issues during this edition of Dynamite? Mox/Ishii match was a banger. Keith Lee looked like he stepped out of a time machine. Hangman’s community theater antics aren’t my thing, but the trios’ match was meh, although it did lead to the big blood and guts announcement. JB’s promo was fine, he just needs time to grow as a heel. Either pair him with Anna Jay or bring back Christian. Sting is a madman, his current run has been amazing. Overall, it was a fun Dynamite.

Dark Side Of The Ring showcased JYD’s tragic story, depicting him as a genuinely good person who struggled with his inner demons. The episode also emphasized his profound influence on the world of professional wrestling. It’s perplexing that he doesn’t meet the criteria for historical significance in the WON HOF, although I’m not a voter myself.

Brian in New Jersey

Fun Dynamite to kick off a surely wild AEW summer. I thought Moxley vs. Ishii was great, but I was a little concerned about the hardway blood. I thought the main event was better than the trios match at Forbidden Door, but I was very concerned for Sting. JAS vs. The Limitless Orange Vikings was a lot of fun. Renee getting more involved in an angle was really something, I liked not only Eddie Kingston, but also Dark Order getting weaved into the Elite-BCC feud. Some wild parking lot events, from Jack Perry’s leap into the car, to MJF’s crack about Roderick Strong. Also, I’ve been watching a lot of Canadian indie C4 recently, so I recognized Alexia Nicole. Too bad Buxx Belmar is retired, would have liked to have seen him in this stretch of Canadian shows.

I thought it was a very good Dark Side of the Ring. Once again, the star is a family member in JYD’s nephew.

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Cody From Maine

Steve Borden is out of his mind. I’m thankful for this run. It’s more than any Sting fan could’ve expected after the injury in WWE seemingly ended his in-ring career. Maybe tonight was amplified after the close call with Sammy at the PPV, but I worry that he’s pushing it too far.

Solid show overall though. Having tickets to the show in Boston, I’m intrigued to see just who participates in Blood and Guts. It feels like they have enough people involved to go beyond the typical 4v4 or 5v5 setup. And that’s despite Danielson’s injury and not having someone like Ibushi confirmed as so many speculated.

It was the G1 all over again as Mox and Ishii put on the match of the night Tonight’s show peaked with that one. Jack Perry working heel is gonna take a while to adjust but it could be dead on arrival if TPTB aren’t careful. Sting is overachieving for his age. The Painmaker ain’t no Cactus Jack. Swerve and Keith tagging together again in the tourney is a big step backwards.

Does anyone think Eddie Kingston is gonna skip Blood and Guts because of the G1?

He’ll already be in Japan for the G1 by then, so yes!

Ibushi should the fifth man

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Speaking on behalf of old people, I think it’s shameful that people like Steve Borden insist on implying that people over the age of 50 can perform at a level appropriate for national television. No one wants to think that we could get in that kind of shape, Steve. Knock it off.


Johnny from Saskatoon

ishii has been my favourite wrestler for a number of years now and who would have thought we’d ever see moxley vs. ishii in “the hammer”

the g1 starts on july 15th and aew is in saskatoon july 12th, so ishii in saskatoon right? a person can dream.

What’s left for Sting vs. Jericho?

“Lionheart” Chris Jericho vs. Sting… And they can work a safer, less hardcore spot focussed match in front of a big crowd, all chanting their names :slight_smile:

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