FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite - Holiday Bash 12/21

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I hope TK is not paying Rick Ross for tonight. How uncouth.

Roman From Chattanooga

One of the most memeable episodes of Dynamite we’ve seen in awhile, from Starks saying Jericho had an air fryer body and dressed like a single dad on his fifth divorce, to Danielson being called Vegetable Man and a raggedy bitch, MC Lil’ Dutt, and the FCC’s favorite, “you a big motherfucker”.
8/10 show, Rick Ross in a Santa suit could’ve taken this over the top but alas, we were robbed.

Question: Do you think that the combination of exploring new markets and updating the look of the shows will bring a shot in the arm to AEW’s business in 2023? Not that they’re in trouble by any means, but it was apparent the last few months that they were starting to exhaust certain parts of the country. Have a great Christmas everybody!

Brian in New Jersey.

Strong main event between Hayter and Shida with a hot close. Quality chaos between Death Triangle and The Elite. A lot of fun promos with Starks vs. Jericho, Danielson vs. All Ego and Stokely, and the King of Television’s holiday message. Less fun but very serious words from the likes of Moxley and Hobbs. My biggest negative was the very clunky formation of the Mogul Affiliates, with missed cues and Rick Ross having to stretch a lot.

Jordan from the Bronx

Rick Ross, for better or for worse, is a meme factory whenever he’s on Dynamite. That segment was chaotic and random as hell. Andretti and Starks getting pulled into the Jericho orbit can be fun, as long as it doesn’t last 8 months like his other feuds. The Elite/Death Triangle match was fantastic. Stipulations in the back half definitely helps differentiate and elevate each match.

Hayter and Shida earned that main event and delivered! Hopefully this sets a tone to switch up having the women stuck in the 9:30pm spot. I wanted to get more into the Darius Martin/Moxley match, but the match never left first gear. Darius seems to be missing something that Dante has with the crowd.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Johnny from Saskatoon

Fun Dynamite tonight. Oddly enough it was the inclusion of Rick Ross mediating the face to face of Swerve and Lee that made me watch tonight, unfortunately the segment was terribly awkward like the backstage lost communication to the live show.

Hayter and Shida was match of the show, really felt like a NJPW match, you could feel those gears clicking in as the match got closer to the end.

Overall great show, feels like AEW is hitting its stride again, I feel excited to watch AEW again!


It’s rare that the women’s division close out a Dynamite (9 months to be exact) but Hikaru Shida and Jamie Hayter made the most of it. It was a strong outing for both ladies.

Ricky Starks’ star power didn’t dim one iota after Winter is Coming and entering the Jericho-verse has me a little concerned because of Jericho’s habit of dragging out feuds. I hope Ricky is the exception to the rule and he gets elevated even further. It was nice to see Andretti get the rub for his involvement.

It appears that Death Triangle might blow a 3-1 lead (Golden State Warriors are breathing a sigh of relief). The Lee/Strickland segment was like watching a snuff film with Rozay’s (Rick Ross) commentary.

A strongly-bookended episode.

Cody From Maine

Strong show, but another instance of AEW trying to fit too much onto the card. I appreciate the attention to storylines, but I could’ve done without the Hook match to setup the backstage beatdown, Sonjay’s rap and even the Mogul Affiliates segment. Although Rick Ross was hilarious.

The six man was as wild and entertaining as expected. The main event was fantastic. But even those had the end of match skirmishes that I could’ve gone without as well. I swear I enjoyed the show.

That said, happy holidays to both of you and thank you for all of the hours of entertainment. I really enjoyed the dishwasher conversation on last weeks Talk. Always nice to know there are others out there!

I loved this show… And it’s great to see AEW give Starks, Hobbs, Shia, Hayter, Swerve / Lee, Ethan Page and others more bandwidth on air and the opportunity to get over.

The post-CM Punk era reset is taking shape and it feels like the re-focus on young stars is key.

I remember hearing a mention of a Ricky Starks promo on NWA power, so at that time, I looked it up and thought then he was a star. I looked up his YouTube channel and again thought, he was a star. Then he joined AEW, taken under Cody and Taz’s wings and was hopeful that one day he would get a shot, because he is a star — here we are mid-way through December of 2022, and Ricky Starks is finally breaking through and seemingly filling the babyface star void that CM Punk created. I loved how he added the affectation of his battles with MJF being ongoing, like any great pair of nemeses. Giving Starks a program with Jericho is awesome, and I feel like Jericho already loves how clever and charismatic Starks is. Jericho is likely already making notes about him for his fourth biography.

While Rick Ross’s on-air riffing created issues with timing and cues, but it was magical. I look forward to seeing Swerve with stable and him getting the chance to be the mouthpiece and focus of segments.

Samoa Joe’s promo was fire.

Shida vs. Hayter was a TV main event classic for the ages. Shida’s had great matches during her run in AEW. Great ones with Baker, now with Hayter, I wish she and other women were featured more frequently. I thought with CM Punk’s bridge burning exit, Soraya’s debut and Thunder Rosa’s relinquishing of the title, that women like Shida, Athena, Tay, Nyla and others would have more opportunities to be featured in a similar capacity to how Starks, Ethan Page, Will Hobbs, Hook, Jungle Boy and Swerve are being featured.

I am optimistic about AEW’s future for the first time in a long time and in-large part it’s because AEW, like WWE in the late 90’s, has to look to new stars, instead of relying on their legacy stars to carry the shows for them. I know Starks is often compared to the Rock, but he’s in a spot similar to the Rock was in 1997-98, where two top stars (Michael’s & Hart) gone and opportunities were abound.

An AEW sidetone — hearing CJ Perry talk about how she expects that Miro will leave AEW for a WWE return is a little disheartening. Though HHH would likely make better use of him, I feel like we’re being deprived some great things from Miro by whatever the issue is between he and Tony Khan. Also, since Miro is a pretty versatile promo and could have oscillated from his “Redeemer,” character into something else. He’s so good and I don’t understand why he hasn’t been used when he’s available.

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