FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite // Memories of Terry Funk

We will be live at 10 p.m. ET and will begin the show by discussing the extraordinary career of Terry Funk.

Saeed from Vancouver.

Very fun dynamite tonight.

Really missing Mox single matches. Match of the night for me.
In my opinion keeping the Rey Fenix visa issues until after tonight would have been more impactful.

Ospreay and Jericho had a great promo off which changed my mind on the match. Hell of a promo by Jericho, one of his best in a while.

Thanks for all the hard work!

RIP Terry Funk!

Andrew from Cape Breton

While the build has been lackluster, I thought tonight was an excellent go-home show for All In. Ospreay and Jericho made the show feel important, as did the final scene with how pumped MJF and Cole were. They also did a great job with the Stadium Stampede match. I’m somewhat confused about AR Fox though. Firstly, I’m not sure if Nick Wayne and Nick’s mom are as forgiving as Darby Allin. Secondly, if they wanted to bring Christian in, I’m sure they could have made it a trios match and added Nick Wayne on Sting and Darby’s side. I’m wondering if he isn’t able to go to the UK, because if not, it’s a real shame Fox doesn’t get that spotlight and is being replaced. I’m also hoping for Christian and Nick Wayne at All Out. I kind of felt bad that I started chuckling when Christian started going on about Nick Wayne’s Dad. It was obviously coming and it’s so absurd that making fun of dead fathers has become Christian’s gimmick. Anyway, generally a great go-home show. It’s a lot like the Ronda/Shayna feud where the start was lackluster, but they killed it with the go-home promo Hopefully, the finished product will be better than that match.

Hey guys, Scott in Atlanta, looking forward to listening to your show tomorrow morning. Right now I’m still at the arena waiting for the Collision tapings to start.

A few brief notes… crowd was hot all night, much more crowded than 1 year ago in same building.

After dynamite went off the air, MJF and Adam Cole led the crowd in a rendition of Devil Came Down to Georgia.

Tony Khan then came out and just left the stage, discussing this as the biggest week in aew history and suggesting that Atlanta was key to the launch of aew due to tnt and tbs being here and hinted that Atlanta would get a PPV soon.

Good Ole JR is on his way to ringside… time for a time warp to Saturday. Most of the crowd seems to be sticking around. Lots of curiosity and doubt that CM Punk is here but also discussion that the elite were done by 820pm and might have headed out of here after that.

Thanks as always.

Jordan from the Bronx

First things first, Rest in Peace to Terry Funk. A legendary career that often gets overlooked by fans. I wasn’t old enough to appreciate his stuff in WCW, and I didn’t have the access to watch his work in Japan. ECW was my first exposure to him, and I always appreciated how hard he worked there.

• AEW in general has too many things happening at once. Last week was Fight for the Fallen, which was a last minute decision for a good cause. This week is Fyter Fest, in which most of the show was talking. All In is Sunday, All Out is the following week. There may be some diminishing returns.

• My weekly Swerve rant continues. I’m certain that AR Fox being replaced must be a travel related issue, but the way they did it was frustrating. The team was great for the last month and one loss ends everything? Maybe they didn’t want to do two injury angles on the same show, but there must have been a better solution that kept the team together.

• Christian must be able to smell when a wrestler is Fatherless. The look on his face when he realized that Nick Wayne was in the ring was priceless.

• My prediction for All Out is that MJF/Cole win the tag titles, and that MJF wins the main event with Adam Cole turning. I’ve officially bought in on MJF being a face going forward, which I’m sure is what they want. This program has been a lot of fun, and it’s had a surprisingly long shelf life considering how it started.

A solid go-home to Wembley. Some newsworthy happenings with the return of Santana and Ortiz. The tag team scene needs them. The MJF/Cole cat-and-mouse is hitting its apex and something has to give here. The duelling promos casted even more doubt over Friedman’s sincerity being legit. Cole being defensive reeks of a red herring.

Jesse from the 6

RIP Terry Funk, that Jericho-Ospreay segment was weird, is Prigozhin really dead?, and congrats to India for landing a spacecraft on the moon, but what I really want to know is…

What does John think of the Auston Matthews extension?

Take Care

I know this is too late for the show but is Darby Allin the hardest working guy in AEW and maybe all of wrestling right now?

Last weeks dynamite: Darby & Nick vs Gates of Agony.
Last weeks Collision: Darby vs Christian
This weeks Dynamite: Darby & Nick vs Swerve & Fox
This weeks Collision (filmed tonight): Darby’s team vs Mogul Embassy
This Saturday All In: Coffin tag team match
Next weeks All Out: Darby vs Luchasaurus

Nobody else in AEW or WWE I don’t think is wrestling so often and wrestling “all out” with a dangerous style in every match. He deserves a ton of praise for his work ethic right now as his matches are often the highlight of the night for me. But I do get concerned about his health and injuries with such a crazy schedule.

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