FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite & Rampage 5/1

Special start time - 11:05 p.m. ET after AEW Dynamite & Rampage

I adored those first fifteen minutes. The Elite opening video is the kind of Bucks humour I’ve come to love, and Christian smugly being the number one contender and subverting us with the mic shot only for him to explain their feud like a Bond villain was superb.

Kenny and Okada staring down worked on me. Can’t waitt.

Jordan from the Bronx

I really enjoyed this episode with solid builds to the PPV and a power struggle storyline that seems to be borrowing a bit from Succession. TK has been temporarily compromised, and the EVPs are battling for their share of power. Kenny’s return as a white knight to oppose the evil Jackson’s can lead to some fun matchups in the next few months. Whenever Kenny and the Bucks are on opposing sides, they usually make magic in the ring.

Really excited to see how deep the feud between Swerve and Christian goes. I actually forgot that Christian tagged with Swerve in Wembley. It also reminded me that we have not seen AR Fox since then either. Both Cage and Swerve have gone on to do despicable things separately. I can’t wait to see what crimes they commit against each other in the coming weeks.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I get that this is a me issue and I’m one of the few people that may care about this, but I wish the rankings still had value. I was a huge defender of them when they had them the first time, and loved that they came back. It can be used as a great world building tool and AEW did a good job with the concept in the past. As much as I like the idea of the match between Christian Cage and Swerve Strickland, I hate that this and the recent title defense against Claudio have killed the concept again. Maybe the Young Bucks can say he has to earn his title match, and then he beats 5 jobbers in a row on the same night or something. They still are trying to push it, with the match tonight between Serena Deeb and Mariah May, but I hate that it seems to be gone by the wayside already. Other than that, tonight was a good show. I’m glad Kenny Omega is back, and I’m optimistic about his future, considering he did some in ring activity today. The three hour issue was there though. I liked the main event with Skye and Willow, but the middle of Rampage felt like a bit of a slog. Overall, good show tonight.

Felt like a listless Dynamite/Rampage for me. Quiet crowd, somewhat predictable angles and a slog of a 3 hour block.

I hate to say it but “The Learning Tree” may have been my favourite performer on the show.

If, emphasis on “IF”, Jericho can continue turning things around, where would that rank amongst his other career accomplishments? Even considering recency bias, I’d put it up there.

On a positive note, I think that AEW is doing a good job presenting Willow Nightingale. She’s showing more range in her promos and her dynamic with Kris Statlander remains intriguing. A fun match with Skye Blue too with some impressive high spots in there.

Honestly, the lack of noise from the audience really influenced my opinion on this week’s show. Here’s hoping next week goes better.

Steve Grows Weed

Christian is a great first opponent for Swerve imo. Especially when it’s only a few week build.
Good to see Buddy Mathew’s in a longer tv singles match.
All this Tony Kahn vs the Elite shit is horrible. That cold open was embarrassing to watch. Seeing Tony all weekend being laughed at on various sports stations was a bad look.
Do you think that Tony just wants to be on tv? Or is he really that petty with all this CM Punk crap that he can’t help himself?

Wes from Winnipeg

Just left tonights dynamite/rampage.
Excellent show live. Seemed like a pretty packed house
For those that didnt stick around, I highly recommend that Skye Blue/Willow “Manitoba Massacre” that closed the show. Fantastic match that probably should have been on the Dynamite portion
After the cameras stopped rolling, Orange Cassidy and Adam Copeland joined Willow in the ring and Copeland reminisced about the famous tours of Manitoba that he was part of and thank the fans