FEEDBACK: AEW Fight For the Fallen 2020

What did you think of AEW Fight For The Fallen?

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Paul from New Jersey

Thought Sonny Kiss had a very good showing. That 6 man was terrific. Jericho had too many one liners to list, but I also enjoy that like Bobby Heenan, Jericho will begrudgingly put faces over. Nice little touch. They even let shida talk. Wasn’t the Austin 316 promo, but she is a champion and her presence needs to be felt on a weekly basis. Very good show. 8.3.

Really enjoyed tonight’s edition of Dynamite - no surprise there.
I think the prospects of all these Tag Matches with FTR is a beautiful thing. So many times we say “what if X could face Y” and having FTR actually leave WWE to fulfill so many dream matches is awesome.

Jericho saying Demogod was fantastic. He’s been annoying with his ratings rants but I will give all props if he turns Demogod into a thing. The guy keeps finding new funny ways to entertain.

Shida cut a nice pretape promo. She’s credible in the role in a way Rhio was not.

And lastly, Mox and Cage had a fantastic match; this to me was G1 caliber and I’d put it up against some of best Mox matches, and the use of submissions and holds really shows how far he’s come. He need a strong title match after Hager and Lee, this was a nice bounce back.
I thoroughly enjoy AEW using callbacks to things like Mox doing MMA training video packages, or Mox and Darby’s kinship. Cage looked great and they protected him really well using Taz at the end. Didn’t feel like a fck finish just a way to avoid the visual of him tapping.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I can’t believe I’m going to say this. WWE is better at something than AEW when it comes to COVID-19 safety. Just saying that makes me think I’m living in a weird parallel universe, but here we are. And it wasn’t just the ringside people with no masks at times. I first noticed it when they shot Tully from the crowd. I get that they have extensive testing, but they are in Florida, which has become the new hot bed. I’ll try to be positive the rest of the way through now despite that, as the show was good. Lots of strong matches. One thing I’m noticing though is Cody seems to be picking undercard guys with bad records to have TNT Title matches with. It reminds me of when Bret Hart was the US Champion in WCW and wanted to take on challengers like El Dandy. But Sonny did well tonight, so who am I to doubt Sonny Kiss? The match highlight was Cage vs Moxley and I liked the finish with throwing in the towel. You can see it as something compassionate from Taz, but he was also trying to make sure he wasn’t without his meal ticket. 7 out of 10 show, honestly pulled down by me constantly looking around at masks.

Noah from Vaughan

First off, glad to finally see masks on those at ringside. Took long enough.

Really entertaining episode this week, thought cody did a fantastic job of making sonny look great in their match. The tag matches were super entertaining and really liked the finish to the main event, kept cage as strong as possible in defeat by having him survive so long in the submission without tapping out.

The Jericho segment was fantastic and anyone hating on it is just being silly. Of course this character would call himself the Demo God, he still calls himself le champion for God’s sake and he doesn’t have a title. 8.5/10 show tonight

Jackie from Orlando
I know this is the unpopular opinion here, but I haven’t enjoyed Dynamite for some time now. The wresting is phenomenal, of course, but personally that isn’t alway enough to get me to tune in. I like to know why these guys are fighting rather than just to have a wrestling match. I also think they play too much to their base. No new wrestling fan is going to understand Excalibur and Jericho’s jokes about rating demographics. Loved Cage and Moxley, but otherwise I found it to be another great wrestling show without much story.



First AWE show I watch from start to finish in weeks mostly due to the curiosity of the Sonny Kiss vs CODY match. It was okay, I though it was slower than I expected.

The Tag Match was awesome and I LOVED the Six man tag. Jim Ross is a true professional because all those leg slaps must’ve drove him insane.

The Chris Concentrate/Orange Cassidy segment was funny. My Dad was also watching and loved every minute of it, including when Chris got hit with the “Juicy Effect” at the end.

The Cage vs Moxley match was good, I take it the ending was to continue the feud but I felt a time limit draw would make Cage look a bit stronger and a better justification for a rematch (if there is one)

Overall I gave it an 8.5 “A healthy dose of Vitamin C” out of 10. (Sorry for the long reply)

Hadn’t watched AEW in several weeks but tuned into the show for Cage vs. Moxley. I liked it and it was one of Cage’s better matches. Having the match revolve around Cage’s bicep was a great idea and I liked that the finish made sense.

Cody vs. Kiss was also good and the best match I’ve seen Kiss in. Kiss worked a lot stiffer than usual and that really helped.

Not totally against Vickie Guerrero managing Nyla Rose but Rose’s mic skills are charisma are good enough that she didn’t need a manger. I’d like to see managers in AEW be like managers in 80s WWF, where they manage multiple wrestlers.

And finally I really dug Jericho making reference to Johnny Smith on commentary. Always though Smith was an underrated talent.

Alexander from Portland

AEW doesn’t need Trios titles but at the least they need some sort of annual trios tournament. The six-man was filled with creative spots that highlighted everyone’s strengths, it feels like it’s incredibly uncommon to see characteristic moves that involve three men at once. Jericho bragging about being the demo god was more garbage than not, makes AEW feel small-time and petty. I always wanted Vickie to be a part of AEW but never saw where she’d fit in best, but a pairing with Nyla Rose could be really fun. Tonight was a big win for towels. 6/10

Weird show for me tonight, but one thing is for sure: I never want to hear a wrestler talk about ratings or demos ever again.

I was really looking forward to the FTR vs. Lucha Bro’s match, and it was good but it felt like it never got to the next level. I can’t help but think the roles were totally backwards - Lucha Bro’s should be selling masks to little kids, and FTR should be making kids cry.

I really enjoyed the 6 man, and was happy that Kenny Omega showed some balls after FTR made him look like a geek minutes earlier. Pissed off Kenny is better than milk-drinker Kenny any day.

I’m happy to see Vicky, and I’m honestly shocked that WWE doesn’t own a trade mark on “excuse me”. I hope that they give her a full stable, not just Nyla.

Finally, I didn’t love the main event, but that was a very interesting ending. I think I might not be a fan of Moxley when he isn’t doing stunt show matches. 7/10

Raymond in Sacramento.

DemoGOD!!! Only Chris Jericho can do that. He worked a segment of the Twitter world into a tizzy and then he calls himself the DemoGOD on live television. What a great worker. Love that guy and how he puts people over when he has the microphone on commentary.

I am also very, very happy that Ivelisse and Diamante are getting a match on Dynamite next week. And that Shida is going to have an open challenge for her title. Thunder Rosa is definitely the person most people want to see as the writing of this reply.

Jay from Colorado

I’ve worked in sales for almost a decade and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that no on this planet can sell like Ortiz. One of the funniest guys on the roster hands down and a modern master of slapstick comedy.

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Matthew, Vancouver Another quality show from AEW. The FTR Vs Lucha Bros match was a top notch encounter, the 6-man tag was highly entertaining, and Moxley Cage main event delivered. Jericho ‘THE DEMO’ and the inner circle getting juiced was a fun segment. The 4 horseman teases are getting more apparent and intriguing with each passing week. Is Cody a shoe in for the Flair spot? Or could it be Hangman? Or dare I say it Omega?


A bit of an underwhelming show for me.

Kiss is still very green and his offence just doesn’t look good enough to me.

Liked FTR and Lucha Bros but it was pretty sloppy at times. I was expecting a lot out of the match and I didn’t think it blew me away.

Jericho was gold on the mic and commentary, no surprise there but I did miss Tony. Also liked the six man a lot.

Vickie Guerrero does nothing for me. Not super excited on that addition.

Loved the main event but Taz needs to explain why he threw in the towel.

7/10 show

100% agree with the commentary.

I couldn’t get in to the main event, I wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it and ended up changing the channel about 10min into the match. There is just something about Moxley that I don’t buy as the top guy. I thought he was a perfect fit in the Shield, but as the center piece of a company something just seems missing. I think AEW would be in a better place if they left the title on Jericho, guys is gold. His match with Cassidy was 10 times better IMO.

In general, this was really underwhelming. But I really LOVE Jericho on commentary and it seems like a perfect fit for him as he’s nearing the end of his in-ring career.

Sonny had a much better showing than I expected. Seems like he’s got a lot of potential.

Lucha Bros/FTR was a fun watch. Nothing really exciting about it. Was just a good enjoyable match.

The Elite vs Jurassic Express was MOTN for me. Was fun. I’m glad we are hinting that this crappy version of Kenny Omega might be coming to an end and we might a more serious Kenny. Love the tease of FTR and Hangman. Would be an awesome stable.

Vickie does NOTHING for me. Awful.

Im not even commenting on that women’s tag match thing.

Ive said this a million times… Moxley is not a main eventer. His matches are slow and uneventful and I hate his character. Add an even slower guy like Cage and you get the recipe for a below average main event.

6/10 show for me.

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