FEEDBACK: AEW Fight for the Fallen

What did you think of tonight’s show?

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Preshow still seems to be the weak spot. Great show overall, maybe about one match too long for my liking.
The biggest thing I like so far in AEW is the commentary not treating us like fools. Little things like acknowledging that a ref is being loose with calling a match, or telling us why the crowd is cheering for something outside the ring/off tv.
Dustin is having a great endcap to his career in AEW.

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Jalen from Pickering,

SCU may be the most ageless group of wrestlers ever. Solid show with another good crowd and solid stories being built. Really liked how the Spears 6 man was handled, and this show had my favourite Omega AEW match.

Women’s match was rough though, not a far stretch to say that those are the 2 worst wrestlers on the roster.
Also baby faces shouldn’t be ignoring the rules to get in Marko Stunt high spots.

Brandon from Oshawa

The look of this show really reminded me of a spring break episode of Nitro. Great venue and I hope they return and go to other different looking places.

Loved the show. The standouts were Luchasaurus and JungleBoy. I’m picking them as the first tag champs or at least making the finals.

I see these 2 as being huge single stars, but eventually this has to lead to a major heel turn and gimmick change from Luchasaurus, doesn’t it? Can you picture “AEW World Champion…Luchasaurus”?


AJ from PA

Really enjoyed this show. Overall I like the steps taken tonight headed towards All Out. Crowd was into everything pretty much although you could tell the heat played a factor and they got a bit tired.

Loved how MJF and Spears handled being on the same team. The under card really performed well. It was fun seeing the bucks wrestle a completely different style. Matt jackson had some great selling but hated seeing him use the left arm for the spear.

They need to work on some timing issues and there is some definite work to be done with the commentary. I think Marvez is better suited as a ring side correspondent who does post match interviews or something. He just throws off JR and you could tell both he and Excalibur were getting frustrated.


This show felt weak when comparing it to the G1. But this show did make me a fan of the luchasaurus, so I’ll give it that.
I had a real problem with guys working over body parts and then not selling it later. Kenny was working on Cima knee the whole match and they guy landed on both of his knees no less than 5 times and seemed perfectly fine.
Lastly I’ve never hated the fight forever chant more than when it was used tonight. Its 85 degrees folks, JR and Excalibur are sitting in ball soup. Let these guys get a drink of water and go home.

Nikita from Meadow Lake, SK

The six man match made me notice how great Sammy Guevara is and his diving sequence was spectacular. The 3 way tag match, Lucha Bros match and Kenny v Cima were probably the standouts for me but the rest of the show felt pretty lukewarm.

As someone who just got into wrestling last year, I don’t like JR’s commentary it feels dated. Excalibur is perfect for AEW.

At the moment, I love Tony Khan more than AEW.