FEEDBACK: AEW Full Gear 2020

What did you think of AEW Full Gear?

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Noah from Vaughan

Just an incredible show tonight from AEW. Two five star matches in my opinion with Darby and Cody, as well as the Tag Title match. Mox and Eddie delivered a brutal main event that capped of a tremendous show. There wasnt a single match on this show I didnt like. My only negative was that the opening match didn’t go longer, it felt like the ending kinda came out of nowhere, hopefully they are able to have a longer match in the future. 9.5/10 show tonight, so excited to have Darby and the Bucks as new champions!!

Rafael from North Liberty

This was a great show time flew by watching great wrestling. Match of the night was Omega v Hangman which alone was worth the cost of the show. They may have started with the best match but every match was so different in story and tone that I never felt let down. The only thing that was missing in my opinion was for Jericho to be announced as not political. This show was a 10/10

Ken-Ken from the Internet,

Are we supposed to be celebrating Sammy’s death like that? I mean it was an ultimate deletion match, but throwing a dead body into a garbage can and celebrating with fireworks seems a bit much since we are all subject in witnessing a homicide with fireworks and dancing seems a bit much, but whatever.

Top to bottom fantastic in-ring storytelling in pretty much all of the matches. Easily, in my opinion, PPV of the year contender. Royal Rumble, and night one of Wrestlemania are up there. Feel free to add what I am forgetting.

9 Portmans out of 10 Harringtons

Ben from Vancouver

Very good show and the extra fans made a big difference.

Hangman/Omega and Bucks/FTR completely over delivered and I’d lean towards the tag titles for match of the night.

Everything else was good to great, but there were two notable low points in the AEW women’s title match and the elite deletion. They need to reevaluate Hardy and his role because he just doesn’t fit in the promotion right now.

Cody and Darby was also a great match and told a rewarding story they have been telling for a long time. Kingston/Mox was good but I just don’t buy Eddie as a main eventer in ring, liked the story though.

Jericho/MJF I liked as it was two heels out heeling each other. This is part of an on going story that made me want to see more.

Where do you guys see PAC slotting in?

8/10 show

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Brandon from Oshawa

This was the show of the year for me. Everything was either good to great. I was worried going in that the show looked so good on paper, that there was no way it could deliver, especially with the FTR and Bucks match having years of anticipation. But everything hit the mark for me.

There are a lot of fresh directions coming out of the show with Darby & the Bucks winning the titles. I get the feeling the Elite Deletion will probably be the low point for most, but the appearance of Gangrel made that match for me and that was all I needed to enjoy it.

When do you guys think Kenny gets his title shot? Is Revolution too far away to wait and does he take the title when it does happen?

Full Gear was an apology for the disappointing All Out in a lot of ways. FTR vs Young Bucks justified the hype with plenty of callbacks to tag team wrestling (there was even a DIY finisher) and Matt Jackson’s selling was superb. Omega/Hangman was terrific and I suspect it won’t be the last match between them.

Darby Allin getting his crowning moment by finally dethroning Cody Rhodes to become TNT champion was terrific. The elite deletion match was wacky fun. Shida/Rose was okay and Mox vs Kingston was creatively brutal with a sprinkle of CZW with the rubbing alcohol spot (that’s hard to come by in a pandemic)

All in all, AEW rebounded with a great show.

Luk from Quebec,

Fantastic show that delivered top to bottom, although it went a little bit too long. The low points were the women’s match and Elite Deletion, these Hardy matches are all about being creative and this just felt like a rehash of old spots without anything new or clever. Shida has great presentation but her offense and striking always looks soft and so I can never get into her matches. The FTR Bucks match was spectacular with its only unfortunate downside being the lack of a bigger crowd for this dream match. Sadly feel like JR brings the show down with his commentary, the matches are supposed to build up in intensity and JR used to be great at this, but now every time he speaks, it brings the energy down for me. Still, a great show overall, I thought the placement of the matches in particular was excellent. 8 pockets eaten out of 10, Silver is GOLD

Erin from Brampton

Similar to All Out, I felt this PPV was a tad bit too long. They almost hit 4 hours! While I enjoyed most of the shows, they definitely could’ve trimmed some fat (Cassidy vs Silver, Hardy vs Guevara)

I’m not the biggest Darby Allen fan, but I’m glad he finally beat Cody. I feel this was the right time to make that switch.

The finish to the Jericho-MJF match was great. I loved how Jericho respected MJF’s heel tactics.

Personally, I felt the Hardy-Sammy match was the low point of the show. It was too busy. The whole “Broken” stipulation feels dated now. It was cool in 2016, but now it makes me think that’s all Matt Hardy knows. Also, it was too damn long, and it didn’t need to be on this show!

Do you think AEW will keep their next PPV shorter? What I always loved is how they’re not afraid to put big matches on TV, so why do you think they felt the need to bloat their last 2 PPVs?

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great Sunday