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This was a good one. Probably not as big as All Out from September, but still, one of the best shows of the year. When your first match is as good as MJF vs. Darby, and the quality of each one afterwards really was good. Although my standouts have to be MJF/Darby, The Falls Count Anywhere, Punk/Kingston, and the Main Event with Hangman winning. And to not have Danielson/Miro, and the Street Fight (A messy fun time, but come on, Baron Von Raschke giving a claw made me think of my late father, who loved the guy) up there shows how good of a card this was. 9 out of 10.
Rich from East Selkirk, MB.

johnny from saskatoon

i’m definitely too young to have ever experienced buying a PPV on a cable provider back in the day, so the $40 USD price was a bit steep

but i definitely got my moneys worth from that show

sometimes the predictable booking is the best booking. i knew hangman had to win it, and when he did it really did feel like a big relief, great match.

one nit pick is that some of the matches went on too long, namely the super kliq vs. christian and jurassic express match.

the ATT vs inner circle match was surprisingly fun, i dogged it earlier thinking it would’ve been a mess, but i’m glad i was wrong.

lastly, CM punk vs eddie was my match of the night, was hoping that eddie would win it, but i think this sets up a longer feud between punk and eddie. who’d’ve thought that eddie would get more cheers than cm punk. but punk knew exactly how to play it up, i can definitely see why people call him the best in the world (i missed his original WWE run)

thanks again guys

Brandon from Oshawa

I have to admit, when Hangman/Omega came to an end, even though I was happy Hangman won and it ended how I wanted it to, with the Dark Order holding him up, I was underwhelmed at the end of the match. Maybe I hyped it up in my own head to be something more epic. I definitely thought Hangman would kick out of the One Winged Angel and I thought Hangman hitting it on Kenny was to give us something, since we weren’t getting Hangman kicking out.

I also did not like the stuff with the Young Bucks. It makes no sense when there has been no tension between them and Kenny and if they suddenly become friends again, Dark Order should be pissed.

The rest of the show was fantastic.

Jesse from the 6

Easily the best show of the year, for me.
Honestly, maybe the best ever.
I hope the buy rate for this show is great and AEW ratings go up and up. This is what pro wrestling should be. Just amazing.

Take Care

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Fairus from Malaysia,

Full Gear is behind All Out in terms of quality of matches, but the ending will be forever remembered in AEW history. A culmination of the company’s first major arc. Only downsides was no room for a breather after each matches, which I hope they would have in future PPVs. 9 out of 10.

Wow what a show. Living in U.K. DONT often stay up, but as it’s my my birthday I had to treat myself. From the first match, to the last it was a pure joy. Is it wrong That I still think Eddie should have won, and the Cody PAC match fell flat as soon as PAC won … that’s nothing on PAC, but Cody was all the wrong heat. Some made up 3 way winner stip would have worked better without Cody, there is no way he can stay face after that tonight. 10/10

Duane, Ireland.

MJF & Darby set the bar on this one, and I loved the side headlock takeover finish. It’s a toss up between that match & Punk/Kingston for match of the night honours.

There was a definite lull though in the middle of the card for me, with the Cody tag match & the Women’s title match back to back. The tag match had no place on this show in my opinion, being completely lost in the shuffle when it could’ve served as a featured main event on TV this week coming out of this show. And until they pull the trigger on the Britt/Rosa rematch, I don’t think anyone will buy any contender as a legit threat.

Great moment for Hangman to finally win the big one, but how about that Hogan-esque shoulder up at 3.1 from Kenny after taking his own finish & 2 Buckshots?

One thing that’s for sure though, staying up to 5am for an AEW PPV never feels like a bad idea. While flawed in areas, the show absolutely delivered for the most part.

8.5 Eddie Guerrero tributes out of 10

AEW has stolen the old Takeover accolades, where every ppv is better than the previous one, and each time I wonder how they could possibly outdo the previous! Such a wonderful night, loved every minute of it!

Brian from New Jersey.

Really strong show. Not at the level of All Out, but still a homerun with how it all ended. Glad to see Adam Page’s coronation. My match of the night was Punk vs. Kingston. Cody & PAC vs. Andrade & Black didn’t click with me. The two multi-man brawls exceeded my expectations. Genuine surprise in Jay Lethal signing, plus we get Ishii on Wednesday! While every match received plenty of time to me, it became very evident that they move really quickly from one match to another on these PPVs, barely giving us time to breath. Nevertheless, money well spent, Cowboys well shat.

Ben from Vancouver

Great show. Match of the night for me was Kingston vs Punk mostly for the atmosphere. Really liked MJF/Darby, Bryan/Miro and the 10 man.

Everything was solid to great, with the only thing only ok being the women’s match. Didn’t like the finish of the tag titles match and thought the Bucks match was too long but other than that no complaints.

I wanted a little more of a spectacular celebration for Hangman. Confetti or balloons would have made it feel more special.

What do you see as next for MJF? I thought for sure he was losing due to botched interference from Wardlow but I think the only logical next step is the title now.

I was on edge when the Bucks came out when the ref was down. I was relieved when the 3 count occurred and two years of paid off as Hangman Page conquered Kenny Omega (and his demons) and it was cathartic as hell and his celebration with the Dark Order gave me all the feels.

The Elite all losing their matches needed to happen and Full Gear came through on that promise.