FEEDBACK: AEW Fyter Fest 2020 (Part 1)

What did you think of AEW Fyter Fest (Part 1)?

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Jackie from Orlando
Overall fine show. I personally find Jericho grating on commentary, but I think I’m in the minority on that one. I hope Cody eventually turns heel. Like Damian I really have no clue how this guy is supposed to be a babyface when his trainer, wife, brother, friends all show up to help him out on different occasions.
Question: What do we think is on Arn’s play sheet? Cross roads? Suplex?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Since I talked about it for Raw, I felt the need to bring it up here. I will admit my issues with masks in the crowd wasn’t as bad as with Raw when WWE had a bunch of positive cases, so I will have a lot less vitriol towards them. However, with the possibility of false positives, I do want more masks at ringside and in the background. If they want people to know who the wrestlers are, they could make specific designs for each individual person. And while I did enjoy Taz’s promo tonight, I feel the line about them not running a sloppy ship can only lead to AEW being mocked in the future if and when they get their first case. The show was good tonight. I’m still noticing issues sometimes where the wrestlers end up having to stand around and wait for their opponent to do a move on them and I’m not a fan of that sloppiness still being around all these months later. That said, the show was pretty good over all but it definitely feels like next week will be the better show. 6 out of 10.

Noah from Vaughan

Happy Canada Day guys, hope it was filled with nothing but good times and some good ol canadian GRIT!

Loved this show, and it felt like a PPV with 5 really good matches. Shida vs Ford was fantastic and with the year halfway done I think Shida has to be a front runner for Best Female Wrestler, she hasn’t had a bad match all year. Great idea by them to hold off Moxley for 2 weeks and the Taz promo that followed was excellent. One of the better episodes of dynamite that they’ve done, it breezed by and left me entertained. 9.5/10 Show from me tonight.

After the first two matches I was ready to call this one of the best shows of the year. Everyone in the opening tag looked good, and Wardlow was awesome. The women’s match was also very strong and both women looked like stars in the end.

Then the show fell off a cliff. Cody vs Hagar was a boring mess, private party vs Santana and Ortiz was the epitome of guys just doing random moves, and the main event just never got going.

The show felt a little tone deaf, with the commentary team commenting on the bikini girls at ringside, and Taz once again calling Covid a BS excuse. I get that getting excited when a girl looks good in a bikini isn’t a crime, but it just felt so out of place this week.

I don’t know why they felt the need to bring out Trents mom. If she gets COVID I’ll never forgive them.

6 unique hashtags out of 10.

Chris Thunder from Down Under

:canada: Happy Canada Day

I really enjoyed AEW tonight, however the ending of Cody v Jake was baffling.

I get Taz is a heel but seems to be somewhat of a conflicting message to the AEW fan base saying Mox is a coward testing negative twice and no-showing.

Can I just say watching head to head AEW I feel was better tonight.

The first two matches were great, Private Party vs. Proud and Powerful (PP vs PP?) Was good. Felt like a filler match, though. Tag title match just never found that next gear, but was still solid. Then we have Hager vs. Cody. Not so good. Has Jake had a good (singles) match yet? Maybe But Trent’s mom made up for it. Almost.
8 outta 10
Happy Canada day

Ben from Vancouver

First things first, lack of masks was apparent and was a very bad look.

Overall loved the show and felt like a PPV. Jericho on commentary was hilarious and all four guys at the desk were on tonight.

I thought the opening tag was the match of the night. Everyone played their role perfectly and MJFs selling and acting is next level.

Really enjoyed the women’s match too, Ford brought it. By far her best match but give that credit to Shida too, who seems to bring out the best in her opponents.

Cody and Hager started slow but picked up. Also had to laugh seeing Catalina realize she may have hit Cody too hard. Cody gives me a late-80s Hogan, as a guy who really bends the rules but is a “good guy”. Heel turn is coming.

I wasn’t that high on the main event, too sloppy
and that 10-second rule was abused badly. This was one of Kenny and Page’s worst matches.

8/10 show

Question: What do you see next for MJF? Seems like he needs direction or some sort of new feud

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Paul from New Jersey

I was focused mostly on NXT, but I thought Penelope Ford stepped up big time. Shida is great. have these two feud & maybe give them some promo time? It would certainly be nice.

Cody matches stink. They are too long, they always have tons of interference & I’m glad he didn’t break his neck. I preferred Stardust and the cosmic wasteland to whatever he’s doing right now.

Matthew, Vancouver

The first hour of this show was great, the second was a little disappointing.

The opening tag was a solid effort. Shida and Ford have come a long way in short time and they delivered the goods tonight. Hager Vs Cody was good, the finish was a little confusing, but I feel there is more to this than meets the eye. Private Party Vs Proud and Powerful was so disjointed. The tag main event needed 5 more minutes to hit it’s crescendo. I’m intrigued where to see where they go with Omega, Hangman, The Bucks and FTR.

I feel AEW needs to deliver something special next week in order to maintain interest against the winner takes all NXT title match.


Raymond in Sacramento.

Match of the Night - Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford. Shida being aggressive from the start of matches is great. While most of the Penelope matches have been on AEW Dark, she has been getting better with each opportunity. I’m very happy with how that match turned out.

I understand AEW’s desire to keep fans tuned in during the commercials with the hashtag contest, but Jericho announcing it before Cody’s title match even began, made it hard to get into the match. I know that the match isn’t going to end before there is a break, and it’s not going to end during the break. Then, after Cody’s first big move of the match, the pinball happened while a replay was being shown. Similar feeling about the announcement during the Private Party match. Xcalibur did the right thing in the main event saying if there was a break, they would have PIP and the contest.

I also thought the confrontation at the end of the show came off bad. While Florida is currently a dry state, attacking someone because they won’t drink your alcohol, is asinine.

Other than these aspects, it was a great broadcast!

Agreed. I hope this shows fans that just because a company handles something relatively well, it doesn’t mean that we should assume they will always handle things perfectly moving forward, and that it’s ok as a fan to still be concerned.

100% agree with @TheBenjamin & @andrewisgood regarding the masks. I realize AEW is testing the talent, however testing does not guarantee that nobody has covid-19, and it would have been nice to see them doing a better job with social distancing and wearing masks, especially after the debacle of a week WWE just had.

Tag team opener was good, I liked MJF’s promo at the beginning outside of the Luke Perry line, I don’t really like it when heels mention a person who passed away as a way to generate heat. Maybe jungle boy was cool with it, and it was on the tame side but it’s not for me. I thought that all 4 guys worked hard, and I thought that MJF, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus definitely shined. My only issue was Marco Stunt, it makes no sense that he would get involved right in front of the ref. I have to wonder if that was a botched spot, as even the announcers made a point of saying that he almost got them DQ’d. All you had to do was have the ref turn his back.

I really liked Hager vs Cody. I always thought Hager was underused in WWE after he left ECW, and its nice to see him in a better spot. I liked the finish, as it made me want to see a rematch, ballsy to do that to as wrestling fans usually shit on finishes like that. Only issue I had (I know I’m nitpicking) is how Hager raised his hand like an idiot after the pin despite Cody’s music playing. All they had to do was delay the music by a few seconds and it would have worked. Either way, I really liked it.

I didnt watch the women’s match or the tag match as I was tight on time. Though after reading the feedback I’m regretting not watching the women’s match.

Main event was OK. I didn’t dislike anything, however I found myself checking my watch near the end.
I did like the angle after the match with FTR and the beer. Ill take something like that over a generic beat down any day.

I know some hate Jericho on commentary, I loved him. Reminded me of when I was a kid and you had guys like Heenen, Piper, early 90’s Lawler etc. One line in particular that got me to react was his “TSN turning point” line, as a kid who grew up watching Blue Jays baseball on TSN, I popped for that! Him screaming at Cassidy was also awesome.

I also want to give props to the Tazz/Moxley segment. It seemed so simple, yet having Tazz explain how Moxley’s finisher may be tough to execute on Cage is one of those small things that IMO brings a lot to a match. Hopefully the announcers remember that when they square off.

Lastly, while it’s cool that the Khan family donated 1M towards covid research, hearing the announcers give the owners a shout out for it IMO came across awkward. Not necessarily WWE/Susan g komen level, but it just felt very boastful.

Overall, good show. I gave it a 7/10.

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I didnt take it as FTR being mad simply because he didn’t drink, I took it as FTR being mad because Omega disrespected them by pouring the beer out. I felt it came off like Omega did that as a way to essentially say “FU” while Page accepted the gesture. Two birds with one stone, creating heat between Omega and FTR while also just ever so slight escalating the conflict between Page and Omega by showing them on different pages.