FEEDBACK: AEW Fyter Fest 2020 (Part 2)

What did you think of Fyter Fest Night 2?

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Paul from New Jersey

Bringing back the FTW belt based on AEW’s current situation was brilliant. Was I the only one under the impression that Nyla Rose was facing some sort of mystery opponent? Thought it was funny when Rose was giving examples of manager success stories, Tully & Spears were not mentioned. Solid night of Wrestling, but I can’t say this was any different than an episode of dynamite. Bet Meltzer gives it 11 stars.

question, when hangman & omega eventually drop the titles, who do you think it should be to?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Fyter Fest. Night 2. CHICAGO RIDGE! The show was really good tonight, and I enjoyed it more than last week. That had to be the best Joey Janela match I’ve seen, even counting his match with Jon Moxley a year ago. It was good to see him in that setting of just a regular match. Well, as regular as it can be with a guy going through a table for the finish. All the matches were strong tonight, but the highlight for me was the 8 man tag match and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more from the tag team division in general. The main event was great and the crowd helped a bit, but this is another example of a match that would have been amazing to see in a full crowd of people. The only lowlight was Taz giving Brian Cage the For the Win belt, which is what FTW kinda means in this newer social media world. It also reminded me of when Ted Dibiase gave The Ringmaster the Million Dollar belt and that gimmick didn’t go too far. Great show overall, 8 out of 10.

johnny from saskatoon

i’m guessing with them bringing in the old ECW FTW belt that it’s gonna somehow be unified into AEW’s title. maybe bring more defunct titles and turn the AEW belt into some world eater belt.

but i digress, i think the lucha bros are the best first feud for FTR since both tag teams are both sides of the spectrum, but sometimes i feel like AEW tends to book themselves into a corner, sorta like introducing lance archer but cody winning in the finals. i don’t think either of the tag teams should be on the losing sides but somebody’s gotta get the short stick

good show overall, a solid 7.5, much of it was that crazy destroyer to the outside

Raymond in Sacramento.

Nick Jackson. Rey Fenix. These two had a literally dynamite match in a singles competition in the early days of Dynamite on TNT, and tonight they pulled out stuff I’ve never seen before. It just never ceases to amaze. Oh and the rest of the guys in the 8-man were good too. That was a spectacular tag match and I’m grateful that AEW respects tag team wrestling like they do.

And to the main event, OC vs Jericho the first time we got overtime on TNT. I thought it was a good match. OC tried from the start, and I truly believe that the big win for OC against someone like Jericho is better served for when crowds return. Hopefully true crowds in some capacity can come back one-day.

10/10 show. Better than night one. On to Fight for the Fallen next week!

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But the show itself was better than the first week, with the 8 man being a highlight, but the low point was the FTW belt.

Show was ok, I didn’t feel like it kept up the pace of last week.

Opener I skipped (didn’t watch to watch Omega/Page again after last weeks match).

Archer vs janella I found boring, I constantly found myself tuning out. Reminded me of watching a random Raw match, almost turned off the show during this.

8 man was really really good, I loved the stuff between FTR and the bucks with them doing the tandem offence. Really good stuff! Only thing I would have changed is the finish, I thought the bucks should have gone over. Either way, great match.

Skipped the women’s match and the Brodie lee match.

Main event really good! If they had a crowd I think that could have been one of those star making loses for Cassidy. Jericho continues to be the MVP of wrestling. Only complaint was when I saw there was 1min left on TSN and the match was still going on, kind of gave away the finish. Either way, great match. My favourite of the night.

Biggest take away is how much Jericho added on commentary last week. I just didn’t feel like they clicked as much they did with Jericho last week. Guy truly is great.

That 8 tag was the best tv match this year, IMO. Just non-stop fun. I cannot believe WWE let FTR go, they are going to anchor tag team wrestling for years.

Also loved the main event. The announcers, especially JR, really put Cassidy over and that is something so lost in WWE programming. Great stuff from both guys.

Janela continues to develop into a solid worker and I thought Private Party also looked good.

Not sure about the FTW title but I guess we will see.

Overall great show, stronger matches than last week - 8.5/10