FEEDBACK: AEW Grand Slam 9/20

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Brian in New Jersey.

Aside from the scary ending to Moxley vs. Fenix, I really liked this show. It came off as a major event like the previous two visits to Arthur Ashe Stadium, and the smaller crowd still sounded loud on TV. I thought it started strong with Claudio vs. Kingston and ended strong with the main event, and in between we got a quality heel turn and a wonderful new entrance from Toni Storm, which friends of mine compared to Goldust’s old entrance. In addition to Moxley’s heath, I hope Adam Cole is okay after he appeared to hurt himself running down to the ring. From Roderick’s Neck Health to Cole’s Ankle Health. I also hope this isn’t the end of Samoa Joe in the main event picture, as I think he’s been awesome since returning to TV in June.

Jordan from the Bronx, Live at Grand Slam

Great show live. I didn’t get up during the entire show out of fear of missing something. No surprises debuts or returns this year, but we got some very fun wrestling. Here’s hoping that Mox and Adam Cole are okay and not seriously injured after tonight. Don Callis heat in the building was intense. This is my 2nd Grand Slam and 3rd AEW show overall, they need better merch options in the building. 8/10 show

David From Israel here

Overall I really liked the show but I had 2 issues which are more agent/producer based than anything

  1. After the Moxley incident having almost every match afterwards include a piledriver spot including one on the concrete which was an injury spot with doctors felt tasteless to me and they could have done without it

  2. AEW needs to be consistent with how submissions work referee wise. We had MJf get the 3 arm lifts method during a choke and then in the same match the finish had the ref immediately wave the match away during a similar choke on Joe. To me this kind of inconsistency takes me out of the match and I wish they would create a more universal approach to submissions. Having 2 different version in the same match is the wrong choice in my opinion.

Wishing Jon Moxley well :pray:t2:

Cody From Maine

Wishing the best for Moxley and Adam Cole, fingers crossed that neither are seriously hurt.

Those incidents aside, this was a great show that was only made better by the pacing, as they let moments properly sink in. Kingston’s title win, Guevara’s WrestleMania 19 tribute with the appearance of Don Callis, and the handshake at the end of the main event.

In a good way, I am left wondering what’s next for a lot of people on this card. Top among them, Toni Storm. Do you see them building towards another match with Saraya? It’s tough to see who the next challenger would be. Perhaps Jamie Hayter is close to returning? I recall hearing “out for the rest of the year”, but things can always change.

Eddie 2 Belts kicking off Grand Slam was a wave of euphoria. it was neat psychology with Claudio wearing Misawa colors to counter Eddie’s Kawada scheme, the match itself was very strong. The main event was uncomfortable, at times but Joe was at his best and MJF called his shot to put him to sleep. It was a nice touch with the Bret Hart-style intro. It’s relieving to hear that Moxley dodged the bullet after a near-miss with that finish to him v Fenix.

Jay from Windsor…Good show as per usual by AEW, but by the end of it I couldn’t help but have a bad taste in my mouth after the Mox incident. In 2023, how can a performer be dropped on their head and knocked out, only to be picked right back up and given the exact same move that literally just knocked them out again.

Experts say they when you suffer a concussion the worst thing you can do is get hit in the head afterwards, if his head hit the second time, that could have been even scarier then it already was. I understand things happen fast, but that shouldn’t happen. There needs to be a system and a protocol in place to prevent this, as this isn’t the first time (ie. Matt Hardy).