FEEDBACK: AEW Holiday Bash 12/20

We are live tonight at 10 p.m. ET

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Steve Grows Weed

Seeing Swerve interact with MJF was awesome!! Really impressed with their star building when it comes to Swerve. He used an attempted kidnapping/ Texas Death Match to catapult himself into being one of the biggest bad ass baby faces we’ve had in a long time!
When do you think they’ll pull the trigger on his title win? Think they can hold it off to All In next summer?

First off, it’s good that AEW addressed Omega’s bout with diverticulitis from the jump. The continental classic continues to put on strong wrestling and the Swerve/Friedman interaction was terrific. That’s a world title program for next year.

Swerve is at a crossroads right now. Do you keep him a heel or turn him babyface considering how over the Nana dance has gotten these last few months?

Jordan from the Bronx

Ever since TNA, Samoa Joe has become highly adept to detecting Evil Ninja Attacks. I don’t understand why The Devil wants the ROH Tag Titles. Whatever needs to happen to finally get to the reveal needs to happen within the next two weeks.

Swerve and MJF’s interaction has confirmed that Swerve is officially elevated to the main event mix. I can see him winning the triple threat next week but losing the grand finals. I don’t want Swerve inducting yet another new AEW title, I’d rather him go all the way up to the main belt and defeating the world champion.

This tournament has been a success in elevating a few people on the roster, I wonder what happens to the likes of Rush, Andrade and Brody King when it’s done? It was a great way to get them on TV weekly, but more often than not, there’s a lack of follow up with guys who start to heat up. Everyone can’t get elevated at the same time, but AEW seems to be cursed with riches by having so many great talents available at any given time, but not enough room for them all to be prominently featured at once.

Question: Who do you see coming out of the Blue League? My prediction is Eddie Kingston and Bryan Danielson in the final next week.

My most memorable wrestling experience has to be getting to see Suzuki live in my favourite venue ever, the Commodore Ballroom, in Vancouver. I had my hair cut similar to Suzuki, and got to meet & chat with Bruce Lord.