FEEDBACK: AEW Quake by the Lake

Leave us your feedback on AEW’s Quake by the Lake edition of Dynamite.

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Cody from Maine

Dynamite is often that rollercoaster that forgoes the slow build up of anticipation and goes 0 to 60 right off the bat. Tonight it felt like 0 to 100 with that opener. It won’t be for everyone because of the blood (can say the same for the main event and Moxley’s now weekly ritual), but for me it was a spectacle that had me hooked for the rest of the show.

The company really seemed to take the complaints of the product being a bit directionless around Forbidden Door to heart. There’s so much going, but in the best way. You might not enjoy everything, but nobody can justifiably complain about a lack of storytelling and character evolution throughout the card. Especially when so much of it is focused on the young talent.

9/10 for Nick Comoroto’s outfit alone. 10/10 for the Punk return.

Thanks for the show as always.

Hernis from NYC

Fun show as usual. Very physical throughout the night.

Darby doesn’t look like he’s long for the business the way he’s going.

How many liters did Brody King/Chris/Mox lose tonight? Also what is up with all AEW wrestlers biting their opponents open bloody wounds? Can we stop this!

Lastly, Punk looked like he was moving gingerly, hobbling at times or was that just me?

That was a much different Dynamite than what we’re used to. I think at one point there were 4 speaking segments in a row… unusual. But that main event was awesome and I’m excited for what Moxley and Punk are going to build leading towards their match.

Eddie from Austin. My first wrestling memory is catching 15 seconds of a match in probably 1998 where someone got a nose ring ripped out. I threw up on the kitchen floor and had no desire to watch wrestling until 7 or 8 years after that when me and the neighbor discovered Friday Night Smackdown in my moms basement.

It’s my favorite wrestling show, but Dynamite can be a little hard to watch sometimes.

Dynamite did quite a lot to build up to All Out expertly. The Hangman/Bucks soap opera took a turn where it strongly hinted that Kenny Omega might be the third man in the trios tournament. (Maybe next week’s BTE will have Page get a change of heart).

Moxley/Jericho was a strong, bloody war of attrition with Jericho turning back the clock to his Lionheart persona and the JAS chicanery was thankfully kept to a minimum and the near falls got me. Mox kicking out of the Judas effect was thrilling

CM Punk making his return capping off the show was excellent and it set up All Out’s main event for all the marbles.

Well done all around.

I really loved this episode. I love the Darby/Brody match and Lucha bros vs Andrade/Rush felt like lucha libre styled match in AEW with the tornado tag rules. There is only one thing I didn’t like and I might be in the minority but I’m tired of non-mani event JR commentary. When he’s on the main event and it’s a match up he’s invested in he’s amazing but then we get stuff like him putting down the interim title and calling the Lucha match a car wreck but in a disparaging tone. I get he’s a legend but I think we should move towards Excalibur/Taz/Tony team and bring JR for big matches or PPVs.

Jordan from The Bronx

This show was pretty insane from the beginning. The coffin match had me legitimately concerned due to how much blood Brody King was losing. I wished that Sting would’ve had on a Sting mask while in the coffin though. I’m not the biggest fan of Matt Jackson’s melodramatic acting, but it is fun seeing an angle that was carried through BTE for most of the time play out on TV. Everything seems to be lining up for a Kenny Omega return next week to join The Bucks in the trios tournament. Which would also be fun due to them facing The United Empire and putting Kenny and Will Ospreay in the same ring at the same time.

The Starks and Hobbs didn’t need The Factory and Nick Comoroto’s Tony D’Angelo cosplay. I wasn’t all that impressed with Madison Rayne/Jade, they seemed to not be on the same page most of the match. I laughed out loud when Miro turned down Julia Hart. He’s seriously one of the best characters in the company.

For the main event, Jericho and Moxley was a lot of fun. Jericho sitting in the Walls through an entire four minute commercial break and only to move when the commercials were over was somewhere between unintentional comedy and a stroke of genius.

Moxley’s current run is the best work he’s done in his career. He’s benefitted from the association with William Regal and an unfortunate injury to CM Punk, and has, to me, become the most important person in the company. This incredible title run now includes proper fans to cheer for him and sobriety.

Question: Now that Punk made his surprise return tonight and that Punk vs Moxley should likely happen at All Out, would you rather keep the original plan and have Punk win, or go with Moxley as your undisputed champion?

Thanks for the great work that you all do.