FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage Fyter Fest / WWE SmackDown 7/15/22

What did you think of Friday’s wrestling?

Some really weird booking on Rampage tonight??

-Athena and Kris are in the ring, Jade and Kiera run out, attack them (no ambush, no cheating) and the two heels just beat them down easily then leave (???)

-Stokely tells Moriarty he could be getting him more opportunities after a title loss, Sydal says “that’s nothing, I got much better!” and gives him a match against… Dante Martin?? and Lee seems happy about this?

-RUSH intervenes in the Lucha Bros match, attacks Penta behind the referee’s back, leading to Penta… hitting a canadian destroyer on Mark Quen literally 2 seconds later, seemingly completely unaffected by RUSH’s attack (???)

Weird night