FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage / WWE SmackDown 1/21/22

What did you think of SmackDown and Rampage?

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Changed my off days and usually watch smackdown when I wake up at 2am and listen to your review when I get to work at 3:30am but now I can leave feed back. I like how the usos have Paul heyman sharpied out on their shirt. Great match between usos and Seth and KO. What is purpose of Adam pierce and Sonya if Rollins and reigns can just make match and add stipulations. Also what do you think will main event the nights at wrestlemania. The reason I ask is they keep saying the womens rumble winner will main event wrestlemania so where does that leave the mens winner and reigns vs lesnar? Sure it’ll be stupendous lol

We here, at the upNXT Branch, have been campaigning for #XiaLiyah for years. We are currently celebrating at the start of this beautiful relationship finally blossoming amongst our eyes. Rejoice, upNXTperts, rejoice.

Hook is fantastic, but what was up with Trent not dapping up Yuta. Trouble in the Best Friends regime?

Anyhow, try and spot the POST merch on me at GCW on Sunday and come say hello if you are there. Good night all.

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Robbie from London, Ont

Rampage was fun, no Smackdown for us. Mox return to the ring wasn’t anything fancy but did the job. I’ll definitely be interested to see if he continues as a babyface or heel, and where we go with Danielson. Nick and Trent had the match of the night, really great match that I didn’t expect to see Trent actually win. Hook killed it once again, Always impressed and can’t wait for him to kill QT, in a match this time. Main event was better then I expected as well, 7.5/10 show

Andrew from Cape Breton

I had to look at this stat while watching tonight, but the last time Ricochet won a match on TV was in September of last year on Main Event against Cedric Alexander. If we want to go just for Raw and Smackdown, he won a match with Damien Priest against John Morrison and Sheamus. Ricochet is the Serpentico of WWE television. Rampage was pretty good tonight, I feel Hook is being placed on Rampage so that they could build a big debut on Dynamite in the future. I was surprised they had Sami Zayn talk about doing some horrible stuff to himself in the name of entertainment. Gory self mutilation is not something we need to be seeing on WWE television. Anyway, free Ali.

Jay from Colorado

I’ve really been enjoying what they are doing with Hook. From the entrance with Action Bronson, to his subtle gear, to the way he wrestles. Everything about it just works. Except for one thing, I just can’t take the aggressive gum chewing. I’ve never seen such furious gum chewing, it can’t be good for his teeth.

I always love the interviews before the main event on Rampage. The way it’s set up is very aesthetically pleasing, and Mark Henry plays his part perfectly. But my God the icing on the cake is when John Silver is on and mouths “it’s time for the Main Event!” along with Mark Henry. Gets me every time.

Lastly Serena Deeb recently mentioned they hired some “strong female members” to the roster but didn’t say any names. Any idea of who those women might be?

Thank you both Kate and Wai as usual!

Trent bullying Yuta is something he’s been doing on BTE since his return. In fact. All of the Best Friends have been bullying Yuta on BTE because he hasn’t one a single match (last I checked)

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Ahh gotcha… even commentary seemed a bit confused about it, I guess not everybody is caught up with all the BTE happenings. Thanks for the info!