FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage / WWE SmackDown 11/26/21

What did you think of tonight’s wrestling?

I’m really not sure why WWE chose to have a bunch of matches followed by a battle royal that featured all but one of the men who’d appeared in those matches. I feel like there had to be a way to organize the show that made the roster feel less thin. I guess now Drew is the new Naomi being unjustly left out?

I’m so used to flinching when I see a champion get pinned in a non-title match (thanks, Vince) that it took me a moment to realize that Riho being the first person to pin Britt since Rosa did it in March and the only woman who Britt has never been able to pin in a singles match is actually a really good story. I’m looking forward to the title match between them.

What do you think the odds are that we see both Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano in AEW before the end of the year? I would have bet serious Canadian Tire money on Gargano staying with WWE but the news of him signing a 1-week extension sounds a lot like what happened with Cole before he left. That said, it’s already getting very crowded.

Thanks as always for all you do.

Fist the positive, Ramage was great, all three matches were enjoyable and offered something different. The AEW product as a whole has renewed my love of wrestling.

Its official for me after tonight, WWE is a heel company that’s only interested in making their heels look strong. Tony Storm just standing there and getting two pies to the face without standing up for herself just made her look so weak, why would I cheer for you if you cant even stand up for yourself, at least say something, jeez. They couldn’t help themselves with Jeff Hardy. Finally a feel good moment in his home state, but nope just had to get heat in, WHY?? This on top of Rey and his son getting emasculated on Raw. There are no credible faces in WWE besides the part timers, and maybe Big E and Drew, when there not losing to top heels. When do you guys think WWE is going to pull the trigger on a feel good baby face moment for a full time performer? are they waiting until Wrestlemania?

Looks like Ridge got the ole Karrion Kross treatment on his in ring debut, hopefully it goes better for him in the coming weeks.

Rampage pushed things forward. Jamie Hayter showing up a bit later during Britt Baker’s entrance is very telling. To AEW’s credit, they took that battle royal snafu and made lemons into lemonade for Riho. It packed a punch because Britt doesn’t lose often. Garcia/Kingston was a solid main event and Jericho intervening could lead to a match vs Eddie down the line.