FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage / WWE SmackDown 2/18/22

What did you think of Friday’s wrestling?

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Robbie, from London Ontario.

We watched Rampage tonight and won’t be watching SD. Rampage was a fun once again, Dante vs Hobbs was fantastic, I loved it and am just really surprised how these qualifiers seem to be setting up a big man ladder match. Main event was excellent, I’m a big Jay White guy and I’m even more looking forward too White vs Eric Young at tomorrow nights No Surrender show from Impact. Not sure I liked White backing off to Orange Cassidy, but still a grest main event, 7.5/10 show

I really enjoyed Jay White’s AEW debut on rampage. I’m a fan of his and this was a good showcase of what he can do without the nonsense interference that you often get in NJPW. I’d like to see Jay as a major player in AEW in future when he becomes available.
Do you see him as someone WWE would be interested in or do think he’d land in AEW if he became available?

I think Trent is really underrated. He’s often in this position like Frankie Kazarian and Matt Sydal have been where they are counted on to work very good matches and put over talent that is being elevated into important positions on the card. It’s completely understandable that AEW want to mostly elevate younger talent that will attract a new audience in the key demos. However, I hope they’ll also find the space for a TNT title run for Trent or tag title run for best friends. My favourite wrestling stories are when a talented underdog works hard and finally overcomes the odds and makes it to the top.
Can you see either of these things happening?

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  • Adam Cole and 10 Angels was a solid opener. It’s pretty interesting that 10 chants were in the arena the same day Shawn Spears acted a fool on Twitter. 10 got some solid offence but the outcome was never in doubt.

  • The ladder match in Revolution is going the opposite direction with more big men between Keith Lee, Wardlow and now Powerhouse Hobbs. It’s a fresh spin but I kinda wanted to see Dante Martin do some wild stuff.

  • Jay White and Trent put on a good main event. Jay altered his style somewhat to make it faster as opposed to his deliberate pace in a New Japan setting. Trent continues to be consistent since he returned.

Rampage being at 7pm feels nice instead of going late into the night.

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