FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage / WWE SmackDown 2/25

Thoughts on tonight’s wrestling?

Hey guys! I was at the Bridgeport show and had a great time. It’s honestly always a great time seeing AEW live. My favorite part of the live experience was at the end of Dynamite when Mox came out they kept playing his music through his whole run-in. It gave me great memories of old school Gangstas in ECW where their theme music kept playing through their match.

As a side note, when Punk was leaving the arena during commercial, he did the bit where he teased leaving thru the heel tunnel. It was a a fun addition to the incredible MJF promo but we’ll see next week where they’re really going.

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Robbie from London, Ontario
Rampage was a fun, if not too exciting episode tonight. Main event was fun, opener was great, and what a Hook segment! Really hoping he plows through QT at Revolution, 7.5/10 show