FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage / WWE SmackDown 6/10/22

What did you think of SmackDown and Rampage?

Anthony from Melbourne

John I agreed with your criticism of the AEW battle royal but think a simple explanation such as it was an opportunity for anyone outside of the top 5 rankings to skip ahead of the line would have sufficed. Also, they could have just mentioned the injured talent on commentary during the match to explain further absences.

On that topic, I was also high on Brian getting the interim belt. Since Mox become the contender, do you think it’s possible before the PPV Brian challenges Mox for the contendership on the basis he believes he would have won the battle royal and they insert Brian into the forbidden door PPV?

Side question, I do not understand why Rampage can’t air at different times in different time zones? Most are pre-taped anyway, would it not be better to show it at the best available time rather than it being “live” across the US at the same time.

Matt from Tennessee

I thought both episodes were good tonight, I really enjoy Ricochet but I’m glad to see Gunther is being used well so far and not getting the Ciampa treatment. Here’s hoping they let him actually defend the IC title on a regular basis

I’m keeping my feedback on the shows brief as i have a few questions.

  1. Its great seeing Will Ospreay on AEW, do you see an AEW run for him?

  2. Even though he takes a lot of pins, Riddle is all over WWE TV. Do you see a World Title reign for him in the future?

  3. Do you have any injury updates on Orange Cassidy?

Robbie from London, Ontario

Just Rampage as usual for us. Kingston got a great showing out of Hager I thought, the Satnam & Lethal tag was quick and painless, Statlander and Velvet had, what I thought was a great match that really over delivered. The main event was why I made sure to watch this live, tons of fun but still a little disappointed in the United Empire loss. Solid show though! 7.5/10

Any thoughts on where you guys think UE may be heading too for Forbidden Door?