FEEDBACK: AEW Revolution 2021

What did you think of AEW Revolution?

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Erin from Brampton

I enjoyed everything about this PPV, except for the cinematic match, and the post match antics of the main event.

For the cinematic match, the commentary didn’t fit. It was obvious they were calling a prerecorded video.

As for the main event, it was a lot of fun, but the post match stuff was incredibly lame. Did Eddie Kingston really get knocked out by a few fireworks?

Solid 6/10 PPV

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johnny from saskatoon

i thought the show was kind of underwhelming tonight, definitely the highlight for me was the women’s championship match, ryo’s leg drops are simple yet effective. also it was a pleasant surprise seeing maki itoh show up tonight

i’m sure folks will have much to say about the barbwire match, so to pivot left, my biggest complaint is penta, he’d probably win a lot of his matches if he didn’t taunt every time he moved


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First off… Had Christian just showed up at the event as a complete surprise, people would have enjoyed it. Instead they hyped it up wayyyyy beyond what it was worth for absolutely no reason.

A perfectly acceptable talent given too much build. That’s a mistake on AEW’s behalf.

I really enjoyed most of the main event. Both Omega and Moxley worked very hard and pulled off a really good match at what it was. It’s unfortunate it ended with such a whimper. I wish that somebody gave Kingston the heads up while he was selling the affects of the final “explosion”. I feel like Tony Kahn will be having a chat with whomever he hired for that one.

Other thoughts.

  • Bucks vs MJF & Jericho was a hot opener.
  • Tag Rumble while long, was a lot of fun. Loved seeing PAC & Fenix go over.
  • Ladder match was solid, but am good not seeing one of these for a while. A great hire like Ethan Page. I also think this is the beginning of a big push for Scorpio.
  • Liked the women’s Championship match. Happy to see Maki Itoh show up on the Buy-In, and hope she sticks around.
  • Page vs. Hardy was fun, and I look forward to Hangman moving on.
  • Could have done without Miro & Sabian vs Best Friends.
  • Thought for a cinematic match, the street fight was a good time.

Overall an above average show. However most people will be overly hard on it due to the final explosion and the Christian reveal being their only takeaways. Which is unfortunate, as there was a lot of good.

Eddie Kingston killed by shame and embarassment. This is a real softball for Cornette.


Louis from Long Beach

I really enjoyed the street fight as well as the surprise of seeing Maki Itoh and Christian Cage.

Although I hate to say it, I think the lasting memory of this show is going to be the flat finish to the World Title match followed by those sparklers around the ring that Eddie Kingston had to sell like he died. Obviously that was a massive screw-up by somebody but for me, that finish to the show took what was a really solid PPV and push it down a few notches. A really shitty ending to what I thought was a really good feud. I feel really bad for Kenny and Mox who absolutely killed themselves in that match to have it fizzle out with that post-match stuff.


I really enjoyed the show tonight, but that ending is going to kill the way that Revolution is remembered. You’re telling me that the Jaguars don’t have access to a better pyro guy than that? They have fireworks after every touchdown!

After the first 3 matches I thought we were in for one of the best shows of all time, then things really slowed down. I don’t mean to pick on the guy, but I’m not sure how they could have made Miro less interesting after the excitement around his debut. Same goes for Sting. The street fight was long and boring and I don’t think anyone is looking forward to another Sting match.

I did enjoy the ladder match, but I can’t help but feel bad for Ethan Page debuting only to lose and then be topped by another debut 5 minutes later. He already feels dead in the water.

The main event was everything I hoped, I just wish the had a better ending. Still an 8/10 for me.

Jay from Windsor

Up until the cinematic match I was enjoying the PPV, then the worst match of 2021 happened. I am not sure who decided that it would be a good idea to do live commentary during a cinematic match with obvious post production, but the idea of it being live was laughable. Guys worked hard, and I enjoyed a few spots, but it just came off like a poor mans graveyard match.

Hated the Christian reveal, it was literally the one guy I didn’t want it to be. It didn’t live up to the hype, it felt like TNA Genesis 2005 all over again, and I’m upset that that as fans we aren’t going to be able to see Edge & Christian end their careers together.

I wasn’t looking forward to the main event, as I’m not a fan of barbed wire matches, but the first three quarters of the match were better then I expected, I liked the explosions and the guys worked hard. Everything went downhill once the Good Brother came out, not the finish I want to see when I pay $60 for a PPV. Then the icing on the cake, Eddie Kingston “sacrificing” himself to protect Moxley from a few sparklers, just left a bad taste in my mouth.

3/10…worst show of the year when you consider the price point.

Jay from Colorado

Not much to add to what anyone else has said, I enjoyed the show and was definitely entertained through out.

What I want to mention is the AEW casino app. I checked it out really quickly and it’s literally another casino app minimally rethemed to AEW. It says “Double or Nothing” on one of the tables, and that’s about it. The slots aren’t AEW themed, there’s no images or promotional material besides the icon and the title screen. It just seems like an odd attempt at a cash grab using a free to play casino game filled with micro-trasactions. I hope I’m wrong and I’m missing something here, but this is a little shady and pretty disappointing coming from this company.

Otherwise, great show!

Sean from Toronto

I didn’t hate Revolution, but I think the show was hurt for being too overly ambitious. The street fight would’ve been much better as a regular match the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match literally went out with a whimper, instead of the huge BOOM we were promised. As for the signings, as WandaVision has shown us, hyping something up in your head can only lead to disappointment, so I have no negative opinions of either Ethan Page or Christian (both of which I heard rumours of).

That said, the surprise Maki Itoh debut was truly a joy.

B from New York

So if AEW gets the Blood and Guts match, will WWE now get a Sparkler match?

Look, it’s not what you expect to enjoy for the money you pay, but am I going to remember this forever? Absolutely. Sometimes leaving them laughing is as good as anything else. RIP Eddie Kingston.

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  • Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega painted the barbed-wire encrusted canvas with their own blood as paint. It looked intense and Eddie Kingston appearing was a nice character beat and the sparklers had me a little confused.

  • I loved Hangman Page finally embracing Dark Order as his new friends.

  • It’s even more perplexing why Britt Baker didn’t win the tournament. It’s only a matter of time til she wins the women’s title. Hikaru Shida continues to deliver.

  • Maki Itoh is a joy to watch.

  • The commentary in the street fight was kinda distracting (Did JR sound under the weather?)

  • The Young Bucks vs MJF/Jericho was a very good meshing of styles and with the War Council coming up, I hope Ortiz and Santana get their chance to get spotlighted.

  • The tag team battle royale was fun, especially during the end with Rey Fenix and Jungle Boy.

  • Christian Cage and Ethan Page making their AEW debuts were cool.

Overall, a solid show.

Andrew from Cape Breton

To quote OSW, AEW used some spooters for their big pyro display at the end. What sucks is, I don’t know if Eddie Kingston knew the pyro was that bad as his head was completely buried so he couldn’t change on the fly and no sell it. The start of the show was great. The tag team match was excellent and I liked the battle royal, although that was a match that could have used surprise entrances. One potential controversy is Maki Itoh flying over and not quarantining. I’m hoping her Tokyo Joshi Pro match from a few days ago was taped weeks in advance. And lastly, we can now look forward to our dream match of Christian Cage and Brian Cage vs Hangman Page and Ethan Page. 6 sparklers out of 10. I also saw a fan cam video of Moxley saying Omega can’t build an exploding ring worth a shit.

I have been hot and cold on AEW but they reeled me in for this show. However I thought it was average. Jericho looked bad in the opener. There was too much interference in a lot of the matches, which I thought Tony Khan wanted to avoid.

My favourite match Shida vs. Mizunami. They really tried to beat each other up.

The main event was trending to be amazing but then the run in from the Good Brothers happened which I think I hated more than the weak explosion at the end.

If AEW is going to try to reach certain heights they need to deliver which I think they have failed to do several times they have tried to hype something up.

Ben from Vancouver

Overall an underwhelming show.

The opener may have been match of the night, that or the main event were the only things that mattered.

The Christian reveal felt totally TNA and the street fight was just sad. If sting can’t go in a regular match, what’s the point?

The definition of a 6/10 show

It really sucks that the ending of the show was such a disaster because it’s going to colour people’s opinions of the entire event. To my mind:

  • Maki Itoh was a wonderful surprise (although I hope they clarify how they were able to safely get her in without quarantining). I thought that the pre-show match was very entertaining.

  • I really enjoyed the tag title and women’s title fights, which were holding down the “normal match” portion of the evening.

  • The tag team battle was better than I expected. Those sorts of things are always going to be messy in parts but they got some storyline build out of it (QT’’s turn and the continuation of the Butcher & Blade/ Bear Country tension that’s been brewing on Dark)

  • I loved the cinematic match, although those things are always going to be divisive. I mostly tuned out the commentary.

  • The ladder match and the “Big Money” match were too long, as much as I enjoyed the Hangman drinking a beer with the Dark Order ending.

  • Ethan Page and Christian are great additions to the company. Had a lot of people guessed that they were the likely surprises? Yes. But that doesn’t make the reveals disappointing, at least not to me.

  • Miro/ Sabian vs Chuck/ OC had no business being on the show. It was a TV match and not even a TV main event at that. Close the door on this story.

  • The explodingbarbedwiredeathmatch was really enjoyable and should have let them go out on a high.

I feel really sorry for Eddie Kingston, who probably thought he was going to cap off the night with an emotional high and now has to explain how he got knocked out by sparklers.

A very decent show that went up in a puff of smoke at the end…


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Andrew from Saint John

The literal damp squib leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but I really liked this show. My excitement was high from the beginning because of surprise Maki Itoh, and I really liked Ryo/Shida with how it built and built to a crescendo. Tag royal rumble was jobberific (why wasn’t that the one on the buy in?) but I had a lot of fun with the ladder match and the street fight and most of the main event until the interference, which disengaged me to the point of not paying attention when the finish actually happened because I expected it to go longer. My heart goes out to Eddie Kingston. 8/10

This was a good PPV, all matches were consistent and well paced. The ladder match was money and Sky was my pick to win. Please please give us Karate Man in AEW (Ethan Pages alter ego). I dont even like Darby Allin and I dont want to see Sting wrestle but the cinematic match was bad ass, the production was fantastic and the spots were awesome and the eerie music throughout added to the ambiance, it was dope. More Stinger beating ass in a dingy warehouse please.
Sure the post match of the main event was flat but my real gripe was the run in of the Good Brothers because it was an incredibly well built match for a very out of the box concept only to be dulled down by a very generic wrestling trope.