FEEDBACK: AEW Revolution 2022

What did you think of AEW Revolution 2022?

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This card was so action packed that by the end it was almost difficult to remember everything that happened, although I view that as a positive. The crowd was up for nearly the entirety of a five hour show, so a tip of the cap to them. It was a near perfect show, a 9.5/10 for me, with the only “just ok” match being Britt-Rosa.

I, like many others, was very surprised at the lack of a title change. And while it would’ve been similar to the MJF-Wardlow story, I think the reception for the match would’ve been better had we gotten to the point where Jamie Hayter had split off from Britt. She has no help, she loses the title, and has a natural feud to spin off to. At the same time, we get fresh matches with Rosa as champion. Instead, the finish tonight felt a bit…“house of torture-esqe”.

Your thoughts if you haven’t already discussed this? Thanks as always for the shows.

I feel like this is the third AEW PPV in a row that I’m saying it… But this felt like a perfect show.

There was the usual mid-point show crowd lull due to exhaustion, but the combination of Mox / Bryan and Regal debut won them back big time, and the energy stayed through the show.

Just a stellar show.

So many awesome moments…

The very simple and minimalist Wardlow turn.

Sting’s continued death defying antics (on a side note, remember when he worked the PPV a year ago and everybody assumed he’d only he doing cinematic matches to hide his age limitations?).

Regal aligning with Bryan and Mox.

Eddie Kingston finally getting a huge win, and over Jericho, at that.

A terrific main event.

And that Punk AFI entrance gave me such a wave of emotions that I don’t think I’ve gotten in forever from a wrestling show.

What a great show.

Jay from Colorado

The AMC theater we went to watch tonights show at forgot to order the PPV. The buy in was playing, but when the show started the order screen came up, and none of the apathetic teens working at the theatre knew what to do, even the on duty manager was clueless about what to do. So my group of friends and I went back to my place 30 minutes down the road to watch the show. Unfortunately you cant rewind the PPVs once the show starts, so we started and hour late into it.

Of what we saw the rest of the show was fantastic. Every match delivered with the exception of Rosa and Bakers. Something was just off with the chemistry. The highlight of the night for me was Regal. Him being the manager of Moxley/Danielson is something I never expected, and its a great fit.

All in all, with the exception of AMC not ordering the PPV, it was another great showing from AEW.

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Brian from New Jersey.

Another incredible Premium Live Event from AEW. I’m not the biggest fan of blood, nor a death match guy, but Punk vs. MJF and Danielson vs. Moxley were two violent pieces of art, with the former being a Match of the Year contender. My pick for worst match would have to be the Tornado Trios Match, because I was afraid Isiah Kassidy was dead.

Just as we have so many questions to ask about the ROH acquisition, we’re presented a new question as to what William Regal is doing here. Is he the manager for the Moxley/AmDrag Express, or is he an authority figure for AEW? Or some other role entirely?

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Sal from California

This show was amazing top to bottom.

My favorite moment was Wardlow putting the Dynamite Diamond ring down on the mat for Punk. The months long story between Punk and MJF and all the Wardlow teases had the perfect climax.


This was my third straight AEW PPV to travel to from Texas and the company continues to not only deliver but raise the bar. A truly excellent show with an on fire crowd. My only complaint is I thought the Adam chants went on too much in the main event. It was cute the first couple of times but the joke quickly got old to me.

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Eric from Savage
I watched with two lapsed fans and two non-wrestling fans tonight. Everyone had a good time. High points of the night were the ladder match, the trios match, MJF and Punk, and the Moxley VS Danielson match. I thought Baker and Thunder Rosa really struggled, and it didn’t help that they were in the death spot after the dog collar match. Overall, a fun show and it was great to get together with friends to watch. Can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

What a show.

  • Kingston/Jericho was a strong opener. Some of the suplexes looked nasty including the half and half that could’ve injured Jericho’s neck. Eddie got the big win and it should lead to bigger and better things for him

  • Punk and Friedman’s dog collar match lived up to its promise. There was a lot of blood, nostalgia, emotions and Wardlow (who had a good night winning the ladder match) abandoning MJF was a great payoff. Punk turning back the clock with his gear and AFI was awesome.

  • The 3-way tag title match was fantastic. It was laid out real well by weaving the reDRagon/Bucks tension into the the false finishes and Jurassic Express got a huge feather in their cap by beating two of AEW’s best tag teams.

  • Rosa/Baker had a tough task of following the dog collar match, but they worked hard. I didn’t like the constant run-in finish and it justifies a rematch (hopefully in Rosa’s hometown of San Antonio, a year removed from the Lights Out match)

  • Moxley/Danielson was a blast with a creative finish and William Regal’s debut was surprising. I’m curious to see where this leads.

  • I had low expectations for the tornado tag but all 6 men overdelivered…especially Sting.

  • Cole/Hangman brought it home with a good main event.


Mannie from California

I had a great time watching the ppv in the theaters.
The ppv overall was great and everyone was on their feet when Sir William Regal showed up. Looking forward to going to their debut at the forum.

Also i wanted to take the time to thank Wai for reaching out to me qhen i talked about quitting my band due to dealing with imposter syndrome and also John you are an amazing writer and i enjoy reading your news updates

Darren from Florida

Was at the show live. Crowd was fired up through most of the show though they really were drained after the Punk match and it took until at least the Moxley/Danielson match to really get back into it. Surprised at no title changes and that Jade was actually pretty over as I didn’t expect that. Overall a great show but still too long for some of the live crowd including my wife who was over it after the Punk match as we got there at 7 for the pre show.

They were taking a long time to get everyone in so we missed the first Buy in and part of the second match so if the crowd was weak during that part that’s why.

Overall great show that is much better than anything we’ll see next month I’m sure

Andrew from Saint John

Was live at the show tonight, and it was a great time! The Let’s Go Adam chants were funny but I like that there was an emotional turn in the main event where they switched to traditional Hangman Page/Adam Cole dueling chants when things got serious. Loved the match and the finish. Crowd was electric for the opening pair of matches and eventually became a little tuckered out but got into it for the key moments. My section had a few guys who thought they were a non stop comedy review behind me and it was a little distracting. Wasn’t hot on the finish to Britt/Rosa, loved seeing CM Punk’s ROH presentation again! 9/10