FEEDBACK: AEW Revolution 2023

Leave us your (condensed) feedback and we will get to as many as we can on tonight’s show.

AEW Revolution POST Show streams live immediately after the PPV.

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Saeed from Vancouver.

Fun PPV with great to amazing wrestling. The crowd was here for all of it, just a slight dip in the Joe vs Wardlow match.

Match of the night was the trios. That knee buddy gave looked brutal near the end. Julia hart took a V trigger better than some others in the past, impressive.

Didnt think id ever had to change the channel during a PPV… but I did. I can do some violence but when the fork came out I had to change.

Good on Will Washington getting that kid merch and aew to help smooth things over by having Amanda Huber sit with him. Guess MJF will be talked to not to throw drinks at kids.

Enjoyed the Iron match, match was planned very well. Loved the near falls and got the crowd on what used to be cliché finishes.

Cody From Maine

In my feedback for the most recent Dynamite review, I mentioned that this PPV had the lowest interest level for me since the no-crowd pandemic days. That said, I certainly made the right call in ordering the event. This was easily one of AEW’s best events ever. And once recency bias wears off? Maybe it will go down as THE best to date.

The matches delivered on all fronts. Even the tag title match that I was flat out wrong about. It served as the perfect, fun, buffer match before the main event. Very intrigued to see if FTR are sticking around of it this program with the Gunns will be their last in AEW. And speaking of the main event? The best Iron Man match of all time. Just perfect.

The crowd stayed red hot and perhaps most importantly? They got it 100% right when it came to the winners, especially in the case of Hangman Page. Being the first to make Moxley tap out in AEW is huge.

My somewhat declining interest over the last month or so has been completely reinvigorated. Excited to see what they have in store moving forward. If, somehow, there’s a better wrestling PPV than Revolution in 2023? Then this year might just go down as an all timer as well.

Pete in Texas

Is it now sink or swim time for talent like MJF, Starks , Wardlow, Hobbs, Hayter, Baker, Gunns , Accalaimed ?? Can they all get a push at once? How often should older talent get over without stunting their growth?

Pete in Texas

An all-timer of a PPV.

My only very minor complaint would have been swapping the positioning of the Mox / Hangman match with the Wardlow / Joe match, to allow fans to be more alive for the TNT Championship match and not coming down from the epid Texas Death Match.

It feels like for the first time since All Out, there is an absolutely clean slate for story development and no worries about restructuring plans for who is there / who isn’t there.

While TV has been a mixed bag lately, this show in front of an all time great nearly 10K audience in San Francisco, truly made this company feel absolutely red hot.

I usually hate Iron Man matches, but they did a great job of keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Just a completely satisfying and exciting show.

Luk from Québec!

From a match quality and workrate standpoint, there’s no denying this was an awesome show that delivered from top to bottom. The trios match and the main events were absolutely amazing. However I don’t think that should eclipse the fact that many of the stories and feuds leading up to this event were poorly built, and having only one women’s match on the card in 2023 is unacceptable. Tony is lucky to have an incredibly talented locker room, because the booking and creative itself has not been great. At a time when the competition is offering the Bloodline storyline, AEW needs to step up!

Curious to know if you think throwing water at a kid in the front row is going too far for a heel? That seemed to spark a big debate online during the show

Shane live from Revolution
Hey guys!
We were at the show! The crowd was hot the whole way through and the building was pretty full compared to the cow palace shows.
That sudden death portion was the most fun I’ve had as a wrestling fan in a long time.
Fun fact Kenny’s jacket he wore to the ring is from “Like a Dragon Ishin”, a video game he has a small appearance in!

Jay from Colorado

Roses are red
Violets are blue
For the fifth time in a row
AMC forgot to order the PPV

Missed out on the first two matches, you’d think I’d learn my lesson by now. But at least they’ve refunded me each time it’s happened, so that’s a feather in my cap.

Anyways the rest of the show was great, and the iron man match definitely delivered. I don’t think anyone went into it thinking Danielson had a chance, but they kept it interesting enough to not let it drag on and at a few points they definitely had me believing Danielson could win. Fantastic match.

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Dustin from Maui:

The Christian/Jungle Boy match was way better than I expected and might’ve been one of the matches of the night. Buddy Matthew’s knee into Nick’s 450 is the move of night. I popped the hardest for House of Black winning and it’s time for Kenny to go back to singles and the bucks to fill in the tag division again.

Again, thank you so much for what you guys do.

Eddie from Austin,

I have 1 sentence match notes for you: Jericho/Starks, crowd is loud. Jungle Boy/Christian, “…wearing a sleeveless turtleneck for some reason” call of the night? Trios Championship, awesome. Women’s Championship, oh please not more paint. TX Death Match, we have a saying at work that if Jon Moxley bleeds it’s going to be a good week. TNT Championship, they’re rivals in my 2k22 universe and this looked like one of those matches. Tag Team Championship, I just realized that Colton’s top is reverse chaps to mirror Austin and I hate it even more. World Championship, Taz being anti-water is a great gimmick.

Awesome show. Glad I got off work in time and feel like it was worth my money.

A good PPV that was elevated to great in large part by the Iron Man match. It was a ride and a half. Fatigue led Friedman to take the coward’s way out and Danielson once again proved his mettle as the best in the world, bridesmaid labels be damned.

Starks, Hangman, House of Black and Perry got the wins they needed to stay relevant, especially Ricky who escaped the Jerichoverse in a much better position and Wardlow got his image rehabbed.

Andrew from Saint John

Liked this show a lot, three of the matches were absolutely great and almost all the rest were pretty good! Elite vs. House of Black reminded me of the chemistry between the Shield and the Wyatts and I hope there are more matches. I put my Bryan superfan hat on and was a little deflated by the finish but I think the storytelling was great. Mox vs. Hangman was brutal and violent in a way that totally delivered, I loved it and see it as my match of the show. Finish reminded me of when the Hangman character was starting in ROH/NJPW and would hang people with a noose until Page apologized for it being a little disturbing – this felt like crossing the line in the good way (but looked safe enough to not be truly disturbing)

9 plummeting caskets out of 10

Was there live and had so much fun, to say that more than 90% of the crowd was on their feet for the sudden death Is an understatement. That main event and the Texas death match are matches that’d I’d personally say could be included among all of the performers best in their careers. The pop for FTR was awesome and I hope it came through as well as it seemed live!

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Brian in Chicago

I went out to Macs Wood Grilled here in Chicago, a bar that hosts all AEW PPVs, and what a show! The place was packed and excited from the zero hour.

Christian/Jungle Boy blew the ridiculous gimmick match out of the water. The Texas Death Match did it perfectly. The tag title match had the bar hooting and hollering. The whole bar lost it when FTR came out. The Iron Man match was beautiful storytelling, and while it ended as many suspected with MJF going over, people were sold that Danielson could go over. I especially loved the quick pin moments mid-match that racked up the count.

I feel a lot of excitement for multiple angles coming out of this: Omega back to singles? Jungle Boy, FTR vs Guns, Ricky Starks (vs someone new), MJF (who won’t shut up about being “the best in the world”), Hangman, and more.

While I felt least excited for this PPV in AEW history, my goodness did it deliver.

Thanks, John and Wai for the long week of great shows!

Great show. Everything that needed to happen did. Sometimes we get too many old boy wins with Jarrett, Jericho and Cage in prominent matches, but the fresh talent came out on top and new champions were crowned. This was a big test and a big moment for MJF and he hung with Dragon all the way through. I particularly enjoyed the moment in the match where both were on the mat with direct shots of their faces, Dragon laughing and MJF crying, a delightful storytelling visual indeed. But honestly the real story coming out of the PPV is whether or not Mox is finally going to take that bloody vacation (british accent pun intended)