FEEDBACK: AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2023

As the extended POST Wrestling team is having fun throughout the night at Real Sports, I’ll take matters into my own hands to create a feedback thread for the guys. And I gotta say, what an all-timer of a wrestling pay-per-view this has been. Probably one of the greatest I’ve ever watched in my life.

Please leave your feedback for John and Wai and remember they’ll go live on the POST Wrestling YouTube channel at 12pm Eastern Time!

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Great show! I was there live but because of work tomorrow had to leave right after.

Omega vs Osprey was the clear best match on the card with tremendous heat. Probably the stinker was the Jericho match which felt weird especially the end.

I’m sure the main event was hurt by the injury to Bryan but it was still good.

Overall hard to complain about this one

Loved the Forbidden Pour and the Forbidden Door. Thanks to everyone involved.

The show for me was a 10. I also thought the flow and pace was great and time went by fast.

I don’t think I’ll ever witness a match in person greater than Omega vs Osprey. I’m just so glad I was there for that.

Great show, the marquee matches delivered. Hopefully the injuries aren’t too severe, which is bad. There were some scary moments. Liked the Final Countdown entrance for Danielson, but Osprey and Omega stole the show.

Robbie from London,

What an incredible night! I was live in the building and as NJPW has been in my top 2 promotions for nearly decade it was an incredible night seeing Okada, Naito, Shibata, Tanahashi, stars that I thought I’d never see in person, even Kojima, the rest of LIJ, Suzuki, Sanada,it was all incredible, what a night!!

Unfortunately the drive from London to TO was among the worst I’ve ever had, I had planned to be at Forbidden Pour by 5, but I barely made it up the ppv in time! Hope it was a great time

Andrew from Fort Erie, Ontario

Hello to all,

First time feedback, long time listener.

A fun weekend going solo to watch wrestling in Toronto. Collision was a fun show and the crowd helped. Especially for Punk.

Same thing for forbidden door except the show was too long. My match of the night was Omega vs Ospreay. The main event was good, but there was some parts that i felt I was dozing off for a bit and didn’t expect the finish to be a tap out from Okada.

Thanks for a fun get together with the community for Forbidden Pour. I couldn’t come for the post show due to work the next day.

Keep up the good work.

As per usual with AEW PPVs, my big complaint is not the quality, but the length. If you’re running this building on back-to-back nights, you can spread the wealth a bit and not need to have a five hour card on a Sunday night.

The Omega/Ospreay match somehow lived up to the massive expectations. I had the most fun though with The Elite/BCC match. Some thrilling team moves and sequences. The Young Bucks could put on a classic match in their sleep.

Congrats on a successful weekend.

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Hugh from Melbourne here,
Fantastic show top to bottom as you’ve already covered, but I do have two main gripes: Don Callis interfering in the Omega-Ospreay match after getting kicked out, with no consequences, was the first. I really think for the New Japan story Ospreay should have won clean. It makes sense for AEW’s ongoing stories but I don’t think it works for New Japan unless the rubber match is at the Tokyo Dome instead of Wembley.
The second gripe was with Okada submitting instead of Bryan pinning him In my opinion the Okada tap-out is kind of like the Undertaker’s streak for New Japan. If someone like Zack Sabre Jr or one of the young up and coming talents were the first in nearly a decade to tap Okada they would get a huge rub from it and instantly be a main event contender. I love Bryan, but just like Lesnar with the Streak, he didn’t need that honor.

Brian in New Jersey.

Really good PPV overall. Omega vs. Ospreay is absolutely a match of the year contender. I also really enjoyed Danielson vs. Okada, the 10-man tag, and the 4-way for the International Title. I hope Danielson has a smooth recovery. Le Suzuki Gods vs. Los Stingobernobles fell apart and was the weakest match to me. Some potentially interesting things to follow after this weekend: subsequent crowd reactions to Punk, the Moxley/Kingston relationship (to be delayed because of Eddie doing the G1 Climax), and Jungle Bad Boy Jack Perry, and whether he’ll reconnect with Christian Cage & Luchasaurus.

Eric from Cork, Ireland

Good show overall though not as good as the live ask-a-wai yesterday.
Main event, Punk match and the ten man were all very good with most of the rest of the card decent. Sting tag was probably the worst match of this run which is to be expected considering half the people in it are old and Naito was putting in zero effort.
Ospreay Omega was bad, far worse than their first match. Far too long and overindulgent, with both reverting back to their worst tendencies. Ospreay as a heel always refuses to let the babyface look cooler than him and is going to do his cool moves knowing that he’s going to get cheered for it, which results in a mess of a match. If you want to be cheered just work a double babyface match.

Calling it bad seems a bit much no? You actually think the Punk match where he botched the GTS was better?

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I thought it was bad so I decided to call it bad. I can think it was bad if I want and I would much prefer one move get botched over a badly laid out match with one guy not knowing how to work as a heel properly and getting cheered throughout due to what he was doing in the match as a result. Punk is a good comparison to Ospreay as he knew how to work as a heel in his match.

Osprey literally wiped his ass with the Canadian flag. He was cheered by a minority bc he’s a great wrestler and we aren’t all mindless morons who cheer and boo who we are told. The audience was firmly behind Omega and the kick outs got huge reactions

Yes everyone can have an opinion. Saying you didn’t like it is totally fine. Saying it was a bad match when it tore down the house is a bit much


Clearly not everyone is allowed have an opinion otherwise you wouldn’t have decided to reply to tell me I was wrong.
He was being cheered by much more than a minority every time he started doing his cool moves which he does in every match to get himself cheered. Then after getting cheered he would go do his heel schtick which is partly why I thought it the match was an unfocused mess. That’s not even getting into the Callis or the Benoit spot. I didn’t like the match. I don’t care if other people did.

I thought it was a fantastic PPV. Well worth the $50 dollar price tag. If I had to rank my favorite matches they would go.

  1. Osprey vs Omega. A fantastic match. It was a bloodbath but it felt deserved by the intensity of the feud. The crowd was electric for the entire 45ish minutes.

  2. The Elite & Kingston & Ishi vs BCC & Takeshita & Umino. A really fun match. There was a lot of good storytelling throughout the match with Mox vs Kingston and Kingston vs Claudio while great wrestling was happening around these moments.

  3. Bryan Danielson vs Okada. A really good match. But it just didn’t have any stakes after the Omega vs Osprey match earlier.

A lot of people didn’t like the JAS vs Sting/Darby/Naito match but I thought it was fine. The entire purpose of the match was just to have Sting and Jericho in the ring at the same time and they did that to tease a singles match. Which will hopefully be better.

I thought the worst match was Sanada vs Perry. It was just boring. Sanada didn’t feel like a bigger or better champion. And Perry didn’t come across as a credible underdog. The best part was the heel turn after. Although I don’t think in the long run Perry will be a credible heel either.

I generally disagree with your take on the match (I thought it was excellent).

But where I do agree is that the Callis spot was puzzling/nonsensical and the Benoit spot was really in poor taste.

In wrestling, almost everything that can be used for heat, will be used for heat. But yesterday made me realize that the Benoit tragedy is a permanent stain and trauma on wrestling which can never be used for any storyline purposes or for drawing heat. The intended effect is to draw the ire of fans, but the reality is that it breaks immersion and creates awkwardness.

Steve Grows Weed

Hey guys. Great show from AEW but an even better show from Post and Poisonrana!! Met a bunch of great people. People I hadn’t known til last night and people I’ve spoken to online and got to meet in person. Shout out Scrump and Our Man Neal! Robert Pearson and Kyle from Brampton! Seeing people I’ve met before like Ciino and Hanzi. And of course you guys.
Really hope I get the Instagram story today of Brandon from New Jersey jogging along Lakeshore I requested last night.
Thanks for putting on a great wrap around show to the PPV.
As for Forbidden Door. Great show. Almost every match felt special. But please!! Wrestling fans!! DEODORANT!!! It’s hard to watch wrestling when your eyes are watering.
Great night!!

Just an incredible event, top to bottom. Bryan had had a main event run over the last three PPVs that has been nearly flawless. The Final Countdown was just a cherry on top of the event.

Omega / Osprey was insane. The ten wan was tremendous fun. Nothing really disappointed.

Some true FOMO watching it at home last night, regretted not making the trip.

Loved it the whole show.

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The two key matches from this show delivered. Omega/Ospreay 2 exceeded the first one and Bryan/Okada was excellent but left a little more on the table. I got chills hearing Final Countdown again. I’d be willing to bet that a rematch will be next January. The six-man tag was pretty weak. The four way was well done as OC continues to be the winningest champion AEW has right now

Jordan from the Bronx

Incredible show.

  • Kenny and Will was match of the night, and surpassed their Wrestle Kingdom match in my opinion. Hopefully the rubber match happens at Wembley. I’m only disappointed that Callis’s security wasn’t The Truth Commission.

  • I didn’t like Sting trying to take all of the Sammy stuff, I felt uncomfortable at times.

  • Danielson and Okada was art. Fake seizure aside, tapping out Okada with an improvised submission was the last thing anyone would predict.

  • Eddie Kingston’s storytelling in this match is why he’s one of the best in the business.

  • The rest of the card was a lot of fun. Forbidden Door is a can’t-miss show. Hopefully next year, there’s some integration with Stardom to help boost the women’s presence on the show.

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