What did you think of Forbidden Door?

Go back to 2017 and tell yourself that on the same show Chris Jericho and Minoru Suzuki would be on the same team against Eddie Kingston and Red Shoes son. The Revival would win the IWGP tag titles. Shibata would get physical with Will Osprey; Cessaro would face Zack Sabre Jr. while Shingo Takagi and Sting team vs the Young Bucks. Okada’s coin drop would blow the roof off of the United Center and this would all take place before Dean Ambrose and Hiroshi Tanahashi would face off for something called the Interim AEW championship.

This show was as insane as that would have sounded in 2017 in all the best ways imaginable.

Tonight was a fever dream come true for Pro Wrestling fans who have woke up at weird hours to watch wrestling in foreign languages, Packed civic centers and ballrooms at Mania weekends, and shown undying love for Pro Wrestling wherever it could be found. Tonight that was the United Center with the most raucus crowd in recent memory.

What a night to be a pro wrestling fan. Stop me if you’ve heard this before re: an AEW show.

Taz was fantastic and that cannot be understated. What a great move giving him duties tonight.

Regarding the recent pre event negativity it was hard for me to imagine this show wouldn’t have totally deliver and it totally did. Sans the 4 way finish was anything below one milk one sugar?

Sure it was snake bit by injuries and first-time learning curves with the builds and pacing of them but I cannot wait until Forbidden Door 2. And to think Joe Punk, Bryan Omega Ishii Naito ibushi can still be added to this type of show. Take my money. Do the next one in a stadium.

It’s been a bit since I’ve felt this but I was reminded tonight…I :heart: Pro Wrestling

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Was on the fence about this after the injuries but totally delivered. So many amazing matches almost everything clicked other than the IWGP heavyweight match with the odd ending. Claudio debuts as a big star - hopefully he is able to continue this push and not fade like Keith Lee or Spears etc. Not sure I loved the “let’s setup Dynamite ending” over a big Tana and Mox moment but I guess they are in a ratings war.

Overall could not have asked for more. So glad I pulled the trigger


What an absolutely phenomenal show.
The entire event was incredible. The most high energy crowd for a PPV that I can ever remember, that was loud all night. No mid-point lulls on this show.

The only blemish on the show was the slightly awkward finish to the IWGP Championship match, as clearly Cole was supposed to kick out and Jay White definitely seemed annoyed.

Otherwise just a fun, fun,show.

Also, one of my favourite storytelling touches that was done so subtly during the end of show brawl, was that all of the BCC along with Santana and Ortiz were in the ring standing tall… Except for Kingston, who stood on the floor, clearly annoyed with Claudio. Something that Kingston has sewn the seeds for, for months in many interviews, where he has spoken about his disdain for Claudio. All stemming back from their Chikara rivalry.
If this were another company, it would have been the focal point of the build up to this Wednesday night. Instead, here it was just a moment for those who have been following could notice a neat storyline brewing in the background.

Man, I also loved th Excalibur, Kelly, Taz trip. Would welcome that as a regular commentary team.

Anyways… top to bottom, absolutely incredible homerun of a show.

This was a really good show. No sell Sting is the best. Top match was Cassidy vs Ospreay. Mox was the right choice for the title and I hope he keeps it, Punk is a bum.

Matt from Tennessee

Didn’t care for the ending of the show, as I feel like they’ve done a good enough job for the build for Blood and Guts, but I guess I can’t complain too much cause this was a top 5 PPV for AEW. I was hoping for an Omega return at the end but guess he’s still a few months away from returning. Anyway AEW really nailed this show with how cursed it has been with the injuries. Match of the night for me was Ospreay and Orange Cassidy. I hope Tony offers Will truck loads of money whenever his New Japan contract is up. Overall though this was just a fantastic show. Also props to Kevin Kelly, really enjoyed his commentary tonight

What do you see for Moxley’s title challenger? Jericho probably? And do you think if Bryan Danielson is fine by All Out, that we’ll get him and Zack at that show?

Forbidden Door came through with a strong outing, despite the rash of injuries plaguing both rosters. The US title match was easily the best of the show. Orange Cassidy proved he’s more than a comedy wrestler as he was every bit Ospreay’s equal. Claudio Castagnoli’s debut vs Zack Sabre, Jr is also a standout. Moxley/Tanahashi was a strong main event and Moxley’s bound to have a title run without COVID 86ing it.

Kevin Kelly was on point on commentary the whole night.

Brian in New Jersey

Despite the weak build, I thought this was a terrific show. If the PPV number is low, I’m curious if replays will pick up based on word-of-mouth. A PPV card full of good-to-great matches, with not a stinker in the bunch. Better in-ring than Double or Nothing last month to me. Claudio immediately came off like a major star, and I couldn’t be happier to see him. Also some of the strongest commentary for this PPV, with Excalibur and Kevin Kelly filling in a lot of details on the New Japan talent.

Cory from Long Island

Just by ending before midnight this was easily the best AEW PPV by a country mile.

In all seriousness though - this was the breeziest four hours I have ever sat through. This is such a wild contrast to the marathon slog that was Double Or Nothing last month, and I can only hope that this is a case study for the future that quality doesn’t necessarily equate to quantity. There is “getting your moneys worth” but there is also respecting the time of your audience, and as someone who has work tomorrow - that is something worth celebrating.

Also - hey - all of those matches were real good as well.

Whatever mistakes were made in the buildup and however badly they were hampered by injuries, this was a hell of a show. Other than the unfortunate ending to the 4-way (the IWGP World Heavyweight title is absolutely cursed), everything seemed to hit. I’m pretty sure the pops for Shibata and Claudio woke my neighbours. A round of applause to all the performers, all of whom brought their A-game, and to the crowd, who were incredible.

Monday from Detroit here.
I attended the show live and I have to say the United Center was completely hot for the entire card, and each match was given lots of respect.

A few live notes:
Biggest pops for Shibata, Claudio, Okada and Tanahashi

Crowd absolutely loved Osprey v Orange Cassidy. Everyone was still buzzing about it after the show ended.

Strange low point with the 4-way finish. Took the air out of the crowd for a moment.

A fight in the crowd distracted the crowd for about 5 minutes in the main event, but Tanahashi won them back.

Post main event scrum, something got Eddie Kingston legit angry at Mox, even throwing a chair against the ring in frustration.

Question, with the incredible reaction of the live crowd in the US, do you think NJPW will loosen the restrictions for cheering?

I’ll also be at Blood and Guts on Wednesday!


Back in 2021 after the Royal Rumble I announced that I’d realised that maybe i just didn’t like wrestling any more. I assumed I’d grown out of it…how wrong I was!
I love AEW. I hated Dean Ambrose he was dreadful, but Jon Moxley is incredible. I didn’t get the hype around The Revival but FTR are the best tag team I may have ever seen. Rusev and Cesaro were fun but I never believed they would win but Miro and Claudio Castagnoli are beasts, I’ve actually never admitted it publicly but I also didn’t think Punk was that good.

I wasn’t really interested in Darby Allin, the acclaimed, Danhausen, Wardlow, Ethan Page … loads of them. 2 -3 weeks of watching their characters and I enjoy them all.

Forbidden door was incredible and AEW has made me a fan again so thanks!