Leave us your feedback and tune into our POST show later tonight.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Excellent show from top to bottom. The standouts being Janela/Hangman and the final 3 matches. No match took away from the others. It all built well and all the BTE stories paid off great.

I’m wondering your thoughts on Joey Janela & Penelope Ford. How long before they end up in WWE? Every time I see them, they’re standouts.

Sean from Toronto

To be completely honest, I thought that All In was somewhat of a frontloaded show in regards to the booking, with the show peaking with the NWA title match, which I can’t believe happened only an hour into the card. While this may have been the biggest independent wrestling show of all time, it wasn’t necessarily the best booked.

That said, the “Penta-Jericho” after the Omega match was a nice surprise and where else can I say I watched a wrestling show with walking penises?

MJ from Nj

Couple production glitches aside, hard to say this show was anything but a rousing success! Surprises, payoffs, in-ring, and emotion. This show had it all. I would imagine any promotion that allowed talent to perform has to be happy with how everyone felt like huge stars to this audience. And what an audience it seemed to be. Will be curious to hear your live impressions of the crowd.

I think tonight set the course of professional wrestling on a new path. No group will ever have WWE money and may never reach that level of production but for all the trolling Billy Corrigan took about the purchase of NWA - he got one thing spot on in the recent weeks. Pro Wrestling is at its best in 2018 when collaboration happens. It’s the only way to achieve nights like tonight where the wrestling fan isn’t insulted and is rewarded with a truly satisfying product.

Here’s to hoping there are more All Ins and nights like tonight featuring some of the best wrestling in the world! While I had FOMO about not being there, it was a joy to watch develope and cheer for the last few weeks and I was not disappointed even after all the hype!

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

I watched LIVE via ROH HonorClub.

I really enjoyed the show, apart from maybe a few buffering issues the most glaring pain was only just ending the Main Event at 10:59pm before quickly going off the air at 11:00pm.

The matches themselves were quite good, the ladies really surprised me and revived a standing ovation. Not gonna lie I had a tear in my eye as Cody was awarded the NWA Championship.

If anything I would have preferred Cody’s coronation close the show with an address to the crowd, but seeing how short on time they were it made sense to place in in the center.

In closing can’t remember the last time I watched a non NJPW / ROH show and felt this happy, 19 “AND NEW” outta 20.

Question: Given how much wrestling has changed since the first NJPW Long Beach shows to today, where can you see wresting heading in the next 12 months and beyond? Also IF you see a ALL IN 2 happening what city do you see as most likely to host it?

Taylor from Sydney

This was top to bottom a great show. To me it really felt like a WCW style PPV from the late 90s (nWo in particular) and was an absolute success. The women really impressed me - I wasn’t expecting much and they knocked it out of the park!

Where do you think they go from here? I can absolutely see them running multiple All Ins per year - the “indie dream match” hook to a show like this means its always fresh and completely caters to the hardcore indie fan.

After seeing this show, I can’t see a future where any of these guys (Cody, Bucks, Omega) head to WWE. This might sound ridiculous but I can’t help feeling wrestling truly changed tonight.

Bravo to all involved

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Brian from MN

Fantastic show overall. Loved the women’s match but kind of wish there was a second women’s match on the card. Was surprised the NWA title match went on as early as it did. I thought Pentagon v Omega was the main event, and what they did with Y2J was perfect.

Yeah, it could of been booked better and the hard out was weird…but at the same time kinda it felt “old school” cuz they were up against the clock like a real PPV. We’re spoiled with the WWE network not having to worry about timing anymore. By the way, thanks a million for the Patreon Lens’s you guys send. It makes events like these a lot more enjoyable.

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Even though it was rushed the main event was my favorite match, I loved every second of it.

It was a show that made you remember why you love pro wrestling!

I loved this show. All the matches were great, so it’s hard say what was positive when so much of it was positive. I know you guys didn’t hear the commentary, but it felt so refreshing where everyone was on the same page. I didn’t like the Joey Ryan segment though. I just don’t like the gimmick and think he’s a bit of a one trick pony. With wrestling being so mainstream, he feels like the old carny, indy part of wrestling trying to stick around. I also felt Cody vs Nick Aldis should have been the main event, based on the reaction of the crowd and the drama in that match. Other then that, the show was one of the best this year. 18 out of 20.

Rob from Mississauga

Was this a perfect show? No, but was it a great show with good wrestling and made something that stood out? That answer is Yes. It had a great number of wrestling matches and nice tie ins to Being the Elite so it felt like you had a good payoff to a lot of things.

I would rank my top 5 matches tonight as the following.
Golden Elite/ Rey, Fenix Bandito (I wished that could have been 5 or 6 min more.)
Women’s 4 way

Have a safe trip home guys.

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Dan from LI

A very fun show from start to finish. While the actual wrestling wasn’t blow away, there were a lot of great moments throughout the show that more than made up for it. Omega/Pentagon was my match of the night, with Okada/Scurll close behind. I also enjoyed the women’s fatal 4 way, even with the odd finish. While I enjoyed Janela/Hangman for the most part, the powerbomb spot off the stage that missed may have been the dumbest thing I’ve seen in wrestling all year, and I don’t understand how they thought that was a good idea at all. Loved the Jericho appearance, and the absolute BEST moment of the night was the one and only Glacier. I would continue to post my thoughts but I was given the go home 6 sentences ago and I’m about to be cut off.

8/10 show

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Just an all around good show. I knew there wouldn’t be a match of the year contender but figured it could easily be a show of the year contender. They booked it perfectly and knew the audience they were booking for. This lived up to the hype and I personally was not let down at all. I watched on Honor Club and only had a couple minor hiccups early in the show but it ran smooth after the Amell match. 10/10 from me.

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Brad from Halifax

I do not watch NJP or Being the Eliet but got this show on hype alone. It was good but not great, I loved Omega vs Penta but nothing else stood out for me. Frankly ROH TV shows better tv matches every week! Many matches were not great especially Leathal vs Flip which was not good at all. I will stick to NXT and WWE. For $50 bucks Canadian I wanted more and would ask for my money back if I could. The value of this show is 30 bucks max. 12 out of 20. Sorry to be Debbie downer but safe travel fellas

So how was the show? I had so many buffering issues with FITE tonight, I just gave up after it kicked me out of the app for the tenth time. Very frustrating. I will try to watch it tomorrow.

I was so excited for this show, and it exceeded every expectation. Jericho had me screaming at the tv, and by the end, I was shocked 5 hours had passed. My only tiny complaint is that Zero Hour wasn’t available in Canada, hopefully next time it will be available for the rest of us, as the stream I was able to find was pretty awful.

Nathan from Wisconsin

This show being my first time watching any of the talent from outside of the WWE, I was really impressed with the entire card. The highlights of the night easily being the Joey Ryan angle and the main event match. I would have loved another 5 minutes of the main event though. Watched the show on FITE app, and other than it being crashed for the first 2-3 minutes of the PPV no hiccups all night. 17 ethereal members out of 20.

Crash from California

Sadly I joined in during the beginning of the Cody match and thus missed some of the good stuff including Flip winning the battle royal. Enjoyed the other matches, my favorite surprise was seeing Tiger Hattori ref the Okada/Scurll Match. Great show and looks like a great success! 18 Tommy Dreamer sweat towels out of 20!

In hindsight, Hangman, Lethal and Scurll matches easily could have given back some time so the Main Event could breathe, IMO.

But that’s total nit-picking. For a brand new event/production, I thought it was over-the-top awesome. Way beyond what I expected.

I purchased and watched through the FiteTV app for the first time. After an initial refresh to get it going, the feed was smooth the entire time.

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