Any feedback or comments for American Vandal Season 2?

Please POST asap!

Jay from Colorado

Excellent follow up to the first season! They definitely kept the mystery thoughout and my wife and I were surprised by the reveal of who the Turd Burgler was.

The cast was perfect. We especially loved the performance from Melvin Gregg as DeMarcus Tillman. He nailed that performance, and was funny as hell. The episodes that focused on him and his relationship with Lou were our favorites.

I also want to add that I’m enjoying the commentary that both seasons have provided on teens and social media use. After finishing this season of American Vandal we saw the film Eighth Grade, Bo Burnhams directorial debut about a girl in her last week of middle school. It was an amazing film and I highly recommend it, as it also touched on how teens navigate social media and how it in turn shapes them. I graduated high school in the md-90s, so besides pagers and dial up bulletin boards there was no social media. I couldn’t even imagine growing up with it.

I give this season 8 out of 10 chocolate wrapped cat turds and I’m excited to see what they do if they do a season 3.

Really enjoyed this series. Everyone playing the whole thing 100% straight is where most of the comedy comes from, but it really sucks you in and makes you interested in the story, the characters, the investigation and what the filmmakers are trying to say. Watched in 1 day 10/10.