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The epic conclusion to the Infinity Saga that became a critically acclaimed worldwide phenomenon, this dramatic showdown pits the Avengers against Thanos. After devastating events wiped out half the world’s population and fractured their ranks, the remaining heroes struggle to move forward. But they must come together to restore order and harmony in the universe and bring their loved ones back.

Brandon from Oshawa

This was the perfect end to a 10 year journey. This, along with Infinity War are the only movies I’ve ever seen 3 times in the theatres. This was the first movie, that I ever pre-ordered tickets to see it on opening night. Usually I think people are stupid for rushing to see something on what are usually crazy openings nights, but I had to be there for this. It was the Hogan/Rock of movie atmospheres.

Jake from The Windy City

I watched in the theatre three times as well and worth every single second. What other movie company can say that they created a universe directly from source material dating back over half a century? Not many. The fitting conclusion with the power of good triumphing all evil is the ultimate pay-off it should be. Without a doubt, a spectacular farewell to a fun, decade-long, filmmaking experience. For the last time, Excelsior! 10 Infinity Stones out of 10

Suren from Portland

Like most people, I’ve been laid off due to coronavirus and am finding myself with lots of newfound free-time. I’ve seen every MCU movie in the theater opening weekend but rarely (if ever) revisited many of them, so I decided it was time for a rewatch. I was overjoyed to find that you two have been rewatching as well and I supplemented each movie viewing, with your analysis.

Thoughts on Endgame: what a beautiful meditation on grief and loss, while also being a sort-of “greatest hits” mixtape for the MCU. Ant-Man is at his best as a quippy side-character and Thor [a character I never thought I’d care about] had a surprisingly real take on depression. I laughed, I cried - this is a perfect bookend to this 11 year epic. This team needs to be applauded for organizing of all of these moving parts and somehow still nailing it on a story-level. Don’t know that we’ll ever see anything like this again in our lifetime.

Jalen from Pickering,

Imo this is the crown jewel of one of the most impressive endeavors in cinema history. Phenomenal sendoffs for Cap and Tony. I’ve never been to a movie with this much cheering. This is the X7 of movies (but with a better ending), we may never see anything in fiction reach these levels of popularity ever again. 8/10

Greg from Melbourne.

Rarely get to post feedback but couldn’t pass up on this one. It’s an amazing wrap up of the infinity saga and I can’t think of a film in the past few years that I’ve been so happy with the end result walking out of the cinema.
I marked out like a 6 year old watching a John Cena match when Captain America caught Thor’s hammer and kicks ass for the next 30 or so seconds. And the portals scene building up to “Avengers Assemble” is so simple, but perfection of a build up over the past 10 years or so.
3000 stars out of 5. :slight_smile:

Saw Opening day Friday, Imax in oakville. This was my second viewing after Thursday opening night. This was one of my favourite movie watching experiences ever.

The whole theatre cheered, laughed and clapped at all the major beats. We stayed till the end just digesting it all

One of the russos’ greatest strengths was to be able to play with such a huge cast not created by them and coming from different genres, but still do them justice with their own voices. Coming from TV must have been so helpful (COMMUNITY!!!), getting the right footage for the editors, who are the MVPS of the MCU.

Honestly there’s too much to say about this movie, but the biggest compliment I can give is how it didn’t drag at 3 hours

I’m also happy about the removal of the big 2 from the future of the mcu equation. hawkeye, falcon, Bucky and antman can bring such an interesting new dynamic to the future of the avengers, are such distinct personalities and I feel we’ll see that clearly on TV for three of them. Black panther really is the hero we need front and centre going forward and id love to see him at the helm.



Ranking the best of the mcu

Black Panther, guardians, homecoming, infinity war, endgame, ragnarok

Avengers, winter soldier, guardians 2

Ant man lives somewhere between good to great

Iron man, iron man 3, age of ultron, civil war

Dr strange, captain marvel, first avenger

Iron man 2, thor, dark world, incredible hulk

Jordan from Kitchener,

I was never that big a fan of Marvel when the time of the first Iron Man came out. Admittedly, I was more a DC Fan. But that quickly changed, and this was the ultimate payoff to a decade of Marvel films. I went to this movie three times in theatres, and each time I left with a satisfied feeling. My only thing about this movie I didn’t like is Luis missing to do his legendary recap at the beginning. While this is one of the best superhero movies in recent times, I still think its probably 3rd for me, in terms of rankings behind Infinity War and Winter Soldier.

I still liked Infinity War better mainly because of the surprise ending. You sort of knew going into this that they needed a way to undue the snap and that’s what happened.

However it did have a great way of doing that while rewarding MCU fans with lots of call backs. The ending battle and feel good moments of Cap wielding the hammer and shouting his iconic line to Ms Marvel’s arrival to the shock ending which now made the Strange and Ironman conversation in the prior movie fall into full focus was almost perfect.

It’s a fitting end to a long era and minor critique aside really does a great job of having a satisfying ending. Too often movies fall short of the mark in doing this (Ie Rise of Skywalker)

In 1977 I saw Star Wars in a theatre and when the Death Star exploded, the crowd stood up and cheered. I told my kids I doubted that could happen again.

42 years later, me, my kids and the theatre were all cheering multiple times. Biggest pop was for Capt. America, aka Steve Rogers, wielding the hammer.

The best part for me, I took my 8 year old son to see Iron Man in 2008 and every other Marvel movie opening weekend. All his friends wanted to go see Endgame Thursday night. But he wouldn’t see it without me and passed on his buddies. That meant a lot.

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I have THORoughly enjoyed your MCU reviews! I am one of two PE teacher at my school. The week leading up to this film we had a blast giving all our activities Marvel themes. A week later we had to talk to several students about calling Thor fat. Didn’t see that coming. No body shaming… or spoilers in my gym. Gimmick Infringement from UpNXT, but I have a random Shayna Baszler fact. Wakonda (with an O) is hidden about a hour S.W. of Baszler’s hometown, Sioux Falls, SD. I just drove near it while traveling to a youth baseball tournament in SD last weekend. Thanks for all your reviews, you guys RagnaROK.

Great movie, I’m not going to repeat what the others said. My only regret with this movie is how they nerfed Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel and Dr Strange. In the comics they would stomp Thanos. I understand they couldn’t do it in the movie but it’s a bit frustrating, especially for Scarlet Witch. She could have made him disappear, that would have been a surprising and badass ending.