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This Friday on Rewind-A-Wai, we are reviewing the Being the Elite series.

This was chosen by Espresso Executive Producer @MJfromNJ

We will be discussing the series as a whole, why it has worked, episodes that stand out, characters they have helped launch and we are looking for your feedback as well.

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Mark from Vaughan

Being the Elite is just part of the Young Bucks great connection with their fans. They’ve found an entertaining way to build future programs that draw money while also making their supporters feel like they know them. As someone that doesn’t watch weekly ROH TV, the series has been the primary medium for me to learn about the cast. Hard to name a favourite episode because the Cody/Omega storyline inspired a half dozen gripping installments.

Question: As the episodes have gotten longer, do you feel the cast will eventually buckle under the pressure of expectations and run out of ideas? The civil war storyline was pretty heavy and I’m just not sure how they could reach that peak again. Regardless, I’ve been pretty entertained with most of the bits.

To be honest when the series started I wasn’t too interested in it but it was around the time of the Adam Cole/Kenny Omega feud that got me interested and that lead to the episode where Marty joined, which is one of my favourites. I think the series has really gotten more comfortable with itself, things like the faceless Arthur having a go at guys is one of my favourite skits and you can tell from this weeks episode that many find it hard to keep a straight face. That is the biggest charm of this series, it’s the guys being relaxed and having a good time while also being able to tell fantastic stories as they go. It’s gone from a series that I knew was there to a must watch every week for me.

Brandon from Oshawa

A group of guys with a YouTube channel that has 230K followers, have managed to succeed, where the WWE has either made a lacklustre attempt to succeed, or failed outright. This show has taken guys, that many probably werent very familiar with and made them household names. It puts a spotlight on different characters and gives them a chance to show what they’ve got to work with and what they can bring to the table. You see a side of them, that we dont always get a chance to see during an RoH show or a New Japan show.

At the same time, you have the WWE who loves to tout their social media numbers. 30 million YouTube subscribers, countless facebook and twitter followers and they dont even try or arent able to create stars from it. Look back at Zack Ryder for instance. I’m not the biggest Ryder fan, but he worked hard to get himself over on his show and then when it got more popular, they decided to finally do something about it…bury the guy and make him look like a joke to get Eve Torres over pretty much. What about the JBL & Cole show? It wasnt great, but it was fun. We got to see a different side of some characters. Bad News Barrett came from there and what happened when the main roster got its hands on him? He failed.

Why do you guys think the WWE doesnt see how successfully social media can raise the profile of their stars and not use it to their advantage? Why are they so against people getting over on their own?


Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

What stated out at a travel vlog for 3 Wrestlers in Japan has grown into a 30-minuet show to help promote their storylines, upcoming tours and crazy ideas.

Some more memorable episodes for myself are:

  • “Episode 59 - Ass Man” While Young Bucks sign autographs for 6-hours in Australia we see Kenny Omega at CEO having a small confrontation with Xavier Woods. Seeds that would be planted and lead up to this years encounter.
  • “Episode 73 - Bullet Club Invades RAW” This was easily the most exciting thing to happen at RAW that year, which also saw Cody recite ‘Independence Day’ but sadly in the following week would lead to Jimmy Jacobs being Fired from WWE.
  • “Episode 93 - Pull Apart” (Again in Australia) The Young Bucks talking to the Bullet Club locker room (Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, Chase Owens, Gino Gambino & Bad Luck Fale) Cody shortly enters followed by Kenny Omega. Words are exchanged and the Young Bucks and Chase Owens hold back Kenny Omega, with Bad Luck Fale and Gino Gambino holding back Cody all while Tonga Loa is just standing up looking and Tama Tonga is still seated, he hasn’t moved a mussel. I didn’t notice this when I first watched this but with the hind sight of the G1 Special 2018 it really stood out.

This series has worked so well on getting newer talent exposed world wide, if you were to ask me 2 years ago who Flip Gordon, Adam Page, Chase Owens, or Marty Scurll were honestly I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Also I’m in the crowd shot of “Episode 59 - Ass Man” when the Young Bucks were in Brisbane for House Of Hardcore.

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Tommy from Scotland

I knew of the Bucks and Omega but never really watched their matches. However in late 2016 I decided to binge watch BTE and it convinced me to watch wrestling outside of WWE. I will forever be grateful to Matt, Nick and Kenny for that. They’ve became my favourite active wrestlers.

For me the most impressive thing about the show is the amazing long term storytelling like the BC civil war between Kenny and Adam(may he rest in peace) then Kenny and Cody.

My favourite episode is ‘Bullet Club is fine’. That ending of Kenny and Kota showing up at the Bucks door was spectacular. I love the cast and the camoes with Yujiro being the highlight. For me Cody is the best character on the show.This show is genius. They have me invested in a feud between Hangman and Joey Ryan’s dick. The only downside is that my pockets are lighter because all the show related merch I’ve bought.