FEEDBACK: Black Panther (2018)

Sorry the feedback thread is a little late. If you’ve got any thoughts to share about Black Panther, leave them here before noon ET tomorrow. I’ll be reading them during our MCU review with @PodFatherSOH.

– Wai

I think BP is the best MCU movie for non MCU fans (Maybe Winter Solider too). I have lots of friends that don’t watch any MCU but specifically wanted to see this and liked it. It has a nice story and isn’t overly superhero heavy.

For MCU fans like me it’s in the top tier for sure. I loved Killmonger and his death especially is well done.

As a person of colour to see this kind of representation meant a lot. I thought it was really cool initially, but it didn’t really hit me until I actually saw the movie. I grew up in an era where we had the token black guy or the token coloured guy, the smart Asian scientist etc. But to have strong black characters in a major motion picture which was not marketed to just that demographic was great to see.

What was even better was when I took my niece and 2 nephews (13, 12 and 8 at the time) to go see it in the theatre. To see them see the movie and to see that someone of colour and women can be strong leading characters at such a young age and not be the first ones killed off…to steal a line from Jorge Masvidal…it was super necessary

The movie itself was great, Michael B. Jordan as Eric Killmonger made the film for me. His reasons for his convictions are legitimate and you can see that in the moral struggle of the other characters. T’Challa is conflicted because he understands why Killmonger is so angry and is upset with the actions of his dad as well his father’s justification. You see it with W’Kabi and how Killmonger showing up has brought up these feelings that have been existing within him and have come up to the surface now. Might not agree with the way he went about it but you understand the anger within Killmonger. Even in death when he tells T’Challa he’d rather be buried in the ocean with his ancestors than locked up.

Klaue was casted great with Andy Serkis and Kendrick did a wicked job on the soundtrack.

Arguably the best Marvel movie, top 3 for sure, Killmonger the best single movie villain in the MCU and my wife even saw it multiple times.