FEEDBACK: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (MCU L8R)

Leave any questions and feedback here for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

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I dont have much to say. This movie was great. What a way to finish Phase 4. And way to drag Rihanna back to the music studio.

Who do you guys think will be the King? Does anyone else step up to challenge?

I wasnt sure if this is a spoiler zone or not so my question is purposely vague.

Lastly will angela Bassett or Leticia wright get any oscar buzz?

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Good film. I liked how they wove grief into the film and made that a priority over being a more typical marvel film. The ending montage with Chadwick Boseman scenes as T’Challa got a few sniffles in my theatre. On another day, I’d easily have been one of them.

Angela Bassett was really, really fantastic in this role. Easily my favourite part.

Only big reactions in my theatre were when Micheal B Jordan showed up and Riri hammering a metal plate building her iron man suit like Tony, and Shuri having Wakandan Jarvis.

I like the character of Riri but something about her dialogue felt off. Maybe it just felt a little too corny juxtaposed against everything else that was going on in the film. I get she’s supposed to give off Tony Stark vibes but it didn’t fit in the film with me on this viewing. Anyone else think it didn’t quite fit? I also don’t know what she’s supposed to be like in the comics so I’m not sure if it’s my naivete about her character overall.

Legit Q: The Talokanil had this ability to hyponotize people and make them jump into water. Think there’s a relationship with Sirens from Greek mythology?

Only a few shitty remarks:

Was M’Baku eating a red carrot and will he next eat a golden carrot to complete the iron man colour scheme? Does M’Baku just want the throne so he can grow even more carrots? Maybe Wakanda has a rabbit problem and he was rooting for Thanos just to get rid of half of all rabbits.

What’s Talokan’s water bill? And do they have carrots?

Also, I didn’t know the MCU was pro-arms because Angela Bassett definitely gave us a gun show. It was almost as lovely as Jane’s Thor hair.

Gary from Texas,

I thought it was fantastic. The best Marvel film since Endgame. And an example of the “marvel” style filmmaking at its best by drawing inspiration from the comics, adapting the storylines and characters to fit into the world they have created and build off our relationship with the existing characters to take us on a journey. It was full of sadness, anger, heart and enough humor and surprises to never be too depressing.

This might have had the first post-credits sequence that made me tear up. The characters joy and hope burst through the screen after being so driven by loss the whole film. It made me excited for another 10 years of Black Panther films.

I liked the RiRi Williams character and would have liked to have seen even more of her storyline to dive deeper into her motivations. I bet there was a lot cutout with her which is why it might have felt a bit shoehorned in (in fact we know some scenes with her were cut but were in the trailers). But luckily there is an Ironheart show coming to fill in any gaps.

This movie also had a killer soundtrack that elevated the movie throughout which you can’t always say about Marvel movies. Anyone remember anything about the music from Shang-Chi? Because I don’t.

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Live roundtable review tonight at 10pm ET with me, WH, Rich, Scrump and Nate. Links will be at:

I have adopted children of different ethnicities. My Asian son loves Shang Chi and Wong. But my Guatemalan daughter was on a whole different level with the Mayan representation and the speaking in the native language. This may have replaced Apocalypto as her new favorite movie. And I’m not ashamed to admit the opening and closing credit had us tearing up.
I really enjoyed that there was no clear bad or good guys. A lot of gray made this a much more interesting and thoughtful story. And that Shuri accepts and comes to terms with who she is, is something to which we should all aspire. Best phase 4 movie by far.

Jermaine from Chicago. Thanks for all of you coming together like the justice league to do this panel. I enjoyed this movie. To me it’s the best of this phase. I disagree with it but someone called this the m-she-u. But my problem with the film is not recasting. I loved Chadwick but he isn’t bigger then black panther sorry. They would not make a Batman or thor with out Batman or thor. It’s not a lot of black superhero’s and he was most important. It would be like if they made a Shang chi 2, wai and wh without Shang chi. Lastly no explanation how namor could control sea creatures, they explain aquaman powers from the start. And if t’challa was the black panther that means he took the flower and wouldn’t get sick so how would a flower heal him? I also thought wakanda was land locked? If wakanda is hidden to the world, how did namor swim over there like it was post wrestling 5 yr anniversary in New Jersey? But this isn’t the company that gets destroyed by logic gaps, that’s the other company that gets killed for doing that. Good movie. Disagree with some of the choices. Thanks

Emanuel here giving my and my daughters 5 cents.
She liked it but found it a bit long. Me myself found it good but not great as the classic marvel villain is redeemable and the hero is not that likable. Hoping that fase 5 get going with a bit more going with som type of meta plot as most of fase 4 feels like mostly rehash of characters and introduces the new hero’s but no good villains.

Top fase 4
Spiderman no way home
Dr strange multiverse of madness
And the tv shows

Jay from Colorado

Saw this movie Friday morning and have been thinkng about it every day since. The way they handled T’Challas death in the very beginning of the film really encapsulated how it feels to not be able to save someone you love. And the entire film dealt with loss beautifully. Angela Bassett really dominated the screen in every single scene she was in. She really made it feel real.

This entire phase starting with WandaVision and ending with Wakanda Forever has been about loss. Wether it’s the preventing a loss (Thor) literal loss of a person (Stark, T’Challa, Aunt May) the loss of a Family (WandaVision, Doctor Strange 2), the loss of identity (Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Moon Knight) and Ryan Coogler even stated that Black Panther 2 would have been originally about T’Challa dealing with the loss of time from the snap had Chadwick Boseman not passed away. I know I’m reading a little deep into it, but as someone who has lost four in my family over the last two years I really appreciated the subtext in this entire phase, as It really helped me through my own greiving.

Now that the podcast is out I think it’s okay to continue the discussion of the movie in this thread.

Except they didn’t make a Black Panther movie without black panther. This movie had a black panther in it. And a new T’Challa. And the filmmakers have explained in numerous interviews why they decided not to recast. Even in your own examples when there has been such a tragic passing those film series didn’t usually recast. In Nolan’s Dark Knight series for example they didn’t recast Heath Ledgers Joker for Dark Knight Rises.

I don’t think Namor or the Talocan’s were controlling sea creatures. But that they had learned how to ride them and train them like we do horses or elephants.

Taking the heart-shaped hurb doesn’t make someone invincible. T’Chaka was killed in an explosion. Lots of Black Panthers have died before him. It’s also obviously art imitating life as it’s also unexplainable how a healthy, athletic, wealthy man in his 40’s can die from a disease. Sometimes the world isn’t fair or kind to anyone.

In this movie and the first they show that while Wakanda is within Africa that there are rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, etc. that lead to it. And that Namor has the ability to traverse these waterways.

I don’t really see any logic gaps in the story so far. There are questions left unanswered by the movie but that’s so they can set up mysteries for future movies and tv series. It doesn’t have anything to do with comparisons to DC films.

You need those water ways to connect to the ocean you can’t have a random in land lake. How would namor get in that lake?

Yeah this was kind of weird to me. If I remember correctly Wakanda is based on Lesotho, which is completely landlocked, and in infinity war and Black Panther it looks the same. Now it has canales and a giant lake wtf

Thank you hippie.

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