FEEDBACK: Captain America "Civil War"

We need to record this one a bit early ahead of its June 15th release, so this is a very last-minute call for feedback for our POST Wrestling Café review of Captain America: Civil War.

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Captain America Civil War is yet another great outing from Marvel. It has a lot to juggle, but it manages to be a great follow up to both Winter Solider and Age of Ultron. It provides a solid introduction to Black Panther and Spiderman, and I didn’t feel as though anyone was acting out of character, which was a serious issue in the Civil War comic arc.

There are criticisms to be made of course, but ultimately Captain America: Civil War is a fun outing. It may not receive the same praise as say Winter Solider, but it is an excellent conclusion(?) to the Captain America trilogy, and one could argue it’s the best Avengers movie as well.

Looking forward to more of these. Maybe head back in time and take a look at the original Iron Man next?

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That movie is one of my favourites of the MCU. I went to watch it as soon as it came out and I loved the action and the intensity. The airport scene was breathtaking. As an action movie, I thought it was perfect.

As a picky marvel fan, I think they could have done better with the plot. It is quite different from the comics where this civil war is a political war of ideologies. The movie is only about Captain America trying to protect his friend. It’s alright but it feels less important than the civil war in the comics.

In the Winter Soldier feedback, when I said I liked the big, epic, CGI fest in my superhero movies, this is exactly what I was talking about. This film was everything that I wanted it to be and more. Its the best film in the MCU, up until Infinity War. Spiderman was amazing. I was a little worried going in at yet another actor being cast in the role, but Tom Holland is the Spiderman we needed. Black Panther also had a great debut here and really made me excited for his solo outing. Re watching this and seeing Ant Man, really makes me excited for what his role will be in Avengers 4. It’ll be nice to get him back in the mix with the others as well.

While not as good as Winter Soldier, and a totally different set up as the comic book civil war, this movie was enjoyable.

I kind of didnt enjoy what most people did like about this film: the big fight scenes between various heroes and differebt film properties. I was happy when that ended and it wittled down to a road trip between three friends (or frenemies) to track a real bad guy.

I love marvel comic books and love when they mimick a comic story but I found this movie refreshing in how original it is. Zemo is nothing like his counterpart in the comics. What makes him scary is he’s like any other terrorist: he believes he is right and is willing to kill innocents to send a message.

This flick introduced spider man and Black Panther into the mix and excites me of possibilities after evans and downey jr. Call it quits.

I have a question for Wai. You’re a comic fan and this movie is much more loosly based on the comics than Winter Soldier or some other films. What makes this your fave MCU film?

Keep it coming guys! P. S. I was shocked Wai hadnt seen the Karate Kid films. Maybe a trip to the 80s is in store once the MCU has properly been reviewed!