FEEDBACK: Captain Marvel (2019)

On Tuesday, we are back with another MCU review as we discuss “Captain Marvel” starring Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson.

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On this episode of our MCU review, we will be joined by Ed Boxler - a film director & critic to help us discuss the movie and set-up for Endgame.

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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

Jordan from Kitchener,

I’ll admit, I forgot this movie came out ahead of Endgame. Aside from the feel of the '90s, this movie is very formulaic and forgettable. I understand why this movie exists, as it serves as a backdrop towards setting up Endgame and for Captian Marvel to come in and save the day. But after rewatch, I have this one question. Why wasn’t Black Widow release last year in the place of this? You could have Captian Marvel play the same role in Endgame and have this movie be the first movie of phase four.

Jake from The Windy City

I watched this in the theater the weekend this came out and I left it with “meh” in my mind. It was very mundane, repetitive and has a very bland visual style. Sure it packs a worthy message but hardly counts as an aesthetic experience. And Brie Larson’s sarcastic attitude in subsequent media appearances added to that turn off for me as well. I like what my buddy said about Captain Marvel the character: She has all of Tony Stark’s douchebagness with none of his caring or depth to counter the douche, and all of (first Thor movie) Thor’s blandness with none of his lovability to counter the bland. In my opinion, Wonder Woman elevates strong women far effectively than the obvious ‘try-hard’ reassurances of Captain Marvel. I’m a die-hard MCU fan but I feel like this is one major advantage DC has over Marvel. Humility is true strength. Smugness is not.

4 Infinity Stones out of 10.

Hey hey, wait a minute Mr. POST-Men…

Despite the hype generated by her post-credits “hope spot” in Infinity War, Captain Marvel ended up being a middle of the road film in the MCU Filmography. It and Ant-Man 2 were the cinematic equivalent of a cool-down match in between IW & Endgame.

The things that work in this movie work really well. The chemistry between Brie Larson & Sam Jackson is fantastic, the scenes at the Rambeau farm are charming, Talos is good comic relief, and the 90’s needle-drops are wonderfully nostalgic…But all of that is offset by a film that sticks too close to the MCU formula to ever really be great. Don’t get me wrong, the MCU formula is a proven commodity, and even the worst MCU flick is better than most other comic book movies…But the truly great MCU films either push the formula to it’s limits (like Black Panther), or transcend the format altogether (like Winter Soldier). Captain Marvel on the other hand is content to be a solid film that feels stuck in 2nd gear.

To be fair to the film, it does fare better upon subsequent viewings, and the mere fact that it happened is an important & meaningful victory for female comic fans of all ages who have felt under-represented on the big screen over the years. It’s not exactly my jam, but I’m really glad it exists.

All in all, “Captain Marvel” was a solid, but ultimately unspectacular effort. I give the film 6 "It was really nice to see Brother Coulson again"s out of 10. :100:

Tenese from GA

With all the hype and historical significance of Marvel having it’s first female lead for a film I found myself coming out of the first viewing feeling that is was alright and I still feel the same after second viewing. Something felt off about Brie’s acting in some parts.

It was Marvel sticking to their formula and trying to take any risks at all. At this point I think they have built such good will with their audience they could put out any crazy idea and it would be accepted positively.

I know this was a film about Carol Danvers but I was disappointed with the use of returning characters that was teased during the film’s promotion. I thought we would aleast get to see how Korath and Ronin got to the point they were in Guardians Vol 1. Also I’m a huge Agents of Shield fan so I was pumped seeing Clark Gregg in a MCU movie again but I felt that some small time with his relationship with Fury could’ve been explored more. In the movies and the show Fury went non stop stating how Coulson is one of the few people he trust and I didn’t get that feeling at all from this.

Also the playing of No Doubt’s no doubt i’m just a girl during the bug fight scene felt liking it was hitting you over the head like “yeah she’s a female”.

On some positives I really enjoyed the chemistry between Larson/Jackson, you felt the comradery they had and Ben Mendelsohn was outstanding. He was so charismatic and made everything he did matter.

I’m giving this a 6 out of 10 and I’m somewhat curious what they’ll do in Captain Marvel 2.

Jermaine from Chicago. Me and my friends where all hyped to see capt marvel, marvel could do no wrong so we all got together at the Thursday night showing… boy we were wrong. Seriously there are a couple of wwe movies that were better then this. While captain marvel had to fight aliens I had to fight sleep. I loved the 90s wai and John but I don’t remember the 90s being this boring,a terrible film. Now let’s get to casting. Brie Lawson was wooden to say the least. When they said she won a oscar, I had to google it for belief .If I want to see some one punching a clock, I watch a Roman reings performance. She reminded me of hayden christensen in a females body. This piece of trash made a billion dollars off of marvels name. If you want to see a superhero movie with a female lead done right please go and see Wonder Woman a far superior product in every way. This movie doesn’t deserve a sequel but making a billion we will see one. They maybe can make it better if they get a new lead actress. This is a low tier marvel movie and we expect better from you marvel. Give me my 12.50 back dammit. 3 out of 10 because I love the 90s jermaine